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Well What can i say no one can even get my messages i have asked women for help i asked can you recieve my messages NOPTHING Absolutely Notjhing Even on messenger they right next to me Nothing I Have Complained and they said wait just wait How do i knowif any one has read me message i dont know

I can tell zoosk has fake girls on it because Im not a paying member and sent 2 "winks" to girls that zoosk said was offline and they suddenly send me a message back saying why not send them a message, they didnt view my profile or anything. And zoosk never said the girls were online. But sounds a little funny to get messages back with both saying "oh why not message me then Illl respond to you", to send a message back cost atleast $55 for just the first month. Complete rip off and they have fake girls on there that convince guys to buy memberships to "talk" to these girls. Do NOT pay the rediculus fee for this fake "service".

Zoosk is most definitely a scam. I tried this claimed "free" account out to see what it was all about. So I found a few matches that I wanted to talk to. When you try to type a message you immediately get a popup that tells you to purchase a membership in order to send a message. I was able to send a wink, but only on certain profiles. So I read that if a member sends you a message as Shayan Zadeh claims, you should be able to respond back. Since I wasn't able to message for free I would wink at a few. I sent a wink, and within a few moments I got a message that only showed a few words with a link that said "read more" so i click the link and get the popup to buy a membership... I also noticed when I would get these messages the person for that profile would not even be online... So in essence Zoosk has created fake profiles with pictures of models to get your attention, which I'm sure go away once you sign up, and only lets you "wink" at the fake profiles and not the ones of real people. Zoosk is a shady business and a rip off!

Zoosk Scam - welcome to what it actually is. Fake profiles with auto-responses and some real ones of course. Do yourself a favour and try wink a bunch of profiles that look fake and you will get an instant auto-reply on the fake ones. Do it enough time and you will see the responses are the same. Thanks Zoosk for being a SCAM!

I just wanted to share my experience on Zoosk.Well,to start off,I never called the 1800 number for support so I really don't know those experiences.I will say that when I sent them e-mails asking for help,I always got an answer the next business day or at the latest,a couple of days after I sent the e-mail.They were very helpful and nice in their reply to me.I also want to say that my experience with the women on the site are mixed.But,I think the majority of the women are real.I have got messages from "fem-bots" lol,but I contacted Zoosk and they were thankful that I sent them the notice of a fake user.I have not met anyone on Zoosk,but I don't think that it is Zoosk's fault.I feel that the women are just not interested in me.I am 5'4" tall,bald and kind of plump.lol.I am also going after women that are wayyyyy out of my league.But if you don't go for the best,what is the point of trying anyway.I am sorry that some of you guys and girls have had trouble with Zoosk,but for me it has been a very fair experience.I hope that all of you that have not found love yet don't give up because it will happen when you least expect it.God bless all of you and have a great life.And please,exhale-you will be fine.

i was a member a year ago and i found my current girlfriend on it. and recently i recieved an email from them with a picture of my current girlfriend we had closed our accounts but still recieve endless spam from them. i was curious so i winked her closed profile and to my suprise i recieved an instant reply from the account asking me to check her profile and message her. hmmm well i called her cause i knew she was home asleep and she was astonished too that they were using her old account to sucker people in. she logged to the closed account and found that it was sending messages to anyone that winked her. If this isnt illegal then it should be they are openly scamming people into thinking someone is interested in them so they can steal there money.

Zoosk. Us the worst site ever, no doubt a escape. Maybe facebook should have looked into this company. Before they address to there site.

Got a flirt from someone, then a message. I had created the profile but didn't really use it. Logged on to the Zoosk and starting chatting to this person. After sending 2 instant messages I had to register. Fees were too much so I decided to call it a day. 5minutes later Zoosk sent me an email with reduced fees. So I took the deal and once paid, I never heard again from that person. Have sent multiple messages and it doesn't even say if the message is sent or not. Now is this a scam or what? It's about time someone did something about this. I will be certainly taking them to court if I don't get a refund. They should be shut-down and facebook as well for promoting such a deceitful company

This is the worst scam on the market. I think a class action lawsuit is in order. I was going to pay for the service then I realized that the entire site is a scam. I 'winked' at someone who winked back within seconds. They never viewed my profile. I would be willing to bet the persons weren't even real most likely BOT PROFILES on the site setup to automatically entice you join so you can 'communicate' - do NOT fall for the scam. Lawsuit anyone?

This Zoosk site is most definitively a scam. I did registered to the site a couple of moths ago. It all started when I registered as a free user. I started to look at some profiles and sending winks, so soon enough for my surprise I began receiving messages of some of the profiles that I winked. Of course when you go and try to read the messages there's a pop up so you can register and pay for a membership. I though about it before paying the high fee until probably the most beautiful girl that I've seen responded to my wink. Of course I didn't knew back then those were auto-replies messages from fake profiles. I was so blown out with this girl that I didn't think twice to join in so basically I paid a $55 bucks fee. When I finally was a member I could read the message and it was something like this "Thanks. If you're interested in contacting me, please drop me a line and tell me more" I though it was kind of a weird message for start but I replied back, since I have sent 2 more messages without any response. The same have happened to actually all the girls that I wink to. Don't waste your time or money in this site. I wish that I could have reviewed or investigated a little more about the site before joining in. What astonishes me te most is that facebook probably know this an they let such application work and use them knowing that is a scam. At the end I will have to accept that I trew $55 down the drain and turn the page, because believe it or not no matter how hard you try to contact someone in Zoosk your chances are very slim that it might occurred. I'm sure that at some point someone does make contact and date someone but we are talking about what? a 10% according to all the people that I have talked to and all te reviews I have seen on the internet. I hope this review will prevent future members to be ripped off and one day this site will be shut down forever.

I stupiditly subscribed to Zoosk thinking I would find someone and to my surprise all the complaints are true. I have messaged someone and have never gotten back an actual message other than I would like to know more, yet my profile states everything anyone needs to know about me. I am disgusted and anyone wishing to file the lawsuit I am in. Mark Zuckerburg I thought u were better than this.... U are just as bad if not worse than this lousey site... Shame on u all. KARMA KARMA KARMA....Unsatisfied consumer

I had the same experience as everyone else here. I paid $99.94 for a 6 month membership. It took me awhile but I finally figured out that most of the women that appear in the search results are unable to reply to messages because they are not paid members. I confirmed this by creating a fake woman's profile and then sending a message to the fake woman's profile from my real profile. The fake profile could not respond to the message without paying, yet it showed up in the search results of my real profile as someone whom I could contact. I have contacted their joke of a customer support service numerous times. One email response that I got stated that their policy is to not give refunds. A rep who returned my voice mail message told me that my purchase was over 60 days old and was no longer in their system and therefore could not be refunded. I called bullshit on that, so the rep promised to escalate the matter and that I would get a callback from his supervisor. I have never gotten a callback, and my further emails and voice mails have gone unreturned. This site is a total scam.

Same bad experience. Got auto-reply answers from everyone I winked. I copied/pasted many profile pictures of good looking girls using Google Image. I was surprised to see how many fake profiles were on this site using all kind of fake pictures. There should be a class action and we should all be refund.

Zoosk is a total scam. If people are still unfamiliar with Romance scams, they should do some research. Many Many Many nigerian men from the ages of 14-40 access this site and post stolen pictures of men and woman on Zoosk. One thing leads to another, and pretty soon you are sucked in to the fantasy stories these men are telling, of course they only want your money, so buyer beware. Please be very very careful on this website, or any other dating website. These scams happened at least three times to a friend of mine in a two week period. She closed her subscription, and won't participate in any dating web site again.

Since I have been I Zoosk, I have not had 1 correspondence with a real person. This company is a ripoff. Do not spend your hard earned money here. I put on my daily searchs that I prefer to date latino, asian, or white women, No offense to any other race its just myn preference, then everyday I daily updates on potenial matches, every single one for days now has been black. No one at this site will return a phone call. THIS WEBSITE IS A RIPPOFF.

I joined about 2weeks ago and every lady that I tryed to contact Never texted back. I called to get a refund and the lady said that there Is a no refund of money back and I had sign up for 3months. She said it will be cancelled after the 3 mont is over with no money back . It a scam for sure.

100 % Scam, most girls are fake. I don't understand why this site is still open and not close by the authorities.

I, too, believe that several of these dating sites are scams,,, I went on to many sites looking for a relationship,,, I don't mind paying for a service,,, but I am also aware of the incredible amount of scamming on the internet. I find it suspicious that someone who hasn't logged in for a while would get back to me instantly upon sending a wink. After reading these posts, I must agree. Also,,, for those of you who might appreciate this information,,, go to google,,, type in lemon juice and aids,,,, feast your eyes on the information that the pharm companies don't want you to know about. Lemon juice kills viruses and bacteria and sperm. They say you only need a 10% solution but I use 30% mixed with olive oil. Make your own choices and be safe. Enjoy.

I don't want to sound like everyone else , but my story is pretty much the same, exactly what everyone else posted is exactly what I went through, after receiving a wink from someone who I thought was hot, I signed up for zoosk as a paying member for 1 month to be able to communicate and to try it out, I then sent about 5 messages to the person but never got a response after that, I didn't think anything of it at first, I just thought maybe she had a change of heart, so I sent a few [winks] flirts to other women and I receive a message from different people that they are interested but that was it, Zoosk Does Not Allow You To Communicate, Even If You Are a Paying Member the other person you are sending the message to must also be a paying member for them to be able to even Read your message, I included my email in a number of messages to other people so they can contact me but I guess zoosk monitors messages and deletes email addresses from the messages, another thing I almost forget about, even though I signed up for 1 month with zoosk after the month was up zoosk automatically billed me for the second month, even though I canceled after I noticed that, there is No Refund, I am going to delete my account so no one else don't get suck in the trap by viewing my profile and thinking they can hook up with me, I hope my comment helps prevent other people from going through what I went through. I strongly do not Recommend anyone joining zoosk , if you are interested in online dating there are alot of reputable online dating website, do your research first and good luck.

It has fake profiles with auto responders, what a scamming site, I want a refund and will report them.

OH MY GOD.WHAT A BLATANT RIP OFF!.I've been on other dating sites and this is the worst by far..I am beyond pissed @ shelling out ovover 50 dollars so I can e mail people that cannot respond? I got e few emails from sketchy creepy old men in their 60s..I wish I had that money back to donate to charity.Zoosk needs to be shut down..HORRIBLE

This site is total BS! Iwant my money back.Then I want this crap shut down!

the business is obviously trying to get everyone into an unconscionable contract full of misrepresentation fraud. If they know contract law in which they are a business operating in commerce and so they should understand it. They should also know that one of the elements of contracts is consideration on both sides of the contract and obviously they have breached their end of the contract while collecting unjust enrichment from it. They should have a class action against them after everyone rescinds the contract and they should make each one who entered in it whole again by returning the funds and billed for damages as well as punitive damages.

Zoosk in full is not a scam, there are correct and real profiles too. But yes, when you wink at someone, it can happen that you get an immediate reply saying that you should give out more information (and if you want to, you should pay). Even if the other "person" (real or fake) is offline. I have had that "experience" too, twice. By default, there are a number of messages that you can send automatically. It depends on the language you choose. And please be aware of scams... check out IP addresses, look at the mail client used (if it's the bat, stay away !) and never ever pay someone else. Never. I happened to find someone real and it's the best 30 euros I ever spent, but you just need to be lucky and have a worthwile profile. If in real life you smoke, drink, you're obese, you have no degree and boring hobbys, you won't find an attractive person any time soon. Let's just face it.

join with me! do as i do! i have made a few free profiles as man and woman and i post up pictures in the profiles of messages in bold font saying 'this site is stealing your money!', do not subscribe to this site!' ,'this site has fake profiles to lure you in and pay!' and so on. then when i have some free time, i log in and click on everyone's profiles so they go to mine and read my messages. people seem to be interested! ofcourse, the site takes them down but i just post them back up again. i'm not just fighting this and doing good, i'm having fun too, lol, and maybe, just maybe, i'll make this company lose a little bit of their unfarely earned profits! :)

I want my money back too .One thought is to close account money coming out of then they can't get you anymore of your money. If any one does a lawsuit I want to join let's stop this fraud.

My friend paid $60.00 for membership, but every time he logs in. His account status shows him as still a free member. We contact them but got no answer. SCAM!!!!

I went on the news feed and there were 4girls all with photos that had been added with saturation, all 29, and all living in Fowey which is a little coastal town. I messaged 2 of them accusing them of fakery and before you knew it they were from Newquay! I took a screen shot of the lie so just need to find somewhere to post it now.

Yup, you can't "enjoy" the paid member advantage of messaging and chatting unless the person you're trying to contact is also a paid member. I didn't find that in the TOS. What you could do is file a complaint with the BBB and ask for your money back.

There is definately something fishy going on here. I didn't give Zoosk a dime because I didn't want to pay anything for finding dates. Anyhow, I received several messages from men who give me their email addressess to email them. They claim they are not paid members & would not be able to contact me or read my messages unless I emailed them. I was curious & emailed them. The emails from 2 of them sound exactly the same. Same occupation, they all say they are out of the country on business, all have the same age child..it's crazy! I just deactivated my account. Warning - do not sign up with Zoosk!

I been on 7 different sites since July of last year. What I notice on all the sites, they use decoy women when you are not a paid member. Once you join, you no longer can get any women to talk to you. One site I was on The first day I had over 30 emails sent to me, from these beautiful women. The next day I jointed, I did not get one email after I Jointed. Zoosk plays the same game. I been sending flirts out as fast as I can and I'm getting flirts back as quick as I send them. None of the women are on line. Today I was searching and I came across a local women, that died two weeks ago. Just for the heck of it, I sent her a flirt, in less then 10 seconds later, I got a Flirt back from a dead women. This site should be shout down. It sure is a scam. I been trying to get a hold of customer service for 2 weeks now. Please don't joint this site. It is a rip off. My Name is Thomas A. Gaughan.

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