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You need to read the advertisement very carefully. Says it will do federal for free but that is just to fill out the forms. If you want to actually file your taxes there will be a charge. My daughter and I have used Turbo Tax for years doing federal for free and state for 29.95. Imagine her surprise this year using the same forms as last year to find out she owed $66.90. When asked for payment information, the form stated that she would be charged 29.95 but when credit card information was entered the amount went to $66.90 and when the charge was made to the back account it was $70.92 ! Maybe be a great bargain??? but they are not honest about what they are charging and still don't know why the charge was $4 more. Not a lot of money but if you do it to every customer it adds up I'd guess. Home page should not say free file because it is not free. Won't be using them again

Was it possible that the extra $4 were taxes, or something like that? I'd be very interested in knowing.

I used TurboTax this year and last year and there are a few sketchy details you should know. Most people getting a decent refund would logically choose to have the fees for their Federal and State taken out of their refund. This is what I did last year. But they charge you an extra 30$ to do this if you don't pay with a debit or credit card. There's no reason it should cost 30$. They're just trying to rip you off and milk you for more money. Also, they say it will usually take 24-48 hours for both tax refunds to get accepted. It took 6 days for me. Then they say it will take 7 days to deposit the money in your account. Now they're telling me it will be there between the 13th and 22nd. Even when you consider the 6 days it took from the 2nd when I filed, they flat out lied about this. So the price may be good but they're shady. And don't try and give them a call because you'll only talk to a computer that will try and direct you to their site or offer to send you an email. NO option to talk to a human being.

If you have moved from one state to another during the same tax year beware of of turbo tax program for state returns. You are not informed that efilings are not accepted and hard copy must be mailed until all information has been entered into the turbo tax system. And the cost is $39.90. Did tax return for my daughter, standard deduction, and purpose was to efile and get her a quick rerfund by direct deposit. What a shock to find out I paid $39.90 just to complete a return with standard deduction, and had to mail myself.

Re my comment Feb 15th and Turbo Tax State return program. Turbo Tax did recredit my credit card account. However, I am not sure if Turbo Tax decided to do the right thing, or if it was result of my contacting credit card issuer and disputing the charge.

I am 24 years old, had not filed last year, and am completely financially lazy. I went on turbotax and decided to use it rather than go to H&R block. It literally took 20 minutes and I ended up getting back almost $1,200. This was WAY more than I've ever gotten having my significant other (very financially savvy) and a tax guy do it. It was simple, they guide you through the process with easy-to-follow descriptions as to what the deductions mean and what you qualify for, and they pull ALL of your tax info from the internet, so you basically only need to know your SSN. They also offer protection services for people that think they might be in trouble with the IRS (after all, Al Capone never spent a day in jail for murder). It's free to use the program, and before you file online you can PRINT it out and send it via mail. People are too quick to click the next button. I paid for their deluxe service (cost me about $70 total for everything) because I was afraid of my filing status from last year. They even had a rep contact me and explain that I most likely would not be in any legal trouble with the IRS because my income was below their certain criteria for serious offense, and they said I would NOT need to pay for the additional services they provide to deal with the IRS. When I filed online for both Fed and State I got a text notification the NEXT day for both that my returns had been accepted and two weeks later I got my checks via mail. People shouldn't be doing their taxes for their adult children. After all, what if you suffer a heart attack when you get your statement about your $40.00 filing fee and die, leaving them to file their own taxes next year? Nothing is free in this country, and since when has the government ever given people money in a timely manner? TurboTax is a legit service and people that complain should read EVERYTHING when doing their taxes. Also, you don't even enter your debit/credit card info until the END. How did you not notice yourself putting your billing info into the site? Some people should just not use the internet.

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