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Amway is an MLM company, which by default makes it a very suspicious company to work with I think. There are very few legitimate MLM companies, and I guess it seems like Amway is not one of them.

Amway a scam? Wouldn't you think the feds would have shut them down before they had been in business over 50 years? Do you know the Supreme Court has ruled that MLM, and Amway in particular is NOT a "pyramid" scheme? Do some research boy.

I have been approached by this company numerous times, and have done in-depth research. From a legal standpoint, this company is not illegitimate. They have done a very good job to make sure the tracks are covered. For all practical purposes, calling this company a scam is not necessarily a false claim. The scam is not necessarily found within the product or business plan itself, but rather in the way everything is presented. The problem is that very few people actually become very successful through this. There is a reason for this. The very nature of the compensation plan makes the reality of earning money fall very short of what is pitched in the hotel meetings. I was being pitched by a couple that have been working religiously for this company for five years, and they literally told me that their level of income was still very low at that point, despite the fact that the company tells you that working hard with the system for at least five years will generate an income of six figures. I have seen the plan, disected the commission structure and scrutinized every detail. I literally did the math and found that the commission vs. your pv level actually does not come close to matching. If you became the coveted diamond executive/IBO (takes years to become this), you will find yourself making a whopping $30,000 per year. Other diamond executives would disagree with this by braggin on what they are making at that level, but look up some of the news investigations regarding other ways these diamond executives are really making their money... Writing a list of everyone you know and attempting to recruit them will NOT give you a jump start to success, but instead leave you frusterated with friends who end up respecting you less for pressuring them into this business opportunity. You might have a shot if you are already a talented/experienced salesman and marketing expert, but you will most likely find much better million dollar job opportunities with that skill level. For the average joes out there looking for another money-making opportunity out there, I guarantee you will have a 99% failure rate with this one.

IMPORTANT: READ THIS FOR A REALITY CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello fellow internet writers/readers. I am an Amway IBO and would like to educate you because your posts made me laugh continuously to the point where I had to write a response. If you did the math that an executive diamond makes $30,000, you are one incompetent mathematician. Just the vacations awarded at those levels exceed that amount. The compensation plan, which is regulated and approved by the FTC (a government agency), states earnings of $150,000 a year at the diamond level (executive diamond is above that). And, those numbers are from 2007 I believe. Have you seen the new compensation numbers? Again keep in mind they are FULLY REGULATED and APPROVED by the Federal Trade Commission. If any of this was false, the Amway Corporation would be in serious threat of being shut down by the FTC, and there would be no way the BBB would give the corporation an accredited A+ rating. Factual FTC approved numbers presented by the Amway Corporation according to fiscal year 2009 (2010 will be released soon. The corporation grew over $10 billion this year, so numbers will only go up): Award Level: Gold (3 months at 7500+ points, it takes 6 for Platinum) Average Annual Compensation: $12,303 Highest Annual Compensation: $57,308 Award Level: Founders Platinum (12 out of 12 months at 7500+ points) Average Annual Compensation: $40,125 Highest Annual Compensation: $966,290 Award Level: Founders Emerald (3 groups at 7500+ points, 12 months) Average Annual Compensation: $142,181 Highest Annual Compensation: $673,334 Award Level: Founders Diamond (6 groups at 7500+ points, 12 months) Average Annual Compensation: $609,541 Highest Annual Compensation: $2,739,829 You can find that in the Amway Business Opportunity Brochure released 11/16/2009. NOW WAIT, I forgot to mention the FTC regulated and approved bonuses for these levels, which can be found in the 2011 Growth Incentive literature produced by Amway: Bonus for achieving founders platinum: $15,000 Bonus for achieving founders emerald: $75,000 Bonus for achieving founders diamond: $250,000 Hmm... did I already mention executive diamond is above that? I think I forgot to mention that diamond is only 1/3 of the way to the top of the compensation plan as well. Should I continue with some of the higher bonuses? Bonus for achieving 40 FAA points: $1,120,000 Bonus for achieving 50 FAA points: $2,240,000 Bonus for achieving 60 FAA points: $3,360,000 Bonus for achieving 70 FAA points: $4,480,000 You may be saying, "but are people actually achieving those levels?". Yup, just check on YouTube, several videos have leaked of people receiving their checks, cash, gifts and awards. Now that I proved my point on that, on to the Amway business opportunity: If ANYONE is telling you that this business is for everyone and you will make millions they are absolutely full of it. I tell people the exact opposite. This business is NOT for everyone, and a matter of fact more than half the room does NOT have what it takes to build a successful business. You have to remember that Amway does not make any "get rich quick" claims, the INDEPENDENT business owners associated may, but Amway doesn't. Amway cannot track and follow what 3 million plus independent business owners are saying about their company plan. There are millions of individuals who do not have the proper guidance throughout this business who may say many of the wrong things. Everything you guys said you were told at meetings or by IBOs, is the exact opposite of what I was taught for a few reasons which I will not get into on here (read a book by written by communication experts like Dr. Frank Luntz and you will understand). I would advise you don't work with anyone who pressures you or promises anything. I see posts like that and feel terrible that people think everyone in Amway is that way. I guarantee those groups are not growing because of it. If you were approached in any way promising you big money and anyone can do it, you have been approached by a group that does not follow the regulations of Amway and you should not get involved with them. In fact, do us all a favor and report them to the Amway Corporation so they stop giving the people who are building their businesses correctly, a bad name. Another humorous comment was the "99% failure rate". You know that building a business is strictly up to you? Your the boss? You make what you put in? Even if the success rate to diamond was 90%, your chances aren't any greater because it's up to you to do the work!!! You own the company, Amway supplies you and gives you bonuses for moving products. Just like Walmart get's paid to move products that are not theirs. In my first year, I was not very good at the networking aspect, so I focused on corporate sales. I made $71,000 in retail profits and bonuses combined. Now, I'm not bragging because that is in no way a lot of money to me (in fact it only covered about half my school debt), but I'm just proving a point that ANY business depends on what the owner is willing to do to make their business profitable (By the way I was only had 2 months at 7500+ points so I was not included in that brochure :( I know). This fiscal year I am entering founders platinum qualification, so I will let you know if they cheap me out and don't give me my $15,000 bonus and free vacation (that's a joke, I have plenty of friends who get the bonus yearly). I'd rather be "brainwashed" into owning my own business and working for myself then "brainwashed" into having my life run by my boss (I quit my job because I have several companies I run part time, my Amway company is one of them and the one I see the most opportunity to grow in). If your an employee, chances are your boss dictates your life and you have no control (now I said chances are, not every single person with a job). Meaning: they tell you when to wake up, when to eat breakfast, how fast to eat breakfast, when you take lunch, how long you take lunch, when you get to go home and see your family, what car you drive, how much money you donate, how many toys you can buy your children, where you go on vacation, I can go on and on and on and on (not literally tell you of coarse, but the restrictions on your performance or pay check restrict you from being able to dictate these things). But anyway, thanks for consuming 30 minutes of my time writing thing haha. And remember, if your not financially in the position to afford all the things you want (I don't mean the things you compromise for, like the hummer or pick up truck you always dreamed of, but convince yourself to get the car 1/4 of the price because it gets better gas mileage. Remember: no one had a poster of a used car on their wall growing up, it was always a nice corvette, mustang, ferrari, lambo, etc.), or go to all the vacation spots you'd like (the hotel in the next town doesn't count, even if they have an indoor pool), or give the amount you want to your church or favorite charities; what make you think by doing the same thing for the next 5 years that you will have anymore than you have now? Your out of your mind if you believe that in this economy your going to save or your raise is going to get you more money. News flash, your raise is probably 5%, inflation is about 12%. You actually just got a 7% pay reduction. I'm NOT saying this business is for you, but you NEED to do something else for your family. If nothing changes, then nothing changes! GET TO WORK PEOPLE! My suggestion to all those reading this: STOP TAKING ADVICE from your broke friends, broke family, broke co-workers and the blogger you never even met before, on financial matters!!!!!! I can't say that enough. It's like asking a fat person advice on working out. Why the heck would you ask someone, who's never done something, or never been successful at it, their advice? P.S. It is about 3:30 am EST right now, so forgive any spelling or grammatical errors (and any general rambling) as I am half asleep. Have a great night/day!

**Honestly, who ever wrote this amway scam is a complete idiot. You guys dont get it, IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY this is a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. And a Pyramid scheme you say? who cares what kind of system it is as long as you are making money. The point of the company is not to sell products but to help people join your team thus when you buy stuff off yourself or sell to others you are getting a percentage off your team. Basically, the more people on your team the better; Of course if you spend only $100 on yourself you're not going to get good a check but lets say you have 50 people on your team and they all spend $100 including you, YOU will get a way better check. People these days are idiots and are too scared to take risks. Go ahead and work the rest of your life as well as the other 80% of america working for a company making 'decent' money while the Boss of that company is getting the real money. If you want to be the boss of your own company and don't like money, then Amway isn't for you.

"And a Pyramid scheme you say? who cares what kind of system it is as long as you are making money. The point of the company is not to sell products but to help people join your team thus when you buy stuff off yourself or sell to others you are getting a percentage off your team. Basically, the more people on your team the better".....ummm you LITERALLY just described a pyramid scheme. And it DOES matter what kind of system it is, it's called business ethics. It sets apart America from some of the more corrupt third world countries.

This post is irrelevant. The Amway business plan is a great opportunity. I agree the prices of the products used to be a little out of the average consumers reach but their is still a market who will and do buy Amway products. Recently Amway lowered their prices and raised the compensation for new IBOs. All products have a 6 month mbg and so does the business opportunity so their is no risk. Everything else as far as investments is optional. It is very unlikely that a scam company just reported a 10.5 billion dollar annual sales report for 2011. 2010 the company did 9.2 billion dollars in sales. Why is a company growing solid as a rock in a bad economy? Amway has statistically created more millionaires than any other company besides Microsoft. It is stronger, bigger, and more effective than ever. The company has been in business since 1959 and this past June they had their first Billion dollar sales month. Now I'm not a genius but they must be on to something. In a scared economy Amway offers hope for financial independence to people from every walk of life. But just like anything if you don't work then it's not going to work for you. Anyone who fails at Amway just didn't work because obviously the business model does work. I wish people would grow up and do some real research instead of taking a Internet bloggers opinion that Amway is a scam and possibly ruining their chance to succeed at a level that most people only dream about!

I had been in Amway for 3+ years long, lost 1000's of $'s after being ripped off by my so called helpful up-lines. Look, like any business Amway was a great opportunity like 30 years back. Not Anymore! The Amway veterans have optimized the system so that they can extract the maximum $'s from newer IBO's through Products, CD's, Books, Tapes, Seminars, Leadership Seminars, Websites, Voice mail features etc. If you are approached by and Amway IBO, and they mention about any of the above tools, Run--- Cos once you are suckered in, the whole process of brainwashing begins and you will find it very hard to get out! Ya, you will find very few millionaires but these are people who started 20+ years back. Rest of them look good, smell good etc, but they are practically BROKE trying to feed this Money hole called AMWAY and BWW. Save yourself some money and time, else you will be hitting yourself for wasting both after having read this. Shun any temptation to join this, because their sales pitch is compelling as they are designed to hit the soft spots like, Your Dreams, your family etc. Know that a lot of people who are currently approaching people to recruit them into the business are Broke and at the bottom of the pyramid themselves! They are actually good people who have been brainwashed into believing that they stand a chance. Its not their fault so, Please be good to them and say NO! Remember, They make money off you when you join the business and for you to make money you will have to find someone whom you can rip off. Very little moves into the business from outside the people involved in the business. STAY AWAY FROM AMWAY! - Ex IBO.

Scam or not, one thing for sure, I lost my brother because of AmWay. Since he joined Amway about 5 years ago, everything is about Amway for him. He put Amway above everything else, including family and even his daughter. He has changed into somebody else that I dont even know anymore. Is this typical? or this is just special case?

Amway is in no way a scam. It is an awesome way to make money, for those willing to do the work. Don't knock it until you try it! Its as simple as that.... the people who write these negative comments are just not meant for this type of industry. If you do the work, you will reap the benefits. Plain and simple. Try the products, and see how worth it they are. Compare apples to apples, and Amway products are not overpriced at all. If you compare an all natural, healthy product, to a value brand junk product, then yes, Amway is more expensive. But if you compare it to a similar product, Amway is very competively priced. Plus with all the bonuses and retail profit, the products actually pay for themselves, If you do the work. If you are just lazy, and you never exposed the business to anyone, and you gave up when your grandmother wouldn't buy anything from you, and you beleived your neighbor when they told you it was a scam, then you are just a lazy quitter, with no self respect; and that is why you didn't succeed with Amway. But guess what, you will not succeed at much else either. Because you are a lazy quitter, with no self respect. So stop wasting your time posting negative comments on the internet, because Amway has been growing strong for 52 years, and your ridiculous comments are not going to do anything to stop it. Amway is awesome. Don't let ridiculous people who know nothing about it sway your opinion in any way. Join, and see for yourself.

I don't care wat u say about amway, I love this bussiness. If I'm brainwashed so be it. My brain could use with a bit of cleaning.

This is typical. They lose all friends and family and try to find others to join to try and cut their loses, like the extremely long general rambling brainwahed posters above. Amway quikstar, same thing.

I was reading this and just wanted to put in my two cents worth. I'm 22 years old and I've come to the realization that if I have an entitlement mentality like what the majority of America and probably many of you who have written on here, I'm going to get screwed by the biggest Ponsi scheme the world has ever known. I plan on working a normal job and taking whatever money I can possibly make off of Amway and investing it so that my family and I WILL have a future. Scam or not I'd rather take advantage of a scheme that will actually pay me than be part of the mess that the Governmant has created. I don't care what any of you do so long as you and yours are doing something to improve this economy. Not just sitting idly by and complaing at others who are trying to make a difference and carry on the american dream. If this didn't work for you then I'm sorry, but do something. I'm glad you learned something. Now take that and use it. We were all conditioned by our archaic school system to be afraid of making mistakes and to just play not to lose. We NEED to make mistakes and learn how to play to WIN. If I don't make money off of Amway then so be it, but I'm going to take whatever new found knowledge that I find and run with it. So in other words, if you don't like Amway take what you learned and make something better and don't just be a cynic. Or would what you make be called a scam too?

Amway isnt a scam, although if you are given the dreams of making millions and then fall short. I can see why you would call this a scam. I have been working with Amway for 4 months, I havnt been pressured into buying what I cant buy. Its true they say to buy from yourself that makes perfect sense though. I mean really? You going to do your business and not use your products? As for saying not many people make it. Yes alot of people wont/dont make it because they truly dont know what they are doing. If you have the right upline/team to work with I guarantee you will do good. I never even heard of Amway until 6 months ago, after doing research on it a couple of months I joined. I later found out that family friends I have known since I was very young have been involved with Amway and are making good money on the side. Are they millionaires? No. Are they making extra $ on the side? Yes. So please those ignorant people out there who say most people fail that is so pathetic. Even if you are only making a little extra on the side by that time the business will pay for itself. Oh...on a second not a "pyramid scheme" Im sorry to break it to all of you who say it is one. The definition of a pyramid scheme is when all the people on top of you make all the money and they people at the very bottom make the spare change. I know someone who has sponsored 1 person and that one person is making more money than him.

Amway is an MLM and a company with quality products which are very expensive. But Amway is very rarely alone. Amway opportunity always comes with education Systems ... like BWW, Network 21 etc... Ask any of the people above, In amway u make money when someone in your downline buys products or when they buy the so called "tools of education". Also ask your upline Diamond, Does he make more money out of his Amway business or out of his tools business. The tools business income is often 2 -3 times of the Amway income. Only Platinums and above have access to this income stream and it increases as you go up the pyramid. The reason they ask you to subscribe to such tools and attend the meetings is so that you get a constant dose of the brainwashing. Take a break for two months and you'll see how much Money you have been wasting on this business. Please do yourself a favor, there are other opportunities... This is no business. If you read this and join you'll know you did a mistake after 6 months when you have a broke bank account.

I'm a network marketer, but not from Amway. So here I can give an objective explanation. There are some statements above that we need to rethink to... First, he said that amway's products are way to expensive compared to cheaper products out there, and noone will buy them except the IBOs themselves. In my humble opinion, the problem is not the price.. Because in fact Mercedez Benz is still running smoothly right now (we all know their cars are way to expensive compared to another brand), and everyone's buying them, not only Benz's directos and employees right? Why is this happening? Because the salesperson can convince people that Benz is better than the others! Now take look at Amway's products.. They are more expensive, but they have better qualities and of course they come with a business opportunity.. If he has the ability to convince people about the great quality of Amway's products and business opportunity, he will have no problems selling them.. So the problem is not the price, but the person. And second, there is a ccomment above with a statement that there are only very few people who can succeed in this kind of business.. Guys, wake up and smell the coffee.. In every areas of life, there will be always more people failing than people suceeding.. You will find more broke employees than top directors, you will find more moderate students than top students, you will find more moderate people than Bill Gates. In network marketing is also the same.. You will find more people failing in this business than people succeeding.. But is it the company's fault? No, it is purely the person's fault.. Person with poor metality, expecting fast and easy money with little or without effort.. This is business guys, you need strategies, you need to work hard!

Reality check here, AMWAY products cannot be compared to Mercedez Benz! Hahaha, that in itself is a farce. Moreover, I have tested AMWAY stuff, to help out friends who fell for this scam, and believe me, in spite of their claims, I have not found one product to be in any way superior to established market brands, even though AMWAY sells them for 4 times the price. My latest fall out was when I ordered a 12 pack protein shake from Amway (nutrilite brand). Close to $50.00 for this crap. Can you believe it. I can buy much better, tastier, and heavily researched products for much less than that. As a consumer, I will definitely never buy their third grade products, and judging from the products and the few people who I know, that joined this scam and over many years, are still struggling to make ends meet, I would definitely advise newbies to steer clear of this scam. Although, kudos to the people who came up with the idea and scammed so many people all over the world!

I was a skeptic after my husband joined. We own our own business but knew that he would succeed if he set his mind to conquering the challenge in Amway. After almost a year, I have done some research, read the bad and the good. Read about the possibility of it being a pyramid and was almost convinced so. This is not a pyramid. At anytime, the people who are downline can surpass their upline in income. That breaks the pyramid. In fact, your upline should want you to surpass them! That helps them out as well. We have met personally w/many people who are in the Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond and up positions and have become close friends w/some n have seen first hand how they live. What I love about these people is they constantly teach that when you first enter the business, yes...it may be about money because most ppl are struggling or living paychk to pychk but once you truly understand what the business is about, what is happening w/our economy and so forth, it just completely changes and becomes about helping ppl reach their goals so that they can do what we all as humans wish to do....live in liberty and live in freedom of debt. Products such as food and for personal use are sold mainly for IBO purchase so to help the IBO in making some points versus buying the products elsewhere and not making any points. They may cost more because they usually come in bulk as they do at Sams or Costco but in the long run you save because you don't have to go out to replace as much and hello...you get some money back off the purchase. Other products that are to intentionally be sold to public may be somewhat more xpnsv bcause these truly are quality products. When I was a skeptic n a bit disappointed at my husband for jumping in the Amway wagon I told him well let me check the prod.s out n c if they are even good. Couldn't be upset at him any more because they are good n worth selling. Once you understand the biz, the "I hate selling" mode disappears as mine did. One because you realize the products are qualitative and you believe in the product and two, you want to reach your goals for all the good reasons that have little to do w/materialism (although, that will be a benefit, of course). People, if you start a business, you will invest alot of money and time as my husband and I did w/our personal business. So why doesn't it make sense to invest money into Amway (cds, books, education...etc)? You invested money into college and books, etc and all that money went to a rich person while you may have gotten yourself into debt to pay for it all and may still be paying for it. Do research and network marketing is the answer for today. "Go to college" is for those who truly have a deep passion for the carreer they will acquire. Otherwise, you may end up living every day, week, year, years the same as the previous and in a trap that the majority have become accustomed to that they don't even realize. That's the bad brain wash. We need to renew our minds. We are no longer in the industrial era. Things have changed. Succeeding in Amway is an honest possibility when you invest some hard work, time and money as does pretty much everything else. Think about it. Makes sense. People who dropped out of Amway most likely never fully understood the business and why they were doing it or just didn't give it their all (even though they may think they did). Doing Amway takes some serious drive, the right attitude and character. -Coming from someone who used to think bad about Amway. To those who failed in Amway partly because of their uplines: I wish I could punish those uplines who did not teach you right or supported you in your goals as they should. Unfortunately, doing Amway is a learning process as is starting n surviving any other business.

I was an IBO for 3 years, I truly tried my best to succeed in this business. I sold products, recruited, built my team, bought my own products and learned from other IBO's as well. I averaged around $22,400 in profit every year. But that was not easy. It's very hard to sell a person or friend a business venture. They always think about the cost and if its a scam. It is and isn't in my opinion. You cant truly make money if you are smart and have a passion for the business. But, you end up spending a lot of your own money and time. They don't tell you that you have to cover other peoples bonuses that are under you. They don't tell you that you have to do all the labor and that it is going to cost you your own money. I was introduced to people from Amway that were platinum and emerald. It felt good to hear their stories, but this people took years to get where they were. Most of them were in there 50's. I never met anyone in their 20's, 30's or 40's making big time money. You have to recruit lots of people and sale big time products to get that type of money. At the end of the day, my day job was actually better than this venture. I am contract construction worker. My salary is between 95 K - 140 K a year. I didn't have to buy any products or sell any as well. Amway actually made me go mad, I was always wondering how and when am I got sell a product. In true form as well, the products are over priced and over valued. Who wants to buy a vitamin pack for $50, when you can go get it at costco for $32. At the end of the day, when I was buying products, I was actually taking in $16,000 a year. They make lots of money off their IBO's. So I left the business and I feel free and worry less. If you really want to make money with this company, it will take 5 years or more and that is from learning from other IBO's. Good luck if you join with Amway, but in my opinion, look the other way and say no thank you.

I am a successful IBO and Amway is not a scam/pyramid scheme. Amway is an awesome opportunity, BUT like any business you have to do the work. After four years now in the business I am making a six figure income and have personally helped three couples retire together, two in their 20's and one in their 30's. In my entire organization/down-line there are eight individual businesses that have allowed the owners to walk out from their jobs because this business was able to replace their income at their jobs. Here's the real kicker though, one of the couples in their twenties makes MORE than me and my wife, kind of messes up that pyramid scheme structure doesn't it? In reality we have found that out of every 30 people you show this business to 10 will be interested, out of that 10 only 2 will be qualified to join. We will never sponsor anyone who we feel does not have the work ethic nor the ability to succeed in this business. We go through a 3-4 week interview process to weed out those who are no compatible with us or this business. If you are approached by an IBO promising you riches with minimal effort and wants you to join right away you should run. Amway is not a scam or scheme, it is only an opportunity that gets ruined by those who are not trained properly or use lies and deception to get others to join. If anyone was approached by an honest IBO that does not pressure them to join, lays out all the facts for you and does not promise you easy money I pray that when you do your research don't go on google and just search Amway. You will get the main Amway site followed by Amway scam/Amway Scheme/Amway pyramid. Do the same now by typing in Justin Bieber, the first thing that comes up is some scandal about him fathering some child, no where in the first 5 pages is there anything about how he donated $10,000 to his home town food bank, $30,000 to flood victims in Tennessee, $100,000 to his elementary school, $1 Million to Japan after the earthquake disaster. Google works by pushing pages with the most views to the front, controversy is interesting, how else are tabloids still in business. Find a successful IBO and talk to them, find out their values and see if they are genuine. This business is not for anyone , as I had said earlier we find that 1/15 people that we talk to are suitable for this business. That is 6%, however this in actuality is probably 2% because we don't approach those who are not sharp and looking for more out of life. I really hope that if you are here because an IBO approached you that you don't let your "research", consisting of typing Amway into google, close off a great opportunity. Amway has changed my life for the better, our kids have never had to be put into a daycare, have never had parents that were gone for work, I wake up in the morning to wake up the kids for school then go back to sleep with my wife after dropping them off. Our marriage gets stronger with each day, our bills are always paid, our house/cars/furniture/etc. are all paid for in CASH. We are debt free and never have to worry about money or time. I am a full time husband, a full time father and an IBO.

If you believe this is a scam, you are sadley mistaken. If you think this a a way to get rich quick scheme you to are sadley mistaken. Think of this as a way to better your life in a way that can bring you happiness, and when you are feeling "happy" and good, then that's when the things you want come into your life. Amway has changed me mentally emotionally and physically. This is for the optimistic people, and as for the people who don't get it, who don't even get life itself will never have the joy of an IBO, you will settle for less because that's what the pessemistic people do, they remain a looser because they are to afraid to stand up for their dreams and are only satisfied with the dream their boss gives them which is a two week vacation a year, roof over their heads and a clumsy car. The optimistic people know that "Whatever ever the mind of man can concieve, and bring himself to believe, he can achieve." But of course the looser who came up with this "scheme" site probably is very pessimestic that he himself attracted failure to his short Amway career. Its more than a money making opportunity, its also an opportunity to change lives, mindsets, and meet people that will touch your heart. Think outside the box and don't let fear rule your life, don't let your dreams be murdered by negative and pessamistic people. Amway is a way to achieve a levl of success that only a few can attain. Will you let this negative site get to you, or will you fight for your success!?!?

Whoever said Amway is a scram that person actually never did their research. A scram is when you never make money and the people that get you involve make money from you. You can actually make a lot of money in this business. I am an IBO from Amway. I been with Amway for over 3 months and got two checks. I did not work hard on my first two checks, but I still made money. Both checks were under $100, still money is money. The people are great in Amway, everyone willing to help you to success and make money, like my up-line, cross-line, or even down-line willing to go all the way to help me. The down side is that you have to sell 50 PV and spend 100 PV yourself as requirements. Every 2.5 dollars is in Point Value. This suck! I have to spend $250 every month and sell at least $100 worth of products. If anyone believes that they can do this every month, this is the company for them. The reason I decide to leave Amway was when you become Diamond IBO you will make money from new people that become IBO. How do they do this? The thing is that only a few people can know about is that when you become a Diamond IBO you start to lose your moral, ethic, and human decency which goes against my believed. At first Amway was all about people helping, but as time change and with much money involve everything change. For every that they teach, they record and sell it at high price, they charge for almost every lesson. If you really want to help someone to success, you would not charge them to get them success. Sure for couples of dollars mean nothing for working people, but a dollar or two during this time in the economy is not easy. If you are really dedicate to helping others to success how about not charge them more than the cost of a product. This is what Diamond IBO does not tell you, because that is a part of their income is through selling you their knowledge. In the end, you make money, but when you make money those Diamond IBO make some of that money from you.

Scamway...I mean Amway, Is a steaming pile of feces. I personally know a divorced couple that were introduced to scamway He was always gone and she felt deserted, when she said anything he would either dismiss her complaint or smack the hell outta her. ( he was an ordained minister at the time ) She started looking for friends and found a few he chased away. Long story in a nutshell ... he is in prison for attempted murder ( of his wife after she said scamway or her) and she is better off. Even HE said scamway is pyramid scam Once in prison he said it was a crock.

haha why im reading this losers posts? all i have to say is: "Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice." -‎"Will you look back on life and say, "I wish I had," or "I'm glad I did"?You can never quit. Winners never quit, and quitters never win." -

If this is what you love to do, don't let others pull you down just because they don't want you to succeed. They act like they are "helping" you and doing "research" when really all they are doing is pulling you right the fuck down. Yes appreciate them for caring, but are you really going to take some part time job loser that doesn't want you to make it big, you have a chance to, like others said, its not for everyone and you shouldnt just sign up right away, look to see if its best for you and then decide if you want to do it or not. I have had people debate the shit outa me and I knew what I was getting myself into, and you know what at the end of the convo I tried to find out their point. They didn't have one, they just threw false claims and accusations at me about corrupt government and all this bullshit. To be honest my points are Making money for my family and being free at a young age, proving all the people in my life that I can succeed and do better in life than them. That's my point and if you are going to insult my intelligence, critisize me and my team and business then say you're "helping me" No you're not helping. Helping would be "I'm really great for you I hope you do really well." and leaving it at that. Not throwing bullshit and saying GET OUT GET OUT. If its not your interest drop it. and the $ comparisons some ppl mention are bs. This is not meant for everyone PERIOD. Go cry bitch and moan for the rest of your life instead of living your life. No successful people want to hear bitching crying and moaning. Because they hang out with positive people. and although people argue "skills get you your future" this is utter bullshit. People make money off youtube for rickrolling you. Todays world is so innovative that you cannot argue a steve jobs career because he took advantage of a hunk of hardware and made SOFTware to get to where he was at today. Great man do not compare his success to a different system. You don't see people writing essays and claims and bullshit on people who work in fast food cause they love it but the moment someone wants to step outa the hole, everyone around them gravitates them down while others with experience give you support. My point is be happy for your friends that have an opportunity, think positively and hang out with successful people, cause in the end you WILL be successful. Period even if you are not you will gain incredible amount of knowledge and experience that will get you somewhere stronger in life. Or you could throw it all away like some "ex-ibo's" have done. and continue to climb corporate ladders earning no more than there boss ever. and only to find another job and working their ass off until they own their own business. Goodnight.

I have read all of these posts. Interesting that everyone who supports Amway cannot spell very well. Lots of typos and grammatical errors in here by those who jump up and down reciting Amway's many virtues. It is a scam and a groupthink phenomenon of staggering proportions. From a psychological perspective, Amway does its best to separate people from those who would challenge its legitimacy and operations. This is not unlike how Hitler or any other leader would silence opponents or dissidents by having them "removed" from the equation. Same thing goes here, Amway teaches people to ignore and remove obstacles and people who challenge the system, even if said challenges are completely rational and offered by people with the IBO's best interest in mind. It hits IBO's in soft spots for family, friends, and freedom (the 3 F's), and it entices them to focus on emotional reasoning rather than very cognitive-based, rational dissection of information. Amway IBO's are taught emotionalism, not rationalism. From a business perspective, it is a farce. IBO's are no entrepreneurs, as they wear the collars of their uplines. Over and over, I have been told to do as my uplines say. What if my upline is a total moron and I have a law degree and an MBA?? I'm supposed to follow these uplines?? According to the system, yes, the uplines' words are paramount. So no, IBO's are not entrepreneurs and do not gain any real experience. IBO is a fancy name for distributor, pure and simple. I had the opportunity to meet a number of "diamonds" and "emeralds" recently, all of whom had either left the business to get real jobs or were still struggling bringing in about $30,000 per year. Many of them are posting massive losses, and by the way, the IRS does not consider pro-suming OR tickets to a convention (to hear Yager scream at you) to be business expenses. Good luck trying to recover those losses. It is a pyramid scheme simply because mathematically and considering the law of averages, a downline cannot really earn more than his upline. It just doesn't happen - it's a nice idea, but it doesn't happen. I worked through multiple scenarios with a friend, trying to see how I could out-earn my upline, and we found several variables that would keep that from happening. Finally, on a personal level, this Amway monkey business cost me a great friendship, an IBO who decided that taking a chance on some crazy dream was more important than those who loved him most. I think he will continue prospecting and pushing "the plan" until there isn't anyone left. If you know someone in Amway or who is thinking seriously about it, you need to realize that they will soon be lost. Amway people are very much like crack users (very similar psychopathology, actually), and they will choose Amway over you, their family, their friends, and anything that gets in the way.

In a real sense, this IS a business opportunity (Not that I'd ever try it) as it's selling items that (I have seen) are a bit excessive in price. Then there's the other factor. Like any business, those who get in early and start it, make the most, though a few have done better, those are very few and remember, it is a company which will have it's winners and losers. Not everyone can be a millionaire.

I tried Amway about 20 years ago, out of curiosity, as I wanted to see for myself if all the bad things they say about Amway are true. Yes, all the bad things they say about Amway ARE true! The big push then was a philosophy called "Faith in Amway." Try working it for at least two years. Looking at the statistics, only one in 50 makes a profit. Their profit comes off of the 49 out of 50 who are being played for suckers, who are encouraged to stay involved for eternity. A dirty secret is the most successful Amyway distributors make little money off product sales, but rake in the cash from the "tools" (motivational audiocassette tapes then, may be as CDs now, I don't know). An eye-opener is the book "Merchants of Deception" by Eric Scheibeler, available as a free pdf if you Google for it (I just checked today, still available). My observation is that Amway distributors end up with only other Amway distributors as friends. The products are overpriced and really are not as good/effective as claimed. I refused to actively recruit unless I became convinced that Amway was workable; I never was convinced, and I did not lose any of my friends! I am a PhD scientist, licensed Professional Engineer, and retired Lieutenant Colonel. I am considered an expert in Ethics as I have served as Chair of a disciplinary commitee for a State level licensing board, and on numerous ethics bodies for various professional societies. Amway the corporation knows how to dance the fine line, but the high-level and successful distributors are embedded in an extremely unethical, deceptive culture that is tantamount to a cult. Please do due diligence before joining! Forewarned is forearmed!

I run a sucessful cleaning company and have recently met an Amway rep. I haven't had the time this week to see them as Ive had a number of new clients and was also recruiting staff for my company. Here is my opinion. If you can sell, there is no reason why you should sell to friends and family unless they ask you to be involved. I am a strong believer in "never mix family with business". It doesn't work. Unless you have a very very strong bond between you and you are both aware of who the boss is. ( I say this as my mum worked for me for a while and it worked, we were a good team) My point is: If you can sell, sell to others, regadless of company or product. Amway is just another company with a product or service to sell. I would never buy for myself, if I were to join them, as that would spell 'loss' to me. The whole point is to MAKE money not to lose it. At this stage my own business needs me and I am focusing on that, so Amway would probably not be for me at this time. I like being my own boss and having my own brand. Business is never easy. I started my company just over a year ago when I was made redundant. We are doing well but thats due to the hard work that goes into it. I do about 60 to 70 hours a week, I have 4 staff members currently and we have not made a loss so far. Whatever you decide to do, make sure its the right thing for you and nobody else. If Amway is that then go for it, if not try something else but please dont be a fool by thinking any of it will be easy. Good luck.

Building this business feels like trying to make a hole in a concrete wall by banging your head against it! That's how difficult it is to make any significant amount of money in this business. Once the head banging stops,you come out of your daze and you look at the people next to you who are still trying (banging heads against walls), you will realize what a waste of time it had been. As a lot of people have stated above, the distributors on top make more money by selling you Seminar tickets,Tapes, cd's and books than by the products itself. That is True. You are better off without this business. If you still join after reading this, you will know after 90 days that i was true about the Head Banging analogy, but by that time you would have lost 1000's of $'s by your up-lines and will have a lot of junk (products and cd's etc) you will not know what to do with them. From your Uplines point of view they just need a few like you every month to rip off and they will do well for themselves. Learn to Say NO! A lot of people do not know how to say that and thats what these con men want to rip you off! After seeing so many people have bad experiences i would STAY AWAY from any such businesses for my own good! Better safe than Sorry.

I have attended 4 open plans and one Business Building Seminar. It is all very clear to me now. How do you make success? Here is how illustrated by an example 1. Product A = Tooth paste 2. Product B = Nail polish 3. Product C = A CD on how to sell product A and B 4. Product D = A DVD on how to sell product C and D 5. Product E = A book on how to sell product C D and E and so on... The AMWAY thing and Network21 is about getting IBO's (!) to buy as much crappy CD's, books and DVD's as possible. The content of these product? A statement that tells you to sell CD's books and DVD's to other IBO's. Thats it and thats that. AMWAY is legit. No doubt. But it all comes down to sell crappy products to naive souls and poor bastards within AMWAY it self. AMWAY is exploiting week people just like in a religious sect. Mr. and Mrs. Smith that buy product A and B are not the losers here. But all those who buy the other products should get their brain reprogrammed so they can bail out as soon as possible.

This time last year I was recruited on Facebook. I received a personal message from someone I did not even know and the topic was something along the lines of protesting at soldiers funerals (somehow this person found out I was in the military) and began to feed off this, until eventually this person brought up the they were in "Online Marketing". I was a freshmen in college, needed money, so I agreed. The same routine followed as everyone before has stated. Thursday night at the Holiday Inn, there is a fee but you can get in this time, just say you're with so and so, Oh and don't forget to dress sharp also so and so is speaking. I have my pen and paper ready to take notes when they seat all the new comers in the front row. As this guy is giving his pitch, I realize that he looks like Steve Martin in that evangelistic movie waiting to take peoples money. This plan made no sense whatsoever. I wound up doing the follow up, but didn't have the money at the time, however the pressure stayed on. They gave me books and CD's to keep me "motivated", they even gave me the tip of downloading them onto my Ipod and listen to them while driving. I get relentless text messages reminding me of meeting after meeting almost 3-4 of them per week, lasting into the early morning hours. They tell me to recruit everyone from my friends list on Facebook, and then add more people based on my likes and then recruit them. How is this not a pyramid Scheme? I did eventually buy membership, and then quickly cancel it to see that my sponsor would do and they were livid. I was the worlds biggest loser, and was a failure. I did mention that I wanted to come back, and they said there was a meeting a few hours away, so I joined them. This is when the brainwashing was evident. The whole trip we had to listen to CD's of peoples success stories, it almost made me sick to know all the greed in this operation, sapping people of their money, in hopes to fulfill their dreams. While in the car, if I tried to text, they questioned who it was and if they were interested, it was a 3 hr drive, I had to talk to somebody. All in all my experience with Amway was horrible, and I know that a monitor-(because I do believe "IBO'S" monitor these type of pages to ridicule ex-ibo's like myself who speak out against this operation) will promptly attack this post There is much greed in this operation, some even throw in religion during the meetings to make it legitimate. All I ask is to watch Dateline NBC's coverage of Amway, please don't fall into this trap, I'm glad I got out of it.

My girlfriend is deep into AMWAY, it turns out. It is I who posted the Dec 6 mail in this thread, starting out by the "I have attended 4 open plans"-thing. In fact she is WAY in too deep if you ask me. Yesterday she revealed a big closet containing her clothes - I assumed. But it was stuffed with AMWAY products to the point of fraction. I was very scared. She also showed me tons of CD's and other motivation stuff and I really got the shiver down my spine. I have however decided not to let this come in between her and me, as long as I have no part of it. We are planning on moving together at some point and as I love her very much, the only thing I need is assurance that her AMWAY-life does not interfere in, say, vacation plannings and stuff. My biggest hope is to de-program her but I dont know how to without that destroying our relationsship :-( ... Advice is very welcome on how to re-program a person way in too deep with AMWAY. Thanks!

great post , you got the pros and the cons. The glass is half full or empty. Discerning people will decide for themselves. Entrepreneurs will strive on, fail forward, or like Nike said in 90's "Just Do It". Glad to see capitalism, or compassionate capitalism (figure it out) is alive and well. The true revolution must go on and thrive. Great luck to all consumer advocates, consumers, mountain men(people), and freedom fighters(mothers,fathers,collegians, children, teachers, business owners, unwavering politicians, and those who are willing to give all in the military) Love you Peace for the holiday season

now i am in amway...and now i don know what to think....its good for us or not good....I wanted to try...About Amway Is good coments and bad coments....Like about everythink.....So i will see in feauture how goes....And then i will deside to leave or not.

MY son is involved in this company. He is ,an associate or whatever they are called. He has made a very little money but has traveled all over the US to attend AMWAY events.at least for two years at his own expense, I assume(I do not like to assume,you know what that leads to) He tells me that he has great hopes for the future and has met people and friends that he is now close with in and out of the organization. He says they have WONDERFUL CHRISTian Values (cannot ARGUE with that) It has made an extremely good impression on him and his life. He is Honest as they day is long and I could not be prouder of my son. If he has been SCAMMED I am surprised. I AM NOT STUPID THO. I amNOT DIRECTLY INVOLVED with AMWAY. NOW I WILL NOTIFY my son with the emails i have received , I am sure he will FORWARD it up thru AMWAY and also I can not guarantee he will email you

For those that say Amway is a scam, you are wrong. Amway is completely LEGAL. It is not a pyramid, because pyramids are illegal, and in pyramids the person on top always wins, no matter what. However in Amway, the amount of work you put in determines how high up you are in the business and how much you'll make. If someone below you does more work than you, they will get more results and can even go above you in the business. I understand people having bad experiences with Amway, but please understand: IT IS NOT AMWAY THAT IS DOING YOU WRONG, IT IS THE PERSON THAT YOU MET THAT WAS IN THE BUSINESS THAT DID YOU WRONG. Amway is in more than 80 countries and is associated with other big companies like Sears, Barnes and Nobles, Disney, Best Buy, and more than 80 others. We as IBO's might be wrong, but do you honestly think that so many big companies would put themselves at risk and associate themselves with a company that is a scam? I don't think so. Especially since it's been running for more than 50 years LEGALLY. I've met many people that have had a lot of success in Amway, and have helped other be successful too. And then I've met those that haven't followed company policies and have done things there own way (against what the company stands for) and have screwed themselves and others over. There are also some people that don't really understand what the company is about and unintentionally mess themselves up, as well as others that they bring into the business. So, if you're going to blame anyone for your bad experience, BLAME THE IBO THAT YOU KNEW, NOT AMWAY!

I was a company person. Scam? maybe/read on. legal? yes. Quality of product? excellent. I left because of the false representations that the upper people were making the money off of product sold. Most of the money they made was from selling books and tapes we on the lower level were encouraged to buy to help us have the attitude and skills to succeed in this kind of business. The quality of those products were good to excellent. The conventions were superb with big name entertainment and quality speakers from all walks of successful living. Those speeches still inspire me. BUT we were told that AMWAY was not to endorse or represent any political party or religion. We had Newt Gingrich ranting against the Democrats, Alan Keyes, Jerry Falwell and a California State rep ranting about how California was forcing the schools to have Homosexuals teach kids how to be homosexual. Looks like endorsement of Republicans and Fundamentalist form of Christianity to me. One of the hottest couples at the Diamond level quit because the money coming in was not from product sold but from books and cassettes (yes at that time there were cassettes). I stopped selling, stopped buying. Now I have to find an AMWAY seller because their fabric softener is the only one I've found that I can use do to perfume allergies. I won't be getting other products. How is it now having become Quikstar than back to AMWAY? Someone more contemporary will have to answer that.

Thanks for the dialogue. I'm new to Amway as well and I think the sum of this comes down to whether you're a risk taker or risk adverse. However, I challenge those reading to scruitinize truly what the big risk for them is. I am an ED doctor and would otherwise live very comfortably, but I personally joined to gain the growth and mentorship about business that I did not get through medical school and residency. Contrary to popular believe, most physician have no clue how to manage money. It's simply not part of our curriculum. We also have no control of our time. We work to live and live to work, much like the rest of society, only have higher stakes (are more likely to be sued!). Likewise most people, who invest in higher education do so because they believe they're "risk adverse". Meaning they want to feel that their time & effort studying will secure their future. Sadly this is not so true, given our global economy & growth of ecommerce and recent college grads will tell you that higher education is beginning to sound just like the scam that others have been concerned about. And I can speak confidently about this as someone who went to undergrad, graduate, medical school and residency within the top 15 schools in our nations. Yet, much like my colleagues I don't know the first thing about owning my own business except that I want to! For me, it's not enough to make money (we all can do that if we you work 80-100 hrs a week), but I want to have the freedom of my personal time & explore childhood dreams. So the way I see it, I could either invest $100,ooo & 2yrs to go to business school in hopes to land a higher paying gig & finally gain the mojo to start my own business afterwards OR I can be an IBO part-time for 2yrs, immerse myself in the reading, discipline & practice on learning to be a successful IBO, aka "home schooling". The worst case scenario is that both roads lead to the same outcome. Pros for business school: connect with like-minded people, read interesting books and literature, audio and video about business, pay out of pocket to go to business conferences, apply to be an intern, or even find a venture capitalist that may be interested in my final exam project and score big (less than .1% or business school grads get this). Either way, I get the knowledge I want (with even some brainwashing depending on the schools' ideals). Worst case of business school: Having to either be a full-time student to get it done in 2 yrs (which means not working if I want to do this right) or go half time and make the journey longer. Having an addl $100K + in debt after 2yrs, not have a clear plan afterwards. Wind up working for someone else (again), and did I mention being $100K+ in debt again! Pros of Amway: Start my business now, capitalize on the support and resourcs in the network, learn the art and language of business, how to better communicate with others, build networks, learn about moving product, meet mentors who have what I want & are intricately tied to my success (which is actually a better case scenario than having a boss that sees me as expendable). Also meet people who may be involved in other things that could lead to further collaborations outside of Amway (philanthropic work). Big pro: Having my business expenses tax-deductable now (including travel to conferences, networking opportunities, etc). And controling the cost I put into it. I can go at it part-time and not quit my day job. Worst case of Amway: I don't make any money. I lose money. I feel bamboozled. I lose 2yrs of time that I could have been working overtime in the Emergency Room. So in summary, and based on my already 10 yrs investment in higher education- the factors that go into making my decision are the same. Assessing how much risk I want to take and what kind of attitude I am going to have. Ironically, the bigger risk for me is going back to school! Going to business school only guarantees that I will be in debt when I finish. (a scholarship in my case is unlikely, but could be different for you). Now 2yrs from now, my ability to pay off that debt and come up on top will still depend solely on me, my potential, my commitment, my drive, my ability to communicate, network and be at the right place at the right time with the right attitude. This same applies to being an IBO. Committing to Amway is less risky to me at this stage in my life because I really can't imagine acruing more student loans. I've read that the important thing about business is that apprentiship, creativity & freedom is priceless. Most self-made success stories (large percent whom never received their Bachelors) will agree. So whether its Amway or something else, whatever else, the best teacher is emersion. So I am happy with my decision to pursue Amway because I feel I have a healthy approach. It's all about will and attitude. I am clear that this is NOT a get rich quick plan, rather a plan to sew seeds towards my future financial freedom. I decided to put a cap on how much I would invest in the first 2yrs & reassess (which btw is a fraction of what my business school tuition would have been). If I am doing well, I'll invest more, if not I can cut my losses without regret. I expect, that like a restaurant business, the 1st year will be the hardest. If every restaurant quit in year one, we wouldn't have the rich spread of options we do today. The first year of medical school was the hardest. The first year of residency was the hardest. Hell, the first year of life is the hardest for a baby, that's why so many moms are running into my ED with their new borns. So if you expect that, and push through it, ask alot of questions along the way and learn as much as you can, you'll be a better person regardless of your income margin because it's part of character building. I plan to interact with everyone in the business much like I approach my patients, with a warm heart, open mind and goal to work together. In my case, the goal is to make me better. So if after 2yrs I come out a better individual, with better business sense and not make a lick of money, I still consider myself a winner and feel much stronger about moving on to the next risk taking venture. But realistically, my success may fall somewhere in between breaking even, gaining a little residual income or totally knocking it out of the ball park. But I won't be relying on Amway to decide where I land. I hope this helps others sift through the commentary to finally make your own decision. I wish you luck in whatever venture makes you feel alive and growing. Here are my summary points (please apply this to anything commit to, not just Amway): 1. Believe, this not a get rich quick plan & it's not a scam business. 2. Assess why you want a business, what your alternatives are and risk assessment for each. 3. Don't think of pursuing this business venture if you don't have seed money (i.e. you need at least a part-time job and a realistic amount that you can invest with. Ask your sponsor this crucial question). 4. When you make a decision to commit don't waiver, be disciplined about setting a timeline when you will reassess and honor that timeline. Don't reassess after every bad outcome or obnoxious person you meet or disappointing interaction. That's life! Engage in it and trust your instincts. 5. Be clear what you want to get out of it & stay disciplined, patient with yourself and enjoy every opportunity to learn and grow. Expect to succeed. And finally, the best advice I ever got was from a 7 year old "What other people are saying about me is none of my business!"

The man that says it can't be done and the man that says it can be done are both right. This is in regarding building the AMWAY business. i am a past AMWAY distributor and have nothing but good to say about the business. Its a business opportunity that works if you work it, nobody says its easy, or instant. Does anybody know of a business opportunity for $100 or less, which includes half that much in (good) products? There is always somebody to tell you that you can't do it, and give you their expert opinion, family or friend, doesn't matter that they don't know what they're talking about or not. As far as using your own products, DUH, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure buying stuff you use from yourself is smart. I guess thats enough from me, except to say, "don't listen to someone that really doesn't know the Amway business, much less any business".

I appreciate these comments. If you work at this, I'm sure you can make money. I really don't care to be approached by people who view me as "just another sale". Once the answer is NO, then quite talking Amway and let's move on to another subject of conversation. One comment from above says 'why buy from Amway when you can go to the store and buy cheaper, and more, product'. Good point. I will say Amway products might be a whole lot better, depending on what a person buys. But when people have to make decisions based upon a budget, then Amway products look less appealing. I remember a few years ago a salesman came to our house to talk about Quixstar (sp?). I made the comment "This sounds like Amway, but on-line". He corrected me and told me it wasn't. A search on the internet revealed some more information. It seemed that Amway, in my opinion, was trying to divest themselves of the name and adopted a new name. Long story short, the business model, while it made sense to people who became IBOs towards the beginning of when Amway started, doesn't seem very attractive today.

I was at a mall and a couple struck up a conversation about something i was looking to buy at the shop. To be polite i responded and they kept the conversation going and finally they asked my number. I hesitantly gave my number and forgot about the incident. Two weeks later I received a call on a Sunday evening after 7:00 PM from this very same person. After initial chitchat the person mentioned a e-commerce business opportunity which has helped him make money. So we booked a meeting at my home on a Monday evening after work to discuss more on this. The couple showed up and gave almost no information on the opportunity except for some vague e-commerce concept and invited to an "industry briefing" to be held at a hotel on Wednesday evening at 8:00 PM and I was asked to show up there in business attire. On Wednesday i went to the hotel where the "industry briefing" was to be held and was forced to sit in the front seat with a paper and pen too to make some notes. The person who spoke was very animated and used some classical phrases undermining how un-fullfilling our jobs were. He showed a business plan and claimed, a person in 3-12 months can start earning 2500+/month and in 3-5 years earn more than 250K per year. At the end he mentioned that they have a product company called 'Amway Global' formerly know as 'Quixtar' and a education system called 'Britt Worldwide" or BWW which work together to make the above claims a reality. At the end of the seminar i was given a few CD's and a literature material again highlighting what was said in the meeting. Intrigued i asked the person who invited me as to how long he was doing this business and he said that he was doing it for a "couple of years" which i later found out to be 13 years infact and he was by no means "RICH". He invited me to another meeting on Friday at his place called "PASE - Product and system Education" as a followup. I went to PASE and met a few others who were involved in this business and the meeting had a cult like flavor to it. I did succumb to the pressure to sign up and was asked to sign up then and there. They asked me to start attending the meetings every week, buy a subscription program for CD's called SOCD which i was told would cost me 7.94$'s per week + taxes making it 8.02$'s, later they also mentioned something called LSO - Leadership Standing Order which would cost me another 8.02$'s per week. I was also asked to sign up for a service called 'CommuniKate' which is a voice messaging servicewhich would cost me 25$'s per month and also asked to open a business website where i could showcase my business based on 3 pre-formated templates which would cost me 15$'s per month. I confronted as to the validity of all these that i am asked to buy and i was told that all these would make it look like a legitimate business. They also stressed that it is a tax deductible expenses so were all the miles i would drive to these meetings and any contacting meetings i would go to. I did not know at that time that every Wednesday meeting i would attend would cost me 6$'s per week. I was also asked to buy tickets to "BBS- Business Building Seminar" which would cost me 25$'s per meeting and this is held 4 times a year. Here they introduced something called 'Eagle Program" where every person if he needed to be 'an Eagle' had to buy 300 P.V worth of products from Amway every month else they are 'chicken'. Each P.V was 2.50$'s making it a commitment of 750$'s every month on Products. While doing all these I was yet to see any earnings. They also mentioned about another larger meeting called "conference/ FED/ Leadership" to be held and it would cost me 100$'s. These Large conferences are also held 4 times every year. To know what happens in the conference you do a bit of search using keywords "Dateline Amway" and look at the video's in the link. I asked the person who introduced me to this business to provide me with receipts for all the money I had to spend on BWW stuff, like CD's Tickets etc. But i was told that no receipts will be given. Later I found out that the Big Pins make Tons of money from these tools than Amway itself, and since these were circulated by Hand and money collected through cash and checks without receipt, THIS WAS THE TAX FREE INCOME. REPORTING of this income does not go to IRS, I am sure IRS Does not even know such an income stream exists. After all weekly meetings, a lots of CD's, compelled to do 300 P.V every month, driving a lot of miles and driving away all my friends and relatives it dawned on me that although Amway Makes good Products and sell them at a Premium and is considered a Legitimate by the Government, its combination with BWW MAKES IT A SCAM. If you are reading at this account, you are either looking at getting into this business or have a doubt in your mind if your decision was correct to join this business. If you are OK with all the points i have stated above go ahead and still build the business. Else Rescue your money, because you will loose a lot of it if you get into this.

I was first approached to join Amway way back in 1989 by a coworker. While I initially resisted, he was very clever and instead of continuing to directly approach me via a 'business opportunity' pitch, he invited me to attend some 'exclusive business meetings' where I would meet his 'mentor' who was helping/guiding/mentoring/coaching him as he built a business that would make him independently wealthy. I went along to two or three of these meetings with this charismatic and successful businessman who schmoozed me into believing I had a good business brain and would 'eat this up' if I linked into himself and the original prospector. I took the bait - hook, line, sinker! I was in. I bought the 'business kit'; I bought the 'starter kit' of 'core products'; I bought not one, but a whole book of tickets to seminars (on the suggestion that it is imperative to have a ticket in your pocket at all times to sell to a prospect or new downline); I bought the backorder of tapes (I couldn't afford them all straight away, so I was allowed to to get five a week until I had the entire catalogue; and most important, I subscribed to the weekly 'Tape Standing Order' program, (of which, of course, I needed to double-up on so I always had one to give to a new prospect or downline. Can you see the pattern emerging yet? The next challenge was to convince my wife to get involved (she was rightly skeptical, but I knew she would be convinced of the logic of joining once she met a highly successful businessman). She joined - he was a better con-man than I gave him credit for! He had her when he stroked her ego, saying that behind every successful man is a strong woman - 'be the neck that turns the head', he told her. Great line! Then, of course, came the reading program: Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, George Clason, Og Mandino, and the list went on. I must have bought 100 books at inflated prices. And, of course, I needed multiple copies of some books so I could give one to a ... (oh, yes - the pattern again). Over the next five years, we must have gone to 50 or more rallies to hear testimonies from 'Diamonds' from all over the world who had metamorphosed their lives through the 'business'. I was impressed by the number of doctors and lawyers who were 'in the business'. Most of all, I was amazed at the number of teachers! These were all smart people, so I must be in the right track, I convinced myself. What I learned later was that even highly-intelligent people are susceptible to suggestion. Eventually, after buying many thousands of dollars-worth of overpriced products; attending numerous meetings, seminars, rallies, launches, you name it; prospecting literally hundreds and hundreds of

I was in Amway in 1999. They had just that year came up with the name Quixtar so when we tried to recruit, people wouldn't instantly shut you down. I only wish I had shut down the lady who got me in. All I did was lose money after traveling the USA to get the business going. My "upline" left me hanging for the most part and the "leg" of the business that I was in totally collapsed. What a rip off and really not one of my "shining" accomplishments!

Not true, I love their products, and it's a great way to make a little extra. If you don't want to go to the meetings then don't, they are there to teach you how to make more sales, and give you product info. If you sign up to sell isn't that what you need. These complaints are all twisted, it's actually very simple, you do as much as you like. Just as any job the more you work the more you make....

Well Market America... the Unfranchise system!!! Is the compensation plan where business owners don't get a percentage of our members. Everyone accumulates 100 percent of the people under us based on the points that we retail (Just like a person entering college, you don't start as a senior). You can even give away points to the person you sponsored because everything is going to accumulate up 100 PERCENT! There is a even a cap system in which there is a fair opportunity for everyone to make the same about of money (3600/week)! You make more only when you open more business development centers (bank accounts) Follow the trend! The New Social shopping! MLM aka Making Little Money Marketing is old news.

IBOs, how much are you spending on meetings? How much on books? How much on products that you are sure you are going to eventually use? How much on recordings from motivational speakers (that is essentially what they are). Try to think about it like this... What reasons can you think of that would cause an uplink to try to convince you to stick with it? How about the speakers at the meetings? When they say, "I'm getting 2000 dollars just for being here tonight to talk to you guys" where do you think that money is coming from. The things that you are buying (because of the bonus points) are you really going to use? How many ounces is it? How comparable in price is it to Walmart prices? If you look at the last 6 months, how many new people have signed up under you? How many will last? If you continued at this rate how long would it take you to reach the number of people needed to have an actual chance at making money? How much have you already spent (include meetings and EVERYTHING)? Then look up some of the law suits that Amway have been involved in. Just for fun, try and explain what the reasonable explanation is for a company changing it's name every few years. Amway, Alticore, Quixtar, etc....... Sober up now and you can get a head-start on your "co-workers" in finding a different, less expensive job. Find out what sort of educations some of these higher-ups have and compare yourself to them from a business perspective. Doctors, Lawyers, MBAs are the perfect people to sell the plan to unsuspecting young adults. The longer you spend chasing this imaginary money, the more years you will waste going into debt. Be honest with yourself. The only thing more embarrassing than admitting your mistake now and getting on with your life is allowing yourself to brainwashed for several more months or years before finally having to admit that everyone else was right.

it really doesnt matter if its a pyramid scheme...as long as youre getting money its all right, its not a scam just because it doesnt work for most you lazy people dont talk sh1t on something that doesnt work for you...most of you have the typical lazy mind that was implanted on your brain. all you have to do is recruit people and buy a couple of their products...some of them are worth the price like the vitamins. Its not AMWAY that is bad, its the people who are in it that make it look bad... you dont have to follow the system they have make up your own...you dont have to do everything they say....just as long as you have an honest business....unlike most american businesses

Amway/quixtar is a complete scam for the simple reason that revenue is generated from within the distributor force, which leads to the scenario that in order for one distributor to be making a lot of money, others below them have to be losing it, i.e. a zero sum game. Think about any other type of conventional business setup with salesmen or distribution outlets. Where does the revenue that supports profit come from? - from outside consumers who aren't part of the money making endeavor. Mathematically, this makes the amway business opportunity impossible for 99.9% of the IBOs to succeed in. Just by using simple common sense one can easily see that if every distributor is trying to make income from others "buying from themselves and teaching others to do the same", then revenue is not being created but simply being transferred from one revenue generating point to another. But now this is where the amway motivational system comes into play. They not only brainwash the IBOs into staying in the business - that those who quit so so because they don't have a dream or aren't tough enough - but they (the AMOs run by the big kingpins) are actually making more money from doing this, by selling useless motivational books, tapes & seminars, then from pushing the products themselves!

Amway is the best in the world, some stupid fellows don't know what they are talking about., if you want to do something in your life, this is the only one in the world, which improves your family life to be ever happy, the education system which provides helped me to be a better person., go an d check it out it is a scam, how come this company has a turnover of 10.5 Billion in 2011. and it is in 80+ countries., anyone who has common sense they will do this business. I can say one day amway will conquer the world., you just see it

AMWAY? No Way Jose! A >50 year-old company making just that much, with such numbers of distributors, through such a system in it's ideal business practices should be making much much more. Probably a super giant co-operatives making all the money in the world through their members personal consumptions as well as innocently ignorant retail consumers, if any, supporting their aquaintants and contacts in buying from the so called IBOs. Just add 1 + 1 + 1 together, if everything is for real, AMWAY should be way/way/way ahead ahead of any business set-up in the commercial world and probably the planet EARTH could be named planet AMWAY a long long time ago! It is too good to be true, and that's it! I know there are no such ideal fairy tale without any string attached. Think deep enough and it make sense. The truth is way too deep and too obscure for those deeply involved. It is a business that is not the usual business. It is like the proverbial rainbow. No way, AMWAY, Jose!

somebody who saw the devil....I'm just kidding but the company puts too much emphasis on recruiting then selling!! I'm no mathematical genius or the next william shakespeare but a 17 year old who consulted with a nice distributor who did indeed use psychological games with me.... One thing people he himself told money isn't everything.... if you think we all are cut out to be the next will smith in the pursuit of happiness then by all means join. Not dissin the company cuz sales job guess what your pushing for sales. It isn't a pyramid scam thingy cuz he drew a lot of circles.... you all are going to laugh when you see this comment but i obtained what i said from just meeting him. It works like a cycle like a continuum. some may break it by being rich but the rest will lose so jus don't even bother. No really we all should just stop being Capitalists for a second and have a sober second thought making a million is it really worth it? i mean work to survive but never let it get in-between whats really important in life. I may be the next person picking up ur garbage down your street but remember this i'll always be happier than you cuz end of the day i love my life and I'm poor....(kidding) Oh yeh jus do whatever you want but remember if you dont play the game ull never lose or win. :) <3 much love somebody who saw the devil....

Amway is rarely alone. It has these "Systems" along with it which make it the biggest scam! # of distributors in 1977 in North America: 360, 000 Today: 340,000 in North America. You call a shrinking business working? Where are the 3-4 month platinum's and 2-5 years diamonds? Rest is, ppl come, ppl go. The "System" sells the CD's, seminars, books, communiKate to all and make money. Cost of producing CD: 50 cents, sell at $6-$8.00. Most of them are recorded during seminars. Book: They get huge discount frompublishers and sell you at PROFIT. not the cost they get it. Try ordering books in big volume say 1000. Seminars: Many time cities let them use a hall for free for the business they give to city (shops, travel, hotel etc.). Hotels give discounts when u book at large number. Diamonds give u a code and make profit on it. Most of the time they get their suit for free! Try booking 50 rooms in a hotel and see the free rooms and discount u get. Legality: Amway paid 25M in Canada. Was found guilty. Here are lawsuits of Amway / Quixtar http://www.amquix.info/quixtar_lawsuits.html FTC approved amway in 1977 when there were lot of RETAIL going on . Not now. Also tools are pushed real bad now. In order for a business to qualify as a 'money chain' or 'pyramid scheme' or 'Scam' over 80% of the money circulated in the scheme should come from people involved within the scheme and for Amway its way more than 80% and for the different "Systems" its 100%. So essentially people down the pyramid should spend money so that people above them can get their money. Does Ponzi scheme, Madoff Scheme ring a bell. These are same as those but with products involved. YOU STILL HAVE DOUBTS ABOUT THIS NOT BEING A SCAM? THEN YOU DESERVE BEING CONNED BY THESE GUYS!

How many times over the years have I been approached by an AMWAY cult member!!!!??? Each one of them tells me I could be rich beyond my wildest dreams... But then why do they still drive old cars, their shoes are falling apart, and/or they are still working there day job to make ends meet. They consistently roll out the examples of so-called success stories..... But they can only give me a handful of names..... A tiny percentage of the entire population of the planet AMWAY who have managed to piss off friends in the normal world by harrassing them to join up, buy dodgy AMWAY toothpaste with the promise it will make them millions! The usual catchcry from these idiots when I object, and claim the "business opportunity" is a scam is "Oh well, you just haven't been shown the system correctly!". Yes I have been shown it correctly, and incorrectly, and deceiptfully (eg when invited to a backyard party and suddenly surrounded by a crowd of desperate nutjobs trying to sign me up before I've downed my first drink! Bottom line is: The success stories from these idiots are simply examples of people who would have ripped people off and made millions in any industry....Real estate, insurance, selling cars. They just happened to chooose AMWAY, because you don't need a license to practice!

I was really trying to resist in commeting on the garbage above, most of you dont have a bloddy clue how this business works or you wouldn,t be writing to crap above. The idiots here are all YOU that are making negative comments about Amway and for your own sakes stop because it's only making your look and sound more stupid than you already are and some of the commentes are just laughable. Please get this once and for all....... before anyone in the business can make money we ( Amway IBO's ) have to help the new or anyone who has been in for how ever long dosent matter..... make money first. Some of you uneducated idiots write.... " oh yes i have been shown the business correctly etc etc..... " it's a pitty for you...... you didn't have a brain to understand it.... grow up and stop wasteting your time making your self sound even more stupid than you already are, if all thses Amway ibo's are continuing to " so called rip people off " there must be a shit load of dumb people out there like your self......... and i suspect not, maby you could explain why Amway gru by over $1 billion last year when every other company was going bankrupt and laying people of. Can i suggest you stop making comment on something you have no idea on..... go get a life and stop wasting time on the crap above...... go get a job..... would be interesting to find out what all you uneducated idiots do for an income...?

I've not long come back from a meeting at a friends place, where he asked me to come over about a business venture. There I met a nice couple, a nice man and his partner. The man I met then started to ask me about money, life and what I wanted to achieve. He then went on to explain about the four ways of making money, business systems and taking out the middle man. After about 30 - 40 minutes of him talking and drawing things on a piece of paper, I started to think "please don't be Amway", then bam! It was Amway. I even told him what I was thinking. He then tried to sway me on how Amway has changed and what have you. So I agreed to a possible meeting in a couple days and that I would think about things. He have me a CD to listen too, a DVD to watch and websites to visit. After looking at those, I then decided to Google and see what I could find. First I discovered that everything for sale on the Amway website is a few dollars dearer then anywhere else, let alone local super markets who now offer online shopping (well that is the case in Australia anyways). I found a few negative articles and then of course I found this post. I then read most of the replies. And now I can honestly say that all the people who where pro-Amway have actually put me off giving this a go. And to the moron that posted this dribble... " maby you could explain why Amway gru by over $1 billion last year when every other company was going bankrupt and laying people of. Can i suggest you stop making comment on something you have no idea on..... go get a life and stop wasting time on the crap above...... go get a job..... would be interesting to find out what all you uneducated idiots do for an income...?" First of all, learn to spell or at least use a spell checker on your browser. And secondly I have a job, as an IT Network Administrator, and probably earn twice as much as the poor gentleman that was attempting to get me to join. So from my research I have concluded, that if you are smart, good at sales and motivated, you might do OK at Amway. But if you look beyond the illusion of hyped up promises, there are many other ways to make good money. Good luck! :)

The comment on "January 29 2012" by an Amway IBO is the typical response you get when you confront any Amway Brainwashed Person with some Facts. Now you know what we are talking about as you have an example right here! I am sure he has told the same to a lot of people who have confronted him with facts and forgot to check his business model in which anyone at the top of the chain will only make money when some one below him spends the money. To put it in proper Amway language and numbers, for some one New in the business he has to buy his own products worth 250 $'s (100 PV) to earn 9$'s back (3%) so that the person above him say if he is at a 25% he will make 52$'s out of that deal. Now this person can say that he helped the new guy "make" 9$'s and then only he was able to make 52$'s. But the reality is that the new guy lost 241$'s and the Amway Guy made 52$'s. The people who spoke against Amway above have not spoken without any Basis. These are Matter of Facts! Verifiable. Ya Amway grew to a Billion $'s world wide but it shrank in US!. The only was Amway can grow is by opening business in new countries because in the countries where its been for a while the business has saturated and in some countries like US it has shrank! I rest my case .

I just started using these products. but my frnd says tht these things will cause cancer. and banned in US. Is it true??

To Feb 6, no they don't cause cancer. Also I'm an IBO even though I've been in it less than a year. Yes it does take work to make money in this business and no it is not a get rich quick scheme. A pyramid scheme is when you put money in and get nothing in return. Here you put money in and get either products or for IBOs products or training tools in return. Yes downline can out earn their upline. I honestly got into the business because I'm a college student who needs money. Have I made a bunch of money? No, but that's my own fault since I'm still trying to get out of my comfort zone with talking to people, but I'm mainly staying in because of the team aspect that I've been exposed to. Do most of the IBOs stretch out the dream making it seem like you could get it within months to a year? Yes and that actually bugs me. When I talk to people about the business I'm honest with them I always tell them it depends on how much work you put into it and how much you really want it. Do I believe that I'm brainwashed? No because I do see flaws in the system that my upline has shown me and I would rather have people coming into the business knowing what they're getting into rather than being given a false dream and having it smashed in front of them and them loathing me and the system the rest of their lives.

My issue is this. I could accept the company plan and I believe in the value of good, hard work. The problem is that when you meet with an IBO he begins to spout memorized phrases such as the ones seen above: This is not a pyramid. At anytime, the people who are downline can surpass their upline in income. That breaks the pyramid. We are FULLY REGULATED and APPROVED by the Federal Trade Commission. The BBB gavethe corporation an accredited A+ rating. My suggestion to all those reading this: STOP TAKING ADVICE from your broke friends, broke family, broke co-workers and the blogger you never even met before, on financial matters! It's like asking a fat person advice on working out. If you Google "Starbucks" there will be many people saying how bad it is... Red Flags: Warning you that you will be talked out of it. Don't research the company, except on two sites where we are listed as a legitimate company. Why consult your poor friends? What do they know about being rich? Every pro-Amway post on this site uses the same arguments, like they're quoting their precious CD. Summary Only rich people understand why it works, so you'll just have to trust them and they'll teach you clever little sayings to tell your simple-minded poor friends. P.S. FTC and BBB govern trade and sales, not corporate climates. Nothing wrong with selling soap-they don't handle employee welfare.

Amway 10 billion Walmart 450 Billion involved for 10 years ending in 2002 cost 30/50K for products tapes books seminars over 10 years I was not smart enough to figure out that all the money is made in the system WTF Amway was going to be bigger than Walmart!!!!!!!! thats what someone said on stage and you only speak on stage if already raking in $$$$$$$$$ from system telling people in attendance to buy shares in Walmart would have been ethical the only reason to own a business is to sell to customers outside of business USA 360 million Canada 36 million Amway is a closed business that depends on churning new IBO to keep going ,, nothing happening in North America,but growing in ethnic communities because recent Ibo havnnt figured out system $$$$

AMWAY - The final chapter. I have had time to do my final research on the Amway business. First of all: Amway is NOT a scam. == It is however close to impossible to make it to the top. And even if you do, this is where the real work begins. You can NOT retire early by making it to the top. Perhaps 25-50 in the entire world will achive that. ==== OK. Imagine a town far far away. In this town you have nothing but barber shops and hair dressers. All employed adults are in the "cut some hair" business. == The problem is, that there are not enough hair to cut. So what will the hair dressers eventually do? Thats right. Cut each others hair. == This is neither illegal nor immoral. This is just plain bad business. == Amway have some great products. Let that be said. But in order to succeed in Amway pushing products is not enough. In a MLM-business more is needed. == Your success comes basically down to generat sufficient PV's for you and your network. Thats a lot of products to sell. But on the top of the hill, people called "Diamonds" realise that they cannot maintain there way of life, if there downlines sells products only. They rely on BSM to be sold by the thousands. (BSM = Business Support Materials, like open plans, Business building seminars, Weekend Seminars, CD's, Books etc. Not real products but just hot air. More on that later). === Enter Network 21! That company is told to be a non-profit company. That is in a sense true. But their real task is to make sure, that money from BSM is canalized properly around the network to people who is due for payment depending on there status (emeralds, diamonds, 2xdiamonds etc). ==== Ever wondered where the money from a BBS went? Ever wondered why you had to write on the sign up form who is your emerald and who is your diamond in your upline? No? If you're deep into this you just payed without questions. === The reason why you state it is that Network 21 needs to know who is to be payed depending on participancy. === :::BSM::: Business Support Material are nothing but hot air, especially when it comes to CD's. These CD's are recordings from WES - speakers that tell WHAT they achieved - and not HOW. If they said HOW - the real truth - some IBO's would start consider if they woud go along with this much longer. ... CD's (WES-speaches) merely tells you to keep on attending WES, Open plans, BBS and to keep on buying other BSM. So you buy a CD and listens to a CD that tells you to buy and listen to a CD. Can you see the "cut each others hair"-analogy starts to work? But remember this is all done to make sure that the money still floats in the system. On the WES, the diamond speakers (usually) are NOT there because they had noting else to do. They are DEMANDED to be there a certain number of times a year if they still want a cut of the cake. This is not because they are bored. They HAVE to. Furthermore: Emeralds MUST attend a very expensive "Go Diamond"-weekend. If not so, they risk to lose there Emerald status. As you can hear this has not much to do with Artistry, BeautyCycle, Nutrilite etc. This is merely done to make sure that money floats around the system. ======== All you IBO's writing on this page: If you had taken the time to investigate this matter, you might have found out the same as me. It wasn't that difficult. But not many of you here have gone diamond, eh? So you cannot contradict what I have stated, now can you? But I dare you to prove me wrong. Chances are that you can't. ==== To sum up: Amway is NOT a scam. They have infact fine products. Network 21 though is nothing but chanalizing money around the network and BSM are, except for a few none-Amway/N21-books, nothing but hot air. ========== Thanks. /LoneRanger

Hi I just joined amway 1 week ago and have been to the weekend seminar. I would agree that the cd's ant talks make you motivated and a better person. I have used some products and the results are excellent. I have compared them with you normal retail outlets prices. The products of amway are more expensive to buy however the per use is cheaper. The guy who recruited me didnt really tell me about the business but my dream. Now im trying to look at this positively as i am new to this and hope i can make it. I do understand why he didnt tell me about the business, our perception or way of thinking has been driven by society and our parents. We heard about not getting involved in scams and get rich quick things. At the seminar they mentions this is not easy it is hard and i believe that most things in life that are hard to get are worth it. You obviously have to change in terms of your vision and plan your day make time for the business. 1 of the examples on a cd is, if we are in the 1800's in london and i came up to you and told you i just got back from africa and saw a giraffe, its an animal thats 6m tall and describe the neck and colour. now you are used to domestic animals such as a cat and dog and pigs, horses etc, now to you this sounds absolutely stupid and more i try to convince you the more you going to think i am lying. but if i take you to africa in a second you will know what i am talking about. So if these guys told you is a direct marketing thing and the products and amway it will scare you off. Im not sure if anybosy claimed the 90day money back but i feel 90 days is a good time period to try the business and if you dont like it you get the cash back (i hope) With regards to the team, i feel yes it is a team because you have advise and mentors that are there to guide and help you and show you the system but you are an IBO (independant business owner) and you can try your own method and dont have to listen to them. But its like a franchise, if you dont follow the procedure you are bound to fail. i am an accountant and IT technician and have studied the way the comms are paid etc and its not the person on top makes the most cash, its how you structure you legs or pipelines as we call them. the person above you or ur upline will put you in a group or leg or line and the max percentage of that line is 21% so example he can have to legs of 21% but you can have 4 legs of 21% his comm will be bassed on the leg you in at a max of 21%, it might be hard to understand but to me it makes sense. With regards to results. if you are say a sales person in anyfield and talk to 500 clients a day but sell 1 then your comm will be paid on 1, so if you spend 40 hours trying to convince people amway is good but fail then the profitabilty will be zero. so it depends on you input and results. Once again i am new and will appreciate your input and mature debate. I hope you all will respect my decision in taking a chance to make a better me and a better future for me. amyway like business or any career is not for everybody, if we are all doctors who will be the patient. Regards

When I met my fiance, he was heavily involved in Amway. I instantly put my guard up and googled some things and brought my concerns to him. He got very upset and frustrated and spouted off a lot of "facts" and reasons why Amway is great and the people are great etc. etc. He seemed like an amazing person however, so I agreed to go to a few meetings and a seminar. I myself am in the business world, and I saw a LOT of flaws with the Amway system. CDs, seminar tickets, travel, hotel room, books, website membership, Amway Apps -- this all adds up to a lot of money per month. PLUS they convince you to buy the products for personal use (of course, so they can make money off you). I pointed out how they were brain-washing him into thinking the products were cheaper and better than "real world" products. Of course he denied this and used ridiculous arguments against me. After a few months, we were madly in love and this was our only sticking point. I told him we could have a great life together without Amway. He said he would quit, for me. Turns out, there was more to the story. He had over $2000 in credit card debt JUST from Amway from the past 2 and a half years. He was working at a bank as a teller at basically minimum wage and couldn't afford to be in Amway, but was being the "dreamer" Amway wants you to be and was continually gaining debt with very very little return. 5 months later, he brings up at least once a week how stupid he was to be in Amway and how he didn't see through the crap. He says you just get brainwashed in Amway because they're constantly telling you things, having events/meetings, and pushing the "dream" on you and making you feel like a quitter if you ever skip anything. He said his life is sooo much better, not feeling the pressure of having to talk to people all the time, racking up credit card debt, not seeing the progress, etc. etc. This is a real story people - if you are considering Amway, DON'T DO IT! I am just so glad my fiance "saw the light".

I became a member of Amway more than twenty years ago and stayed with it for the "two" years. It is definitely a people oriented business but a scam.......no i do not believe that. In the two years i was involved i did make more than i did on my regular job but indeed it was a lot of work! The hardest part was to convince people that all they needed to do, was to purchase their products from their own business and show others to do the same. I met many wonderful people in Amway, i am no longer involved because my martial arts business gave me a much bigger income! Overall it was a wonderful learning experience for me and I took many of the business knowledge on to assist my other companies to grow and give me the income i needed. I am a success and I do thank the Amway Corporation for contributing to that. I dedicate this response, even with all the typos to a wonderful and life long friend that i did meet in Amway.......Fred Legge, may you rest in peace. I will think of you always! For the negative idiots that are giving terrible advice above, I am sure Fred would agree with me! You idiots are just losers and you will always be losers, so go straight to hell and leave those people to learn for themselves......anything is better than the nine to five work your ass of bullshit, so hats off to you that are trying and TOTALLY IGNORE THE USELESS MISFUCKS ABOVE......I SAY THAT WITH A SMILE BECAUSE THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT FRED WOULD HAVE SAID. THEY ARE JUST A NEGATIVE, JEALOUS, USELESS BUNCH OF MISFUCKS.......... Good luck to you all that are trying, if your mind can perceive it you can certainly achieve it! KEEP THE POSITIVE ATTITUDE

Amway itself might be legal but there are leech organizations that sell unsuspecting people useless tools and seminars. That's where the bigshots make their real money and that is the scam part of the Amway opportunity.

There is no way a "win to win" situation here. People are working for free, as salesmen for Amway!!! The best product of Amway is....... false hopes! Amway? No way!!!

There is no way a "win to win" situation here. People are working for free, as salesmen for Amway!!! The best product of Amway is....... false hopes! Amway? No way!!!

Ok all i see here is a bunch of fools.. Amway is a system.. and an IBO is a bussiness owner that is very clear and true.. now . the only real Stat i see is the fact that people that usually fail in any tipe of business fail at amway. Like everything in life .. if you suck you suck.. im not an IBO but have friends that are making alot of $$$$ and are living the dream.. and others that failed and ended up lossing their company with amway.. but whats interesting is.. The guys that have always been winners in life.- made it.. the guys that always had failed in life didnt.. 7 friends 4 winners 3 bums.. same 7 amway IBO same 4 winners.. 1 diamond 1 founders diamond 2 emeralds... 3 loosers.. well 1 is in a new % or something. the other 2 are just buying stuff.. so i say 3 loosers.. LOL Its just life.. people just tend to blame others or the system instead of looking at themselves and working on being better people. Anyway hope this works as a reality check.. Its not amway.. ITS YOU!! WHEN YOU SUCK AT BUSINESS YOU SUCK AT AMWAY!!! and probably at life to!!! LOL

For All, Please see the link below about an ongoing court settlement. EX-IBO's please take action else you will loose your rights to sue the crooks. New IBO's this is happening now and shows much about the company 'Amway (Quixtar as it was previously called)" https://quixtarclass.com/Home.aspx

ive paid in three times in mylife time to be an ibo to no avail and no help !!!!

I'm 15, my parents do Amway. They, and I were skeptical at first like most people are and should be. They hopped on the Amway train immediately though and I did a little research. And by a little... I mean in depth, attend meeting, research history of company, success stories, failure stories and everything that could and would help determine if it is worth it and if it is legitimate. I approached this all with pure skepticism and a very logical mind. You might think a 15 year old isn't capable of thinking logically. Well think again because I'm not the typical teenage boy. I actually think about my future carefully and after hours on end of researching and learning about Amway I have come to learn many things. First off, this company has been to court numerous times and has been accused of being a scam since the very start. And has been ruled legit. Second, the two biggest reasons for failure are not being dedicated improving your way of life and having bad support. By support I mean your upline, your sponsor. Almost all the failure stories and the people who have had a bad experience with Amway are because of IDIOTS who are maybe too pushy, ignorant and maybe even aggressive, but overall stupid in the way that they ran their business and probably their way of life. There are idiots like this running around everywhere! I feel sorry for those who have failed because someone like this has ruined their experience. The majority of Amway distributors are dedicated, respectful and caring people. But there are always those people who are horrible at just plain living life. If you really think Amway is a good way to make money (which it is) and you have a bad support, sponsor or whatever you can call Amway and tell them you would like to switch your upline/sponsor. This way you get the REAL Amway experience and opportunity. And third off all, people who succeed in not only Amway but in every other part of life are people who are intelligent life-wise, know how to handle people, and overall dedicated and let nothing stand in the way of them and their goal. You can make big bucks in Amway if you really do the work right and dedicate yourself. The material are to motivate and educate and they might be overpriced with some groups (not sure because I havn't had time to examine all the groups in Amway but the ones I have are perfectly okay), and that is not the fault of Amway but your upline/sponsor/diamond/platnium. If you don't like your group/team switch to a different group and get to know what Amway really is like. For those who are looking to see if Amway is really worth it, I give you the advice to try it yourself with a good group. Beware of scammers such as corrupted sponsors and play it smart. You WILL succeed at this business if you put your mind to it (and for those who say this is a brainwash cult business, 90% of our minds need cleaning and it might appear cult-like but its the truth). This business is legit and you have nothing to worry about if you do it right and with the right people. Hope that helped. -Leon

Amway has good products, but they are overpriced due to the fact so many levels have to be paid. You have to know that less than 1% of people in MLM actually make the big bucks, the rest are losers.

The real scam is the hidden tools business. They use Amway as a front. They stand on stage and tell you that you can retire in 2-5 years and own mansions and ferraris while not having to work. Simple, all you need to do is buy cds and attend functions and apply what they teach. In the meantime, the diamonds or whatever they are called, make their millions buy selling the unsuspecting IBO's tickets to functions and cds. That's where the real money is made and that's the scam.

The real scam is the hidden tools business. They use Amway as a front. They stand on stage and tell you that you can retire in 2-5 years and own mansions and ferraris while not having to work. Simple, all you need to do is buy cds and attend functions and apply what they teach. In the meantime, the diamonds or whatever they are called, make their millions buy selling the unsuspecting IBO's tickets to functions and cds. That's where the real money is made and that's the scam.

I love Amway products! I am purchase their products at the distributor cost and I am not a distributor. I am not pressured into selling, nor recruiting anyone at any time. I have never been required to join, nor pay a fee for access to the distributor discount either. Amway allows their IBO's to sell to public at cost, if they so wish. The IBO still receives credit for the sale and I receive their discount, and with FREE shipping too! Amway manufactures some excellent products. Without the discount, I would not purchase the products, as they are expensive. However, with the discount, they are well worth the money. As long as I am able to purchase Amway at wholesale, I am a customer for life.

I have few friends that do amway and make no money what so ever there are required to sell and buy products, and the percent that is given is just 3% come on there are other home business (not mentioning any) that give you 50% of the sales, and they pay you $50.00 per recruit that you bring in to your team like amway gives you nothing to recruit what the hell is wrong with the idiots that do amway, its not a business that makes you money like they tired to brain wash you. I am going to get my friends to leave amway cause its just a bullshit lies that they say you can make. I am glad I never signed up.

Amway is just a bad business opportunity unless you sit atop the pyramid selling cd's, books and function tickets.

I just graduated from college 2 month ago. I have heard of many negative comments and also some positive ones on the internet. Because there were equal dispute to Amway IBOs. I decided to try it out to see the result of being part of Amway. If I would lose or earn Money. I joined Amway when the person told me that I would be able to make couple of hundred a month if I follow their teaching. So I did, I followed my upline, and let her do all the interviews to my friends. FYI I work full time 40+ hrs a week, and I did this as a side thing about 10 additional hrs a week, just for interviews and bring people to presentations. Then results came. I hit above 600 PV at the 9% bracket in 20days, and I recruited 3 people into my team. I calculated how I was going to be paid for this. And I realized, it is true I didn't make much money for all of that work. With the bonce check and retail profit I made selling to others is about $200 + this past month. I wouldn't say it is a lot but it made an income in addition to my working income. I'm going to driving to my downlines house to help them do their grand business opening just like what my upline did for me. I made $50+ retail profit just from selling products at my grand opening. Amway is a business, you get paid for how much PV you and your downline makes. If one person can make 7500 PV without recruit anyone down their line, the person who sponsored them can still be qualified as a diamond. Its a business that depends on continue earnings of PV monthly with or with out regard of having a lot of people down your line. But the more people in the business the more PV point is likely to occur and the more PV point will mean more money for you and the person above you. But once an organization grow bigger, there needs control to maintain everyone's monthly PV. The CD and books continue to motivate the downline people to make more PV, and get more people to do the same. If people lose hope in this business, and decides to quit, then their PV=0 which mean the upline will lose significant amount of PV. This is also the reason that your upline will try to keep you in the business if you are generating good monthly PV into the line. Its a business where people are completely depended upon eachother for this business operation. Eventually when you have build up a huge network of thousands of people working towards their dreams to move up in the game, then you win the game. I suggest that if you find that your dream is no longer following amways's dream. Then you should stay long enough to the point that you profit a good amount of money, and leave the game and invest it to some where else. I use to feel bad, because what if my downline never make it in this game, and I alone don't even know if I can make it in this game. Then my mom told me, when people sign up to amway, they are an adult. They took the risk for an opportunity. It is no one to blame. The plan of the game was clearly shown to them before they sign up. So they should have a better idea shouldn't they? It is good to have dreams, and chase after them. But you shouldn't expect yourself to actually make it to the dream. Just do your best, and see what happens. If it is something you cannot handle anymore, just quit. Also my upline didn't ask me to purchase CD or books, she give them to me for free. Because I'm not yet ready to purchase them and give them out to my downlines. I agree people in the business who records the CD makes good money from doing that. Well that how this business operates. Imagine you have over 100 people below you, and you want them to keep working for amway, do you think you would have the time to talk to them each indivdually? Of Course not, thats why CD are needed to do all the talking with you actually spending time to talk to each and everyone of them. People who made it to the top in amway business worked hard to get there. They started the same way anyone else did. And even when they have made it to the top, they still have to work at controlling their organization, and profitability for all the downlines. Its a full time job. Not an easy business. And of course not everyone can make it to the top. And those who don't becomes a pro consumer and write their terrible experience on the internet. Life is a struggle, in any business and work you will face different issues. And everyone is trying to get to the top of something. Unless you are content with a stable government job that provides you middle income and average living. Otherwise, you should try to find another way to make money. Insurance company function the same way. Every sales a person make their manager above takes a percentage of their commission. Your pay check pays 30% tax to the government. When you eat at McDonald, you paid a percentage to the owner of McDonald. Same with amway, every sales you make, a person above you takes some,which makes everyone in the game a business. If everyone joined Amway, and just consume from them then everyone makes some money.

Personally, I would link your experiences in Amway to your sponsor/up-line/serial scammer/whatever you want to call them. If you have a bad sponsor, you're probably going to have a bad time in Amway. I haven't been in long, but my sponsor and Platinum seem like good people to me. They've made it clear that I'm not going to make loads of money over night, and that what I get out of this business depends on what I put into it. I don't have to sign up for any of the subscription based non sense, and personally I don't plan to. The books and CDs are great, but not for $50 a month. So don't hate on it until you've tried it, and I know, I'm just some dumb college kid investing tens of thousands of dollars into a degree that may or may not help me get a high paying job. It's worth a shot, and if it's not right for you, then it's not right for you. Don't let your up-line try to get you to do anything you're not comfortable doing.

I was born into a family of musician-types, and since childhood have a sensitive lie-detector according to a person varying the pitch, speed, rhythm, etc of what they're talking about. SO, when Amway people approached me nearly 20 years ago, I instantly knew they were full of shit. I played dumb in order to find-out what is the upstream, who is controlling these little sociopath racketeer robots? They would have fully ripped me off three times, if it weren't for my lie detector telling me they were trying to fatten me up for the kill, using flattery and all that. So I took the flattery personally LOL Cut to the chase, in this town the Amway people are now totally shunned - not only did 99% of them lose their shirts in money and time, their reputations are completely shot - after all, they spent years trying to ruin other's reputations and this only tested great people to show their stuff. The one Amway guy who dares show his face around here, I heard he "volunteered" working in Hospice, meaning he's probably scamming the dying to will their stuff to him. Serious. Oh, and one last thing: why does Amway spend so many millions in right-wing politics? They are one of the top Congressional donors and therefore there's a legal reason they get away with being a top ripoff corporation ever. Remember: 99% of Amway IBOs lose their shirts. This isn't a business opportunity, unless you're one of the 1% Racketeers at the bottom of the cesspool. Keep your diamonds, my reputation is worth more than your gold.

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