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Stupid ***** likes to ruin lifes and drain bank accounts. Whoever this girl is will get her pay back. Carma is a *****. I don't know how she sleeps at night. That's right, with as much money as she is getting from these low self esteemed, arrogant men that can't get it themselves, she can afford all the good stuff to help her sleep. I would lov to come across this girl.

I think a lot of what was said was dead on. This is another way to drain money from men because they figure married men arent going to fight too much, that is unless they just dont care if they are caught. That is why you get emails from women asking to chat or email and once you do you never hear from them again. I have heard some of the women are real. That is real escorts, and they do have some who are looking for hot young studs. If you arent into either of these, stay way and keep you money.

put it this way take money from me plainly rip me off lookout if i find who they are charge just to look at bullshit mail confirmation no such thing as one on one chat its all lies and more money to delete profile when still had credits better not get billed again just a f,./ing way of rippin genuine people off might as well off payed a escort and be done in one transaction and got value for money i want me money back and will search to get it lookout ashley carmas comin your way

Going to need a divorce lawyer now. Used Paypal and they hit my account for an overseas charge and marked the paypal bill "Dating and Escort services. First thing my wife saw! Try explaining that. These people need to be taken down in a big way.

"Ashley Madison is a scam that lies to their users" Yes this could be true but what also is true is that it is a devilishly clever one. To gain access to the website, you are asked to provide your method of payment blindly without being informed of the costs that follow your entry into the introductory pages that describe the various membership packages. Once you provide those details, you are then at their mercy as to what charges you will be liable for and what married person in their right mind will complain or yell SCAM if they value their present status. Talk about a perfect scam, yup this is it. lol It is no wonder to me that it is one of the highest paying promotions being pushed by affiliate marketing networks which pay over $200.00 US to get you to the signup page to place your credit card information on. Beware would be an understatement!

I would STRONGLY recommend you stay clear of this site. Not only is it very hard to connect with others, the administration themselves are not honourable. I have been a member of Ashley Madison for a few years, and have had zero success. AM will tell you that is my fault, naturally, but it really is a scam. I question how many members are real. Bottom line is, I decided to leave. In the process, I am sure my account got hacked, and I ended up buying over $100 for credits I did not want. I went back to AM, and requested a refund. I was elated when their first response stated "We would be happy to refund your most recent purchase, but we would like to consider....." I emailed back, thanked them, and said I wanted the option of the refund. The next email from them stated I did not read the email correctly, and they have a policy of no refunds. So, they were not going to honour their email. Now, I am fighting trying to get them to honour their offer to refund. Bottom line is, the site is ineffective meeting others, and the organization itself is not honouring offers through a customer service rep. I would stay clear of this organization at all possible costs....they purely want your money. Don't fall for it.

Put it this way. You hear about a singles bar being advertised were you will be find plenty of women eager to meet the right man. You drive by the bar and see a number of pretty women outside the door vying to get in. You go to the entrance and now are told of a hefty cover charge to get in, eager at your prospects you pony up the cash. Now you are in but all you find is forty guys with just one mediocre girl at the end of the bar. And because she's been hit on so many times is dismissive, obtuse and down right rude. That's what it's like being on Ashley Madison. In retrospect I would of been better off throwing my money over the fence then kicking myself in the balls! At least then I would'n of waisted so much time. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

I have to disagree. I am a real woman who used the website to find my lover. Like anything else you have to put in some effort to get what you want. The site does admit in their "terms" that they will use artificial profiles for "research and development" and they claim it "enhances the user's experience". I don't necessarily approve of that practice but they DO make their users aware of it. Maybe I got lucky, I found exactly the kind of lover I was looking for and we have been seeing each other for over a year. Go ahead and pass judgement on me but I do not demand that anyone condone, promote or finance the lifestyle choices I make for myself.

A couple years ago I used the service and was successful within a matter of weeks- $50 well spent at the time. I know what people are saying though- I came across a lot of fake profiles too. They were usually some young attractive coed who was horny and looking for a hookup "yeah right." Their easy to spot with their hot pics there for everyone to see. The serious ones don't put their pic up there for the world to see, there are exceptions, but few and far in between. I recently created A new account to brows with no pic and the profile completely empty and sure enough I had a hot chick sending me a collect message within hours. After a couple of years it seems like site is full of fakes now. I'm going to head back to AFF where I've had success and the community seems more open.

From the female view: I have used this site and have had some success. But it has taken almost three years of sorting through hundreds of profiles. I am a very discerning woman. True there are many more men than women on the site, but I have questions for the men who have had no luck. Do you: 1. Take the time to write a bit about yourself, what your match would be or what it is you are looking for specifically. If your profile is just a bunch of checked boxes and no pic, 99% of women would just delete you. I mean if you have nothing to say... 2. Post a pic? One that is recent? At least within the last year? 3. READ MY DAMN PROFILE! It will prevent # 4 4. Have realistic expecatations? No I am not going to have sex in your car, or in a movie theatre or park. Certainly not with someone who doesn't even care to get to know me. And I will tell you to F off. Some ladies do want to just hit it and nothing else. READ THE PROFILES. 5. Don't demand a key without a note saying why you liked my profile. That's how I will know you read it. 6. I like cock pics but some ladies are terribly offended by them. Especially if she is not expecting it. I'd rather know what's in the package so I am not disappointed. 6. At least buy me a cup of coffee! Geez such tightwads! Don't expect me to fawn all over you just because we are having sex. Show me genuine affection and I will reciprocate with hitherto unknown skills I possess. If not I will probably not see you again. 7. Always be courteous and not pushy. 8. Don't use a profile name like "69 all day" or Hung One72. We know you all want sex, we want it too, but those names are immature and don't really tell me anything but that about you. Oh, I am sure there are ladies out there looking for a "magic tongue" and they will contact you, but how has that been working for you? 9. Be honest if you only want one night stands SAY SO! I don't want to be just another notch on some assholes belt. There ARE women who want to hit it and quit it, so choose those ladies. 10. When you send an email outside of AM to me please attach your profile name ("BIG D DICK HERE") so I may put a face to your email review your profile and pics. I get like 200 emails a week!

I think a lot of these kind of websites (even free ones) are scams. I suppose if you enjoy a con by a bot or just some web cam stripper wanting to drain your account. Don't expect to find any real women that are actually good looking and worth the time on the net. You will just find yourself a lot of disappointment and much time wasted for nothing. Best bet to find a real date is to do an activity you like to meet a like minded lady enjoys same activities. I've observed this online dating stuff, had one real date with a woman in person from match.com. However she was nothing like what she portrayed herself to be online. The waitress we had at dinner was being a better date. So unless it's a real lady meeting in person don't trust any of this online dating garbage or that's all you will get. And since the one date I've had online all the rest have been nothing but fakes or scams since. Bottom line fellas, take it from those experienced "Don't even waste your time or money with the online stuff..it's all fake crap and scams. Only make your time for a real woman in person only and actually have a real date..ya know..a real women." I hope this advice helps more men not get scammed online. Thanks and good luck with dating.

For me, it's been a colossal waste of time and money. I'm 52, attractive, in great shape, and have sent (IMO) clever and engaging messages to more than 100 women over the last year. All have been in their 40's and 50's, and I always attached photos. The result? At best, 10% even acknowledge my messages. Of those who do, a few of them talk a good game (fun and sexy) but rarely does anything ever some of it. Of the 100+ women I've contacted -- at a cost of more than $300 -- I've met four of them in person. One woman had said she was 44 but when we met, she was close to 60. Two other women were such complete flakes that it was impossible to even have a normal conversation with them. The other one? We met in a hotel and had sex. Once. She was clearly into meeting younger men (she was in her 40's but was looking for guys in their 20's and 30's -- classic cougar -- but I guess she made a one-time exception for me). So that's it. More than $300, tons of time, and only one hook-up with a slightly below-average looking woman. Huge waste of time and money. I'm convinced that many of the profiles are fake, and that they exist for the single purpose of getting guys to waste their credits trying to contact them.

Wow, where do I start? Here's what I've learned. After speaking with and actually meeting a couple of these women, I now see why their husbands neglect them. Honestly, they all hit you with these unrealistic requirements that they absolutely insist you have before meeting. Guess what? I didn't meet one that lived up to my expectations and all I ask is that you look like your pictures. Another thing I discovered is that the women on the site showing their faces seem to be fake. If you still join after reading this, go for the ones that hide their faces as they've always responded. I'm riding out my credits but I'm done with that site as these women are nuts. Honestly, they shouldn't be there. It's not for the confused. Although, if CYBER SEX is your thing, you will have a blast but pay handsomely and not even know if that picture is the person you're speaking with.

Being a wife of 13 years, my husband and I both agree this site is going to get a jealous spouse put in jail for murder. Scam or no scam, I went to this site and was shocked at the total of men in my area that are so disperate to go there. If you are one of those sick puppies reading this, a good pic of your ass is nice but a pic of your face is better so I can find out who you are and tell your wife you sick fuck.

American males needs to stop wasting money on American females. They are mostly demanding, wants everything while giving nothing, has no real skill and prudes. Guys, you need to travel. Instead of wasting money on these chicks, cross some borders and have a lot more fun

Yes, it is absolutely a scam. Tell-tale signs: (a) several women contacting me when i first considered joining -- dried up after I paid, (b) once my credits ran out, some new profiles appeared in the search results, and all the profiles are of unusually good-looking women who are evidently comfortable posting their pics despite cheating.

All above comments calling Ashley Madison a scam are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!! At first your profile draws all sorts of attention from "women" in various states of undress. They trick you into plunking down your $ so you can buy "credits" to open "collect" messages from these women. They deduct from your account to open these messages, and additionally charge you to respond to them. And either nonsense, but usually nothing, comes back. It is a totally slick scam, because we men think with the wrong head too often. And where do the "testimonials" come from? Seriously, you're better off dating Mary Hand.


My wife and I both tried Ashley Madison. We have an open marriage and so we thought we would try it for a little fun on the side. I joined first and then she followed after I scouted it out. She got lots of responses and had a couple of dates (sex in hotels) with guys who were looking for one night stands. It was fun but she quickly tired of it. I received lots of attention initially but coundnt find what I was looking for...Asian chick, local etc. Contacts dropped off very quickly after I joined. Lots of better places to find someone to hop in bed with. Didnt have any issues with admin. This was 3 years ago now so maybe things have changed. Back then you simply signed up for a monthly fee and when you wanted to quit you told them to stop billing you.

I have had similar experiences on AM as most here claim. With a guest account I'd get hit up for chats, sent messages, etc. When I finally joined to read a message all it said was "hi". I replied and never heard anything back. They really grab you with credits because I had to pay to read the message sent, pay to send one, and if you don't watch it the default is to send it as "priority" and charge you more. They also ripped me because when I used my last credit I'm shut out of things unless I pay more. Even people I've initiated contact with I can no longer message, even though it shouldn't cost me any credits. I will say that I did meet one real person and have met up with her a few times :). I also took care to protect my money by paying with Paypal, and then as soon as I paid I went to my paypal account and told it to NOT allow any more payments. This way AM could not automatically charge me for anything else beyond my initial purchase of credits. If you do try AM, use Paypal and make sure to monitor things.

I COMPLETELY AGREE that AM is a total fuckin' scam. I'm a very good looking guy in his early 40s and I've contacted dozens of women and not ONE has EVER returned an e-mail. HOWEVER, the instant I'm low on credits (or out of them), suddenly a bunch try contacting me, which has NEVER happened before. And then when I respond, I never hear back again. Here's a telltale sign of a fake profile: They're ONLINE on AM... like, ALL the time. It's total fuckin' horseshit and I'm pissed as shit that I fell for it.

AM is the *PERFECT SCAM*. They rip you off, and then you can't complain because you don't want to draw attention to the fact you were on the site. The MAJORITY of the profiles are fake/stock profiles. Of the very few real profiles, they are either girls flat out admitting they are looking for sugar daddy arrangements, or lonely fat women. If you are looking to meet a 300lb woman, you might be in luck. Otherwise avoid this site at all costs.

A huge percentage of profiles are fake. Many also easy to spot, ie "I'm a very shy woman, married so discretion is a must...." all of this with a clear face photo. Also when you search most of the best profiles (faked with comp BOT) are guess what? ONLINE NOW.. so you waste money contacting them. If it takes you a minute too long.. you will be contacted by them.. either way you just loose money. Yeah they get away because no one would of course pursue them. It's an ingeneous scam


I totally disagree with most of this. I am a guy who has used this site off and on for about 5 years now. At first, I had a tough time getting women to respond to my e-mails, but then, I had several successes. Maybe there are some fake profiles, and yes, you have to be careful when paying for credits to uncheck the box that allows them to refill your credits when you run out. But I met at least 10 women from the site, and slept with 5, one of whom I had a 2-year-long affair with, which was great. Another became a friend whom I still talk to today. There may be some shadiness on this site, but it's the best one of its kind I've seen.

Agree with everyone scam.... had to cancel my card so they could not charge me more

Waste of time. Why not use Lavalife? Cheaper and it works. I know from experience!

Met three women, had relationships wth two lasting several months, whose friendship I still cherish today. Worth the time, though I never got carried away. Worth the ~$150 I spent over period of 3 or 4 years. However, there are fake female profiles. The site does use clever methods to suck your money, including priority mail. But having tried AFF, I believe other sites use fake profiles and emails too. And here is the biggest issue...the real women on this site, whether attractive or unattractive, are INUNDATED with mail. The pool of male cheaters is much larger. The odds are not good for males. Howver, a female can quickly find a different lover for each day of the week. My first lover was separated from her husband and ramped herself up to four days a week with her four guys, and she enjoyed that for awhile.

I have had "success" on AM in the past. Yes, what many say here is correct. When you join you do receive emails almost instantly from "bots". They aren't hard to spot. Why would a hot 22 year old contact me when I have yet to post a picture or even a paragraph about myself? It's just common sense. They are playing on the excitement you feel when you receive an email. When you see that you have 3 new messages, it's a thrill! With that being said, I would caution anyone on joining this site. Not because you will be ripped off, but because you might just be ripping yourself off. You can tell yourself all you want that it's just sex. You can promise yourself that no one will get hurt. However, someone always does. ALWAYS. You'd just better hope you get lucky like I did, and the only one that got hurt was me. When you share intimate things about yourself with a new woman, and she shares intimate things with you, like it or not, a connection is made. Now you have to make a choice. You get to pick who's heart you want to break, if yours hasn't already been broken. Do you leave your wife for your new love? Does your new love leave her husband? What about any kids that are involved? What about the feelings and lives of your wife and your lovers husband? What if her husband is violent? You are playing with the lives of at least 4 people, just because you are lonely and/or horny. Be careful. Walk away for awhile. Think it through. Just my two cents.

Recently, I discovered my now ex husband. Was on this account. Under two names. When we decided to work on our relationship, I had asked him to delete all ties to online dating, as it can interrupt everyone's lives including our friends and family. When people go on these sights, they can be notice by anyone. Even those this so call affair site is hush hush, us woman or wives, or husbands can still find out. If you are a good Christian or think you are, think again. There are good sites out there. Personally, if my relationship does not work out. I am completely done with this online dating. Because free is not free. Credit is a joke, and if you want to read what others are trying to tell you, you are going to be billed big time. This site is a joke in so many other ways too. To get out of the contract, you have to pay. Like really. Pay to leave this site. Personally, as I told my friend, to change all pictures to something other then, chance your profile to something that is off the wall, then to top it all off, spam all emails into a delete forever. If your credit card is attach, then remove it ASAP. Report fraud to your credit card people. Let them know, that this company is taking money with out your knowledge. Good luck guys, next time, do your research... Always place /scam next to the site to get better reviews. Always know God is watching. So make the right decision.

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