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I saw Are You Interested Facebook and was worried that it might be a scam. I thought since it was a facebook app that Are You Interested might have been legit but thank you for sharing this information, and I will avoid their facebook app.

Very interesting I am live rd. He just got caught out.And Im coming after him.

i have reported captain bruce ferris a number of times as a scammer on ayi and he is back on again cant u people stop him no one has contacted me about this rat it has been on the internet about his scamming to get money and access to people account details [i feel so sorry for the real capt bruce ferris why cant these scammers be stopped .who do i speak to a real person in the office of are u interested stop allowing him to access people who are really looking for a partner .some please get back to me

This site worked wonderfully for me. I met someone and it didnt work out and met another beautiful woman and for almost six months we dated but it didnt work out... this site isnt crap you can find genuine people on here. and i was in the army not everyone in the army or who was in the army is full of shit and not all of us veterans as for money from people damn lady....

Major.LarryScott is still hitting me up for money as little as 3 minutes ago and his latest is his sister has won lotto but he needs money to pay the confirmation code so she can claim. Some one has to stop this guy once and for all.

I agree. It makes me sick that these people are using United States soldiers to scam on women. I was told that if a serviceman asked for money to come home on leave that it is a scam. Also, you don't have to pay if they call home.

I have been hit up 2 times in the past week by 2 diferent girls or what ever they are... scammers... with the same story/nice pics..just a 1 time test run and when you confront them... BAM... they disapear.how convienent to take your money,lie to you to keep you on ayi. My lawyer has look at the situation and has a good foundation. I WANT MY MONEY AND THEN A SETTLEMENT

Oh This is so depressing. S.Sergeant Charles Edwards is a big scamer He uses edwards4us email. Then theres sergeant Jack Willoughdy, on fbook he is Jacck . He goes under the name Jack Willough to I don't know if he is a real scamer. The photo on fbook and the photo on Netlog is the same person Please contact me I have all the letters and all their photos. Let us stop this people. Jack is using yahoo messinger with me.

I've been using this site for a few days. It's not what I had hoped for, but I suppose that I should give it more time. There seem to be some fakes on this site but there are also real people there too. I have chatted (their chat system crashes often) with a few ladies already and have enjoyed the experience. Many of the women that come up in the searches are offline, there only seem to be a few online at any given time. This is surprising since the city where I live (San Diego, CA) is very large and has a very active dating culture. I have been contacted on this site by women over seas and some are very aggressive. I will chat with them to be friendly but if I get any hint they want money I simply block and report them (to the service). They do not seem to waste much time in getting to the money part, so just be smart about it and use your common sense. This site is no more or less dangerous than any other dating site. Just be careful, that's all. As for the guy spoken of above, he should be put in jail.

i cant get on the site

I had an account with are you interested I have beem trying to delete this website but I am still getting emails from the company for some reason I am still getting messages. I want to make sure my account is deleted because I do not want you to bill my account for febuary could you send me a email confiring that it has been cancelled.


I signed up for AYI some weeks ago just as a bit a a laugh really and to see if it was genuine! I never paid for a subscription so constantly received emails saying i had a match or a wink or you have received a reply?? but as a non signed up member could not ever read any of the so called replies. Yesterday i had a message saying to sign out of your account so that the site can refresh which made no sense but i did it anyway, after trying to sign back in and put the only password i have in a message said that it was the wrong password so had to click on "forgot password" it then asked me if i wanted to sign in through facebook and link all my contacts so i clicked NO then a ITunes sign in box appeared so i put my password in and AYI opened displaying all my messages or gifts etc not thinking anything else of it, Until today when i noticed an email thanking me for signing up and paying £39.00. I never had any intention of paying use this scam website and intend to tell my bank to stop this payment. As for reoccurring payment after 6 months, I would rather cancel my ITunes account than pay them so much money for nothing but a scam site. If you have experienced anything similar please let me know.

I signed up for the service through facebood and wanted to message with some of the ladies I liked. They stated was 8.47 usd per month with the first month free. When my credit card cycled, I noted a 99.99 usd charge on my card.

Something about this site spooked me. The one email I was able to receive as a non-paying "member" was from a great looking woman in Minnesota who obviously couldn't write in the English language very well or, more likely, it was the product of a Babel Fish translation to English from some other language. The grammar, or lack thereof is always the giveaway. The email was clearly bogus. My thinking is that it was designed to arouse my interest into dropping some cash for a subscription only to find out later that the seemingly lush oasis was really just a mirage. It wouldn't be the first time.

Unfotunately, I was scammed $20,000 australian dollars.... By a Major Larry Scott, i have learnt the hard way....... I refuse to talk to anyone who makes contact with me from overseas...... Sadly these kind of people give dating sites a bad name..... As far as I am concerned these kind of people are scum of the earth...... Is there anyone out there, that can give me advise on how to get my money back, well @ least some of it...... Due to that person calling himself Major Larry Scott, I am experencing financial hardship....... I pray every day, that this person who is calling himself a Major Larry Scott, rot's in hell......

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