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it feels so real but i want to believe its a scam -some should take legal action

i'm winner[?]of award 1,600,000,million pounds,from appleiphone UK. SOME E-MAILS I HAVE IN MY P.C,WITH TELEFONS/FAX NUMBERS, NAMES,face of Dr JAMES SMITH,-SUPERIOR OFFICER],E-MAIL ADRESSES...[with appleiphoneinc,/org,always as part ] THE MAMA APPLE,WHAT PART OF RESPONCEBILITY BY LAW E.T.C,HAVE FOR ALL ABOVE ???what next??? MD Dr NIKOS DIMOFILOS,surg.urologist,GR

so its a Scam??? or not? i m confused!

I am just a common woman living in Brunei in a little island called Borneo in the Asian region. I have too received this SMS and replied to the email given but my Dr's name is Dr. Clark Smith. Good to hear from you regarding the APPLE-IPHONE MOBILE REWARD SCHEME. My names are Dr. Clark Smith. I am the Apple-iPhone Chief Financial officer assigned to winners on the Mobile sweepstakes. I am unemployed and a single mom it was such good news when I received this SMS stating what I have won. But to know it is a scam it is a huge disappointment to me to have found this out!

I'm also had received email that I won 1,700,000 million pounds.But I not totally believed that prize b'coz its too much.Then I surf internet to confirm its true or not.Then I found that prize just a scam.Many thanks for the info.

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