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You had to place your order before they sent it to you so YOU knew how much it was going to cost . You cannot complain about the price when they are clearly listed with each item number . I have done the math and buying these items are cheaper then buying one hand soap has the amount of hand washings as 5 bottles of ivory or Soft Soap . 1 bottle is less than 7 dollars . % bottles of the others is anywhere from 5- 8 bucks depending on where you bought it also you had to leave to go get it . This is sent to your home . So before anyone listens to this one ranting you should check out the millions of ppl who do buy and love the products . People that have children with Asthsma your cleaning supplies from the store could be triggering asthsma attacks , Check out Melaleuca before listening to a person who has no idea . thanks .

They charged my husbands account 72 dollars and change for 1 tooth paste(WITH FLORIDE!! YUCK!), 1 muscle rub ointment, 1 bar of soap, 1 small bottle of shampoo (8oz.) and 1 bottle of Women's Multi-Vitamins (60 count). Now if I go to my local organic store and buy these items I may spend 25 dollars, but I am now being charged 47 dollars MORE for items I find that are Worse than the products I originally used. Also I did not agree (nor did my husband) to order these items. The woman who signed us up for this garbage "forgot" to make us aware that if we do not fill a certain "quota" of points by the end of the month, than they automatically send us a package of their choosing I suppose. But we also told her that I did not have money in my account so my husband would use his card for the intial "sign-up fee" but after that the card was to be removed from the account and I would continue to make payments with my debit card. She took both our card information, but charges were continuing to be made to my husband account. We confronted her on the matter and she finally came clean about the "back-up order" (as she put it) but not before taking money from us that we needed to pay bills. So we called the company directly and got a b.s . run around story. They said we had to return the products that we (they) ordered (for us), and then they would return our money. We did not even have the package to return it. And the woman we were talking to said our package should arrive in 3-5 business days. She then told my husband that if we wanted to close our account with them that she would be able to do so over the phone, but I would have to be the one to do so with her since the account was in my name. So I got on the phone and told her flat out that I no longer wish to have an account with them. At the end of our conversation we thought the issue was resolved. Little did we know. 5 days later the package still hasn't arrived so we decide to give it another day before calling back. The next day mail comes and no package, so my husband calls back and demands to talk to a supervisor or some one other then a customer rep agent. Well come to find out our account was not closed, the package takes 10 business days to arrive and we have to go online, download a form and fax it back to them in order to close our account. So we go to the website to download the form to fax to them, and guess what??? We can't! Surprise surprise! There is an error with the page we are trying to access and we can not download the form. Do you think this is a coincidence? And if we do not have the form in by tonight at mid-night they will charge our account another 72 dollars for a package we DO NOT want! So if anyone tries to tell me this is not a scam and they are such a "great" company I will tell them to suck my d***! (figuratively speaking that is seeing as I am a female, lol) But in any case this is not a laughing matter and people need to be warned that they will do anything to get your money and they are NOT cheaper or better in anyway than your normal everyday household products.

Mr/Ms Scam doesn't make sense. This person states they sent the order back, so how do they know the product is crappy if they haven't tried it? The tone of this makes me think the person didn't bother to do the math involved. Melaleuca products are concentrated, so yea, buying one bottle of something will cost a bit more because it will last 2-3 times longer than the local store equivalent. It still comes out cheaper if you do the math. Last, you don't buy the product to sell to others. Every person orders for themselves either online, phone or fax, their choice. As for Other's response, this is a verbatim from another website, so someone grabbed it and posted it here. Trying to blame a whole company because one seller is bad is just plain stupid. And any woman that even thinks about saying "Suck my d***" has issues anyway, so I'm thinking that reply is also made up. Also, I noticed there's no date on Scam's letter, and the two replies I'm seeing are dated yesterday (8/26/11). Maybe this site is a scam.

My name is Justin and I work with our Customer Service group at Melaleuca. I want to apologize for any experience you had with Melaleuca that did not exceed your expectations. We strive very hard to ensure every customer receives prompt and exceptional service. We serve many hundreds of thousands of customers and we do our best to take care of each customer every month and always try to provide top-notch customer service. We think customers deserve that. With the millions upon millions of orders we take every year, I definitely couldn’t say we never make mistakes but when we do, we work very hard to make it right. Since I don’t know the specifics about your account, based on the information in this post, I would invite you to contact me directly at Melaleuca at 1-800-282-3000 extension 2595 and I would be happy to help resolve any issues you may have had. I’m also disappointed to hear that you may have received some misinformation leading you to believe Melaleuca is a “company which gives you … products that you have to buy and then sell to others.” I can understand if misinformation such as that is, in part, the source of your frustration – a company like that would cause me concern as well. Please rest assured that Melaleuca has never required customers to sell products to others and not is no way part of any Multilevel Marketing type scam. If it helps add clarity, please know that Melaleuca has been in business for over 25 years with over $900 Million in annual sales and has a commitment to providing exceptional products at reasonable prices. We are a catalog based company where customers order directly from us via telephone or our online website for their own personal use. We have held a long-term "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau and have been awarded the Better Business Bureau Torch award for our commitment to taking care of customers. We have also been honored to receive recognition from the American Red Cross via the "Circle of Humanitarians" award and from the Salvation Army via the "Others" award for our commitment to others. Melaleuca's foundation and values are rooted in ethics and customer service. As a result of our commitment to ethics, Melaleuca's CEO has been invited to sit on the board of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Melaleuca has been added to the Inc. 500 Hall of Fame. We are also dedicated to ensuring every product exceeds high quality standards. We make certain our products are backed by science and concentrated to minimize the negative effect on our environment while still providing effective and natural solutions. Regardless of ALL of the awards and recognition we have received, our philosophy is if we haven't taken care of our customer, then we have failed in our primary goal. I truly regret that your experience has not meet our commitment to take care of our customer - and more importantly that we failed to meet and exceed your expectations. I hope you will give us the chance to work with you directly and resolve your concerns. Please contact me at your convenience and we would be happy to help.

I've been ordering from Melaleuca since 2007. I love it. I will continue to use it. I find it to be less expensive; because I use it as is indicated on the packaging. I think the two complaints above are lies. Everything is very clearly written on the Melaleuca website. You get to choose the "back up" order. They don't just send you something of their own choosing. When you sign up, your sponsor has to get certain information from you. Part of that information that has to be entered before the "sign up" can be complete is your "back up" order. Mine is $55. I have never had a problem getting a refund. In fact, if I am not happy with a product, they give me a refund to my credit card AND let me keep the product. Every time that I've called them; they have been delightful over the phone. So, nothing that is written here will deter me from continuing to do business with Melaleuca. I love them.

Hi there! I'm signed up with Melaleuca, have been purchasing their products for 2 years now, and will have to agree with BOTH sides depending on the issue. Yes, there is documentation that thoroughly covers the terms and conditions of signing up with the company. However, some of this information is listed on the back of the Customer Membership Agreement form (I'm looking at one right now) in VERY fine print. It's the responsibility of both the person who is signing you up and the Mela rep on the phone to review the important terms, such as the monthly commitment to purchase so many points worth of product. Otherwise, you receive the auto-order. You CAN return the auto-order simply by having UPS pick up the unopened box. That's one of the catches, unfortunately. It's the ONLY way to return unwanted product, and not be responsible for S & H, is to refuse the package. Otherwise, you must pay the postage to return products any other way. Also, it takes too, too long for Mela to post refunds in my opinion. (They have refunded my money back to my charge account in the past, but you must specify that you want to be refunded, not credited to your Mela account.) Another thing I will say is that not all of the products are the greatest. And, yes, some things are way more expensive than they should be. For instance, who in their right mind would pay $3.89 ($6.00 if you're not a Preferred Member) for a tube of tooth paste? You can buy top name brands for one dollar at the dollar store. That's just one example. But, I do agree with one of the comments above that certain items come concentrated, and are very reasonable in price. Case in point, since I have been using the Mela laundry products as well as some of the household cleaning products, I will NEVER go back to these types of products available in the grocery store. Three reasons -- First, NOTHING out there even comes CLOSE to getting my laundry clean (the Pre-Spot is THEE BEST!!!); secondly, these items are not harmful to the environment like so many cleaning products out there; third, they are cost effectively competitive to other laundry products out there. So, there!!! I've spoken MY piece about the whole Melaleuca thing. It just depends on the person as far as what products do and don't work for them. Oh, and YES! There are some people who have been in the program for a very long time, and are getting very wealthy off of many of us, but that's only a handful of people we're talking about. I ain't one of those wealthy people! And, with the economy the way it is right now, it's very hard (I live in Mich) to find people who can afford to commit to that monthly ordering requirement. That's the ONLY way you as a Preferred Customer can make money off of the products that are sold by those who sign up under you. They must be Preferred also, and get sign-ups under them, etc. Justin, I appreciate your support of your employer, but you DO work for the company, the hand that feeds you. It wouldn't be in your best interest NOT to support Mela in every way, would it???

I have been using Melaleuca for over 2yrs now and I love it and would use nothing else. Besides the awesome vitamins they have.. nothing out there can compare... I mainly started using Melaleuca due to the fact that my son is an asthmatic with acute allergies and any cleaners we out on the market.. in the stores.. would trigger him. If everyone would do their research on the products such as Lysol, Windex, Pine-sol, etc... they would see they are chemicals that are extremely dangerous to us all but yet the current regulations in place, they don't have to label the highly dangerous chemicals in the products. Most of all the products that Melaleuca sells are highly concentrated so you re use your bottles and don't have to fill up the landfills.. plus it works soo much better. I can actually have my son clean now and not worry about him going into an asthmatic attach and the smell is so amazingly refreshing and clean. Nothing like a chemical smell but a natural fresh smell. The cost may seem to be a bit high but honestly.. is it??? I am a single parent that works a full time job and really don't have time to promote the product at this time but I still manage to purchase it every month only because I know I am keeping my family healthy and my son's asthma has attacks have lessened so much since I changed over to Melaleuca products. Nothing like unclogging a very slow draining sink with just a cap of Tub & Title... and that is it.. no more putting chemicals into our water system! I would suggest people do their research before jumping the gun and accusing a company to be fraudulent or a scam. Yes, we all have our opinions but lets get real here.. you will find more positive than negative comments when it comes to Melaleuca!

I wanted to do a friend a favor and signed up to buy (not resell) and try the products. I was told NOT to put a date next to my signature from some reason I ignored at the time. When I read the fine print at home and decided to cancel I sent (emailed) a cancellation form that same afternoon. I received a confirmation within 2 business days with an invitation to return as a customer at a future time. 6 wks later I received an email order confirmation and a charge to my debit card. When I phoned customer service they made me first send a copy of (their own) email cancellation confirmation to them. Then they told me they have a "document' on file with my signature dated 10 days after my cancellation therefore they re-opened my account and shipped a pre selected order. They could not explain why the enrollment they claim I signed on Aug 23 is dated 8 days after the account cancellation confirmation they sent to me. The customer service manager (Chad) is either deceitful or got promoted too soon to think customers are so stupid. Well, considering my decision to buy Melaleuca I guess they have me well pegged. as well as the So someone forged a date next to my signature and they refused a return and will not refund my money.

I have been ordering from Melaleuca for a year now. I love the products. I honestly have not found any thing I did not like. Before you send your order into the company you know the price of everything you are getting. My husband has had high blood pressure for 2 years. After being on the ProvecCV his blood pressure is normal. We were amazed! The cleaning products are the best I have ever used. I could go on and on about them. The Renew hand lotion is out of this world. I really could write a book about their products. Thank you, Melaleuca!

In the current economy, it is surprising and often shocking that Melaleuca Wellness products are sold 35 to 50% higher in Canada than in USA at the preferred customer price. Especially when the Canadian currency has exceeded or at par with that US dollar. Oligo Vitality 4 for Men products of Melaleuca does not represents properly when to admister, before or after food. There is no directions of use on the packaging carton. I personally suffered stomach pain after administering one hour before food. I do not know how viable Melaleuca's scientific claim is about Vitality 4 product. Not all scientific papers are legitimate in scientific journals, Do they? Also these Health care supplements or other Vision or Auto immune boosters are not approved by FDA. Can someone explain why these products have been sold and who is responsible in the event of any deaths?

First of All, the backup order plan from Melaleuca works, if and only if you fail to order your 35 product point commitment does it come into play, this is explained during the presentation and should have been explained by the person who invited you as I do. It is better than Auto Ship Programs with other company out there, wherein the same products each and every month is shipped because all they have to offer is a limited number of products. With Melaleuca, There are more than 350 consumable products to choose from. So, Auto Ship Program don’t work. As far as the 35 points commitment to get products at wholesale is nothing, just switch stores do your shopping at Melaleuca. I have NOT ordered lesser than 64 points each and every month that I have been with them. Second, like Amazon, Ebay or any other sites that do business except for companies that issues RMA (electronics), shipping and handling are services rendered or when you return products, you pay. The question is, when you have used up your vitamins for 90 days and decide that they don’t work or didn’t FEEL any improvement or energy, can you return them? With Melaleuca, YES, up to 90 days warranty, no questions asked. Third, I paid $29.- to join Melaleuca for the promise of non-chemical base products and it did make my family healthier with Natural based products, in fact my grandson who had asthma for 6yrs. was healed just by using their detergent, as per me, for the past 4 yrs, my oncologist or cancer doctor has blood test after blood test done on me because I might have Leukemia or cancer of the blood. And after taking their Vitamins for 4 months, I cried when they told me my white cell count went down to normal to everybody's amazement. Tell me, What price do you put on your HEALTH? Added to that, the revenue sharing program has helped me, I made over 20K last year, just for telling people about products that are GREAT and this all happened for a $29 investment, call me crazy, if you calculate even if you spend $70 or 35 points for a year that's only $840 for a year for products that my family uses yearly, CHEAP, and this is not even part of “cost of doing business”, we came out way ahead. And even if, I didn’t make money, just with the deduction I had on my schedule C, because I did signed up also to become an Independent Marketing Executive with them and it was worth it. Listen really hard for those don't have any deductions. Value of products was my main concern; addition income was a pleasant surprise". I'm sorry, I have not made my first Million Dollar yet on Melaleuca but I'm already a big big Winner when it comes to good health for my family and myself, that is KING to me! I welcome any questions about Melaleuca, their products or even the research I have done, which are now a part of me and my family now as a Blessing'. Call me at 408-771-0296.. God Bless!

Last night I watched a presentation about Melaleuca, (webinar). I liked the products. But am still confused on how to make money, the testimonials they showed were too good to be true. From what I am reading on this website, it seems a lot of people were not aware of recurring charges each month. The person who invited me to join via email, told me it would be $29, and the presentation continued to state no upfront cost or investment. Well at the end of the presentation, there was an option to pay $199 or $299. This is where the confusion comes in. After the presentation the person that invited me told me it would be $489 to start. Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought it was $29. I just want a clear understanding on how to increase my income with this company.

I love Melaleuca! The Vitality for Women has changed my life! I am off my anti depressants! The Renew Lotion has cured my son's eczema! The Mela Gel and Melaleuca oil got rid of the cyst on my schnauzers back! The Oligo for skin and coat for dogs amazing! The toothpaste awesome! I feel like I just got out of the dentist chair after a cleaning! The cleaning products are amazing! I could go on and on! I became a Marketing Executive and again that was a bonus! I got my first check in the mail and it helped pay for my products! I do NOT know of any company out there that will let you use there AMAZING Products! Higher quality , more naturally derived products that are safer for my home, my family, the enviroment! Delivered directly to my front door from the manufacture! Not to mention Melaleuca has a 95% REORDER RATE that personally speaks volumes to me! Customers would NOT reorder month after month if the products were not top of the line! Simply refer customers to Melaleuca! and send me Thank You checks! This is NOT a mlm I am sorry for the people that had a bad experience! They are just a few! But Frankly I do NOT understand! I researched this company before I ever became a customer and they have a GOOD REPUTATION! Go to MELALEUCAAWARDS.COM To see the numerous awards Melaleuca has received over the years.

Melaleuca does not sell tooth paste. It is called TOOTH POLISH. Your first misclaim. Melaleuca does not do "AUTO-SHIP". You do your own "BACK-UP ORDER" products, that is when you forget to order before the end of the month so you can keep the 30-40% discount. Second misclaim. Melaleuca does not allow consumers or Independent Marketers to sell any products to anyone. Third mislabel There are a lot of us who gives away the product as samples. I am one of them. Melaleuca does not allow Independent marketers and above to ORDER for you. You either use your computer or your telephone to make your order. Fourth misconstrude. Melaleuca does not do the delivery to your door. All packages are sent out from the factory to you through another company. You are misdirected. I am not saying you are not telling the whole truth, but I believe your are telling your own truth that your have perceived in your mind.

The Business of Melaleuca. We are paid for registering & referring people to the wonderful products (Very True) of Melaleuca. But before I can recommend them, I have to know the validity of the products itself (or test them to recommend them) and as far as my business itself, for tax purposes, for the first 2 year since I’m testing the products, it’s all tax deductible as “Product Research.” So, what type of business am I in? Advertising, and you can do this on a Schedule C but I can explain this better on the phone. Ways to join Melaleuca. First: “Direct Customer”; Fee one time $25. 2nd: “Preferred Customer”, Fee one time $29. you get 30 to 40% discount of retail; Loyalty Shopping Point Commitment 35 points a month or using about $50 to $70 of your buying power of consumables at Melaleuca. Plus other Benefits. 3rd: All of the Preferred Customer program + Independent Marketing Agreement = Gives you the opportunity of doing the business side of it. If you want to know more, it is better done by phone and I will explain. I don’t do webinar, I coach the old fashion way, one on one. Again, if anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me, I work from home. Tony 408-771-0296

I have been using Melaleuca products for 5 months now. I am a preferred customer, not a distributor. I have found the products offered by Melaleuca to be of high quality and very cost effective. I understand the back-up order process and how that works, but I have had no trouble filling my point commitment each month. We were able to choose the products in our back-up order, so I chose vitamins for myself, my wife, and my son. If I completely forget to order anything else in the month, those items will come anyway and we will not run out. I will continue to shop there for sure, and I am considering increasing my involvment and become a distributor. The products are so good that I have been referring people to use them anyway. I may as well get compensated for the referrals.

I'm not here to put any judgment on the quality of the Melaleuca products. I however signed up after being told that I could cancel my account over the phone and there wouldn't be anything else that I would have to do. At the time I had a job and could afford to order products from the company. Shortly after I had signed up I became unemployed and still had student loans to pay. I attempted to cancel with Melaleuca by phone, just like I was told I could do. I have received 4 back up orders that I didn't request since trying to cancel. When I have called they have told me that my account would by canceled and I could send my package back and be refunded. When not receiving a refund and calling, they told me that it was credited to my account. The order itself was over $60 and they said they credited $40 ( my company account, not my debit account). This happened 4 times with 4 different packages. I have called them numerous times and have gotten the same response saying my account would be canceled. However, my account is still be debited causing over draft fees, over and over. They told me I had to cancel my account before the 25th of the month and the calls have been made well before the 25th. I haven't placed an order since the first one when I signed up and I get random back up orders of their own choosing. My parents are helping me out financially and it makes it impossible to get ahead or keep up because I'm constantly paying fees because of Melaleuca's debiting. I'm desperate to get out of this company and see no other way but to close out my bank account completely. Don't get involved with Melaleuca, they suck you in by saying how easy it is to get out and don't follow through. I'm hundreds of dollars behind because of Melaleuca and have nothing to show for it.

Melaleuca is NOT an MLM!!!!!!! My family had indeed been helped from purchasing their supplements! My father in law was going to to the doctors because they wanted to put him on pills for his high cholesterol, thanks to the vitamins he's not due back for 5 years! Melaleuca has been around for years because it give health and hope!

Ok. So my mom convinced me to sign up for Melaleuca. I thought it would be a little like Avon, but boy was i wrong! This company is a scam! If you don't order anything yourself, they will send you anything they want and charge you over $50 for them. For example, last month I didn't order anything and they sent me a small hand lotion, body lotion (which by the way, does not make my rough elbows smooth. Vaseline lotion works 100 times better!), a bar of soap (which left my skin dry, itchy, irritated and with small raches), and something similar to Neosporin. How much was I charged? $50.49 for 4 items!!! Target has a section where you can get these brand name products for $1! It's insane! Also, I just called customer service to cancel my membership but they only do it on the 25th of each month. They are claiming I owe them $63 for the month of September but my bank account was over drafted. This company is a scam! BE WARE!!!!

There is only a $29 investment. You can choose to purchase a larger package at $199 or $299 just to save on buying everything separate. Your choice though. For the guy who wants to cancel you need to download a form to sign so they have it on file and knows it's you that is canceling.

Hello. The company is not a scam, they've been around for 26 years. I can understand when customer service is not helpful in any company, so people feel like things are a scam. Scams are illegal, Melaleuca manufactures products, over 800,000 households buy every month, it has a Board of Directors, is a real company, has won numerous awards, etc so it cannot be a scam. If you're upset, then say that, but you can't say it's a scam. There are customer service upsets all of the time with every company across the world. Melaleuca will happily cancel anyone's account, because I know someone who did. You just have to send in a form so for those above that can't figure it out, that's what you have to do. Ask them for the form or you can go on the site and search for "Cancellation Form". For the woman who doesn't know what it takes to get started, it is only $29. If you choose to purchase a pack that is more, it is just an option to buy things at a discount for A LOT of product so you're getting a better deal, but you can just buy a couple of things. Not to worry. There are always options. For the person who's mom was able to enroll them, and now they are upset...just ask your mom what happened. It's your mom, she will help. I don't believe there is any reason to write about it, because you can have your mom help you with it. For everyone out there writing about getting charged, you have until the 25th day of every month to cancel in writing. If you do not, there is a backup order that your enroller should have told you about. It is only there to ensure all of your benefits, the free $100, 10% back, 15% rebates, etc. If you forget to do your normal shopping during the month there is a backup order that is sent to you, and you can choose a select number of items. It shouldn't be a surprise, and if it is, it's not the company's fault, it is the fault of your enroller. It is a membership club, and to be able to offer all of those benefits they have a guideline to set up backup orders for people who shop monthly so they can keep their benefits and make sure they get their checks. Even customers can receive commission checks without referring anyone. I hope this helps.

I'm sorry to say but Melaleuca is "Not a Scam" you just didn't have a good representative give you the correct info, If your Enroller would have taken the time to help you select what you wanted as your back up order you would have not received something you didn't want. You also agreed for them to send you a back up order, you must "Read what your signing". Go to MelaleucaAwards.com to look more into detail on this company you will not find a better nor healthier product then Melaleuca's. This is better then Avon sorry to say! You should do a little more research on this company you will be surprised with what you will learn. Good luck! Because you are loosing out on scientifically proven products that are "Awesome"...

Before I became a customer, I Googled and read about Melaleuca for days. I read so many comments, both positive and negative. So, before finally becoming a customer, I asked a ridiculous amount of questions addressing the 1) backup order 2) how to cancel 3) the difference between a regular customer and a preferred customer 4) and the monthly commitment. Thank God the woman who shared the business with me had been doing this for 20 years, and knew her stuff! I also asked the same questions to the customer representative to verify what I was told. When I received my membership kit, I read all of the details in the Customer booklet, to confirm what I was told. I encourage others to do the same research that I did. EDUCATION IS KEY. I've been a customer since the last week in February, 2011. This company is NOT for everyone. However, it has ultimately proved beneficial for me as a single mom, with 1 son. I made sure I understood the membership plan. I took it a step further and researched the business plan. I needed to generate an extra income, but couldn't leave my son home alone, so I started referring others. I've been very careful to explain the details. Unfortunately, not everyone who refers other customers are as thorough as I am, and that's a shame! I read through sites like these to explore the complaints as well as the compliments. If a post prompts a question in my mind, then I call Melaleuca's customer service to find out the truth. As far as I can tell, most of those that have had negative experiences found themselves there due to lack of information -- given, or perceived. It is so unfortunate, because Melaleuca can really be a blessing if the information is conveyed well by the referrer, and the potential customer does their research, and understands the customer agreement. I have helped individuals become customers, and I have helped individuals cancel their account (fax a cancellation form by 25th of the month). Yes... they have canceled. It happens. Your account creation should be just as pleasant and streamlined as your account cancellation. I do not leave folks stranded, regardless. More often than not, people remain customers. Since I started referring others, I now have about 50 families, schools and daycares linked in -- stemming only from the 11 customers that I personally referred. So, this company helps many, and is loved by many, but not by ALL. Unfortunately, some will have negative experiences with Melaleuca. On the grand scheme of things, that is the case with any business. I'm glad that my own experience has been a positive one, and am sorry for those who do not share that experience. If you are considering becoming a customer, do your homework first. Feel free to ask questions: contact@shopliveandearn.com. I'll be glad to answer. PS: Someone asked about the cost to get started when considering to build a business with this. In short, you pay a $29 membership fee, and you must place an order in the same month you become a customer (roughly a $70 purchase). Fill out your customer agreement form, and marketing executive form & DATE THEM. Keep copies for yourself & READ THEM. That's it! FYI, you are NOT required to purchase the business packs starting at $199. It is purely an option that is encouraged to be purchased by those who are seeking to build a business. Serious business builders should consider purchasing it. It is a small investment when you consider what starting a business really does cost. By the way, I became a Preferred Customer -- but the woman who referred me sponsored the membership fee of $29. So, personally, I didn't pay a dime outside of my first order. After a month, I bought a business pack for $199. By the next month I made $500. For once, I'm the paid celebrity endorsing the product. The business is gradually growing, and I thank God I found an extra income to support me and my son, while creating, and maintaining great relationships with others. What's more, I can sleep at night because I do this ethically. Again, feel free to ask questions: contact@shopliveandearn.com. I'll be glad to answer. Blessings...

I've been a Melaleuca customer for over 17 years. Not one problem, EVER. Just referred a customer in Arkansas who couldn't believe that Melaleuca prices were less than the sale flyer from "Wal-Mart". So strike the high price comment. Huge Commissions? I made $6.10 on the order. Strike that as well. MLM Scam...impossible...it's not an MLM company...sorry, wrong website. (BTW...I should know...I spent 5 years in one of those...I've got the t-shirt!) Refund? 60 days...100%...never seen anybody in 17 years (ah...that was 17 YEARS)...not get their money back. Impossible to Cancel? Melaleuca tells you how to cancel in their presentation overview. Speaking of presentation? I don't think you had one...or if you did...it wasn't a good one...or maybe it was and you weren't paying attention.

I have been a customer of Melaleuca for 8 years, and I cannot tell you how thankful I am that someone shared it with me. We save and have continued to save money each and every month... I even have spreadsheets showing the savings that we recieve by shopping with Melaleuca, and I compare price per use, not price per bottle. The products are incredible, and have changed my health and my husbands health, who at one time was on 3 inhalers, and has not touched an inhaler for 7 years. Because of the impact it had on my family, I decided to tell everyone I knew about this company. And, now 8 years later...I still share this company, because of my experience. Melaleuca is a blessing, and I am so thankful I found it when I did. My children are all Mela-babies and as a mom, I would use nothing else on and around my family. I will continue to use Melaleuca products for the rest of our lives.

I've been a Happy Melaleuca Customer for Two years now. I was told by the person who referred me that Melaleuca provided products that are Safer and More Effective than commercial brands, environmentally friendly and more Economical than grocery store brands. So I decided to put my toe in and try the products. I was told I could enroll as a Direct Customer for $25 and shop for products at Melaleuca's Retail price (the same or better value than the grocery store brands) whenever I wanted. I also had the option of enrolling as a Preferred Customer for $29 if I agreed up front to Shop for a minimum of 35 Product Points each month. I was told I had 4 months to get a refund of my $29 and 60 days for a Full Refund or Credit on any product I felt was not Superior to any grocery or drug store brands. For my Loyalty to switch a portion of my budget each month from the grocery store brands for products that I was already buying, Melaleuca offset the $29 enrollment fee by giving me $100 in free products that I could choose over the next five months. However, what appealed to my sense the most as a consumer was that I was told that as a Preferred Customer, Melaleuca would allow me to buy at Wholesale each month saving an additional 30-40% on each product. I didn't need to wait for a Sale or Clip Coupons....I always get a 30-40% discount every time I shop. There are also many other benefits of the Preferred Customer Program that I won't get into here. The One Word I would use to define my experience as a Melaleuca Customer is VALUE. Over 350 Real Products that people really use with many First in the World Discoveries! As a Preferred Customer I shop a little each month, but I get a lot back! As part of the Preferred Customer Program, when I set up my Shopping Acct, I established my Back Up Order. This is like an insurance policy that if I ever forget to shop, to preserve my Preferred Customer Status, Melaleuca would ship my Back Up Order to me. Melaleuca requires 35 points, however my Back Up Order is 75. I could not do without my Oligo Vitamins along with several other products. Over the last two years My family and I have shown how Melaleuca works with a few other families. Approximately 60% who decided to try the products have been Brand Loyal Customers, with a Documented 95% Monthly Reorder Rate building True Residual Income. A few have told a few and so on. To date our Family has received over $40,000 in Monthly Commision Checks from Melaleuca collectively. In this economy, we have helped many families not only reduce their monthy budget, but also receive monthy checks from Melaleuca. In May of this year I decided to close my Bricks and Morter business after 20 years. Rent, Payroll, employees, etc...It just didn't make sense any longer! With Melaleuca as my Original Plan B.....it is now my Plan A. If you like helping people Win.. then you will LOVE Melalueca on the Business Level! I have been so Happy with my decision to try Melaleuca Products 2 years ago that I truly feel I have an Obligation to get out and meet people and let them know this Wonderful Company Exists! If you have any questions or would like to hear first hand my story, please feel free to contact me, Jay @ 561.906.7563

First of all let me say that I am a very skeptical person. When I first became a Melaleuca Customer I was looking for the "catch" to it. There had to be something hidden somewhere. Well after two years I completely gave up looking and have come to the conclusion that the products are second to none, my family and friends love them, the products have done everything they claim to, the morals and ethics of the company are indisputable, and the products are more reasonably priced than the competitors. This company is a keeper! INC 500 for 5 years is no small accomplishment and achieved by very few! Like most of the over 800,000 customers of Melaleuca, my family will always use their products.

I too, have been a customer for 17 years. I have also been a small business owner for over 30 years. One thing I have learned in business is that you cannot please everybody all the time, but that you are measured long term on your legacy of success. The fact that Melaleuca has been successfully in business for over 25 years, is a multiple award winner from top industry watchdogs such as the Better Business Bureau and has maintained an over 95% monthly customer reorder rate indicate that the facts simply trump the ridiculous claims made in the initial email. In reading the initial complaint and the few subsequent negative responses, a few thoughts come to mind. (1) the claims in the response lack specific detail and are simply inaccurate against fact and, (2) the tone and language used in a couple others discount any potential credibility their concerns may have had. Our experience has shown that while most everyone has a very pleasant experience with Melaleuca, as small percentage do not. That is just life and to be expected. In the vast majority of the cases where folks do not have a positive experience, we have traced it back to one of two main causes...(1) they did not take the time to review and understand the agreement that they signed at enrollment, or (2) they came strictly with the intent to "get rich quick" and did not spend time understanding the true value of Melaleuca products. The fact is anyone can cancel their membership as per the instructions they initially signed and agreed to. (yes it is OUR responsibility to read and confirm information that is shared) They will receive their refund or credit as per Melaleuca's policy and at the end of the day, they can choose to go back to where they previously shopped for their non grocery consumables. As easy as it is to set up an account, it is just as easy to cancel, but again, it is the responsibility of each customer to understand the process. At any time, a short call to Melaleuca will easily clarify any issue. Their customer service is excellent. Melaleuca is very clear in their information regarding the benefits and responsibilities of membership. For those not yet a customer, take the time to investigate the facts, not just the negative generalities shared here. In doing so, you will see that Melaleuca is far from a scam, but a reputable manufacturer of exceptional products at reasonable prices and a 25+ year history of award winning customer service and consumer loyalty. Our personal experience with Melaleuca has been excellent and they have always stepped up to do the right thing when ourselves or those we have referred have had concerns. Signed a long term very satisfied consumer.

I have been a Melaleuca Preferred Customer since December 2009 after researching it far more than was really needed. The products have been a great value and they really work. It is really tempting to give a little list of the excellent results that I have had, but the list is much too long. So, after a year and three quarters, there is no question--I am now a lifetime customer.

I have been using Melaleuca products for 9 years. I LOVE them! The Renew lotion got rid of my granddaughters baby eczema and my dry, cracking, bleeding hands and feet! I spent tons of $ on sooo many other lotions and potions and nothing worked before Renew! I love all the cleaners! I have asthma and can use all of them without any trouble! I used to have an asthma attack every time I cleaned my bathroom, not anymore. All their cleaners are concentrated and cost well less than anything you can buy at Walmart! I also love the bath soap! All other soaps made me itch and dried me out, not Melaleuca ones. I have only found one that I didn't like, a seasonal, peppermint one, it made my skin burn, the others are great! One month I received a box of stuff that wasn't what I had ordered, it was some expensive face care products, I called and they said it must have been someone else's order but for me to keep it and enjoy it, at no charge, I didn't need to return it. I don't sign people up, but I do highly recommend this Company!

Does anyone read ingredient labels? These products are NOT natural or healthy or good for you in any way. Take a look at the shampoo. Filled with tons of chemicals that are documented as dangerous. The food has lots of sugar, sugar derivatives, artificial sweeteners, chemically modified ingredients, and unhealthy oils. There is no comparison to truly natural products and none of these would ever make it into a health food store. Don't be fooled by deceptive marketing and claims. Educate yourself and be aware of what you're putting into your body and into your homes. Yikes.

Don't know what company u signed on for but it's not melaleuca. You order the products you want, you don not have to sell to others, if you promote the products to your friends then it's a bonus for you. No pressure from the company to sell or sign on others, you make it what you want. CRAPPY products???? I don't think so, I do daycare and the stains from these kids are pretty impressive. Since using the laundry products, old stains are coming out of my towels and their play clothes. Some of my clothes that I was going to use as old work clothes are now back to wearing in public. Their vitamins are awesome. My hips and legs used to hurt so bad day and night, since using the vitamins I have great mobility and no pain especially when trying to sleep. I will never use another vitamin supplement. I could go on and on, so happy my friend turned me onto this.

One thing that I have learned through refering people to Melaleuca for the past 12 years is to recognize people like you who deserve to continue using carcinogenic toxic products. I would not waste my time showing you something that could make you and your home healthier. I would do something that you may like. All the people who want to get rid of their toxic products, i would make sure they get to You and your family for free. That would help you save money. But, you may get sick from the toxins... No big deal.

Melaleuca's Backup Order is easy to understand and is explained very clearly in both the official "Delivering Wellness" presentation and on the customer agreement paperwork, so it amuses me whenever I read an anonymous claim of surprise. The policies are easy to understand, all products are covered by a 100% money back guarantee, even the $29 enrollment fee is refundable up to 120 days, and quitting is easy. I have been a Melaleuca customer for over a year. Their cleaning products are fantastic. Because they are sold as concentrates, you dilute them with water before using. If a bottle of concentrate costs only $5.69 and it makes as much usable product as six $2.49 bottles of the toxic stuff you'd buy at the grocery store, duh, do you think I saving money? My $60-70 monthly order takes the place of $100-130 I would be spending on competing products on the store shelves, and those products don't work as well, even with their strong and dangerous chemicals. Anonymous posters call it a "scam" when they receive a Backup Order because THEY blew off placing a regular order during the month OR simply cancelling/suspending their Preferred Customer status. Anonymos posters call it a "failure" as a business because THEY refuse to learn and follow a proven system or pattern and insist on making it up as they go along. So you can choose to believe anonymous posters and their bogus claims or you can choose to believe satisfied customers as well as successful business builders, all of whom proudly state their real first and last names and hometowns. Your choice. $29 enrollment fee (Preferred Customer and Marketing Executive) You get: 30-40% discount on all products across-the-board Rewards program that equals additional free products Discounts at over 600 retailers Optional, you can refer other customers and earn residual commission You do: Agree to purchase 35 Product Points (roughly $50-60 in product at Preferred Customer prices) during each month Your Preferred Customer status can easily be cancelled or suspended voluntarily by you, must be received by Melaleuca by the 25th of the month in order to avoid processing a Backup Order should you not place your regular order. How hard is that? The $199 & $299 prices are for Value Pack and Career Pack, respectively. These are large and huge collections containing a broad spectrum of products at a deeply discounted price, even compared to the already discounted Preferred Customer prices of the total products. Ordering a Pack is optional at time of joining. The Pacesetter Pack is a Career Pack plus a set of ten (10) prepaid customer membership kits that you can provide to your own referred customers. The Pacesetter Pack is optional, but highly recommended for business builders. NOT A BUSINESS BUILDER? Melaleuca products are a great value even if you never refer even one single customer and never earn commission. Most MLM's cannot tell you that! Melaleuca is no scam. To join, go to the person who first told you about Melaleuca and ask them to show you the "Delivering Wellness Presentation" and don't be afraid to ask pointed and detailed questions, and be sure to ask to speak with their own enroller/support team via a three-way phone call!

WHAT SCAM? My name is Matt and My wife and I have been Preferred Customers since Dec. 2009. I was very skeptical cause I tried my heart out on a home business and failed. We saw in the presentation safer,more effective,concentrated products ,delivered.(time is money i don't like to waist it in the store when i can pay UPS to deliver.) We enrolled for $29 refundable. I thought even if it wasn't, no big deal. I checked the BBB, sites like this and read everything that came in my $29 kit from front to back twice and also found some people that were NOT on my support team hoping someone would slip tell me the catch,I couldn't find the catch. Next step was to place an order, it only made sense to get rid of all the less safe products in our home, so we bought the value pack valued at $310. we paid $199.00. SWEET! Some products did take a little getting used to and others we fell in love with instantly. Now we love them all and will never go back to the other brands. SOO im still looking for the catch, right. I show the video to some friends some say yes and others say no. Ok, lets see what happens next...What! a check in the mail and one of them got a check in the mail too. Im not a big business builder, but i do refer a new customer from time to time and NO ONE has gotten burnt. Here are my numbers as of 9/2011 Saved $1,322.71 Market place Rebate checks total $47.84 Loyalty Dollars Earned $257.62 Earned from referrals $2,022.38 Paid off two credit cards and will be cc debt free by next year, because Melaleuca introduced us to Dave Ramsey "Total Money Makeover" Sincerely, Real person really shopping

People, be aware. This company is a scam. Whoever leaves notes that use them for > 2 years either work for them or a family member who work for them. Products are OK - nothing special. Prices are way too high. Plus, if you do not have a big family you will have a hard time to keep up with filling up your point every month. I have a storage filled with their laundry and cleaning stuff because I have to order something every month for $70 - 80. In my opinion, it is too much to spend $70 for cleaning supplies on a monthly basis. Unfortunately, laundry stuff is the only decent products they sell. I tried cosmetics - got a terrible skin allergy. Tried vitamins - end up in a hospital. Finally, after 6 month I decided to cancel and had a huge problems. I sent them cancelation fax and received fax confirmation from them. I thought it was a done deal. How big was my surprise when next month I received package from them. I called and was told they do not have any cancelation. I sent a fax confirmation to them. They say it is not enough. They say I also have to have email from them which they never sent to me. Since I can not provide them email they will not return me my money and will not cancel my membership. I had to go thru this cancelation process again. But this time, after I received fax confirmation from them I had to call several times and ask for email confirmation. It took me 3 days on a phone with them to receive such email. OMG, what a terrible company. I do not even mention how rude their customer service is. P.S Most likely I would stay as their customer if they allow not to order if you do not need it. But they force you, and that force is so hard. If you forgot to order, they penalize you. If you want to cancel service first they make this process hard and second they treat you as a trash.

The only comment I have to say, Mr./Ms. to the people who complain, please do take it directly to Melaleuca. As no matter what your issue is they will try to work it out for you. I have had both experiences, however bees to honey always works! Melaleuca is a great company and no matter what you cannot please all of the people all of the time. Shine on everyone and enjoy your day.

I would like to address all of the complaints regarded against Melaleuca. First of all, Melaleuca's products are safe for the environment. I have read the labels on their products and they use things such as: citric acid, enzymes, solvents, and their Melaleuca oil in almost all of their products. These are all things found in nature that work well as cleaning agents. Yes, they do use some acids, but acids are found in nature and you can't expect cleaning products to really work without some sort of acid or more effective cleaning agent, they don't use harsh chemicals. Citric acid isn't going to damage anything, especially since we all consume citric acid from fruits and our bodies aren't being harmed from that. They do not use harsh chemicals in their products, which are produced by the grocery store brands for quick cleaning solutions and can cause sever reactions. Melaleuca cleaning products do come with a "common sense caution," but that's not because their products are seriously harmful, but you wouldn't purposefully pour citric acid or perfume in your eye, would you? They wouldn't severely damage your eyes, but it would burn, they tell you to rinse with water. Unlike other labels that tell you to immediately call 911 or Poison Control from grocery store brands. Melaleuca products are as eco friendly as their products can be while still being effective. As for people complaining about having skin reactions to their products, people have all sorts of allergies. You can be allergic to dust and pollen, which are both things found in nature. So it would make sense that you could be allergic to a plant or a scent they use in their products. That does not mean that their products are seriously harmful, that just means that you are allergic to something in their products. But people are allergic to all sorts of things, that doesn't mean that these things are harmful to everyone. If you end up being allergic, it's because of something natural that they use in their products, and then the solution is to just not use their products. You can't help what you're allergic to and it's not Melaleuca's fault that your body is rejecting something that is in their products. And if you know that you are allergic to some type of plant and it is listed in their ingredients, then it is your own fault for using their products when you know that you are allergic to a certain ingredient. The only issue that I find with their ingredients is that they don't identify what detergents they use or solvents. But if they did list them, they would probably be a bunch of scientific names that meant nothing to me. As for the back up order, the person who signed you up is responsible to explain the products and the back up order for you, along with the customer service representative that you place the order with. You cannot blame a whole company because a unofficial representative didn't provide you with complete information. That was their faux pas, but you also clearly didn't read the customer agreement or the information in your membership kit, because they clearly explain the back up order and the rest of Melaleuca. You can always sign up as a direct customer too, you don't have to sign up as a preferred customer. You get to decide what you sign up as, and if you don't think the preferred customer deals are good enough and don't want to commit to spending 35 product points each month, then you can sign up as a direct customer and purchase only when you feel like it. Being a preferred customer is a much better deal though. You get a 30 to 40 percent discount on all the products, $20 worth of free products for your first six months using loyalty dollars to test out more of their products, and you get further discounts with other companies that Melaleuca is teamed up with, such as: Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Office Depot, JcPenny, and other companies. Yes, as a part of getting these discounts, you are expected to shop with them each month for a minimum of 35 product points, but that really isn't that much to ask. Other membership clubs such as BJs have similar qualifications. Plus, Melaleuca sells a spectrum of products, ranging from cleaners to food to body and hair care to makeup to vitamins and even pet care. There are so many products for you to experience and try, so I easily find myself spending more than 35 product points each month. And once you determine how long each product will last you and which products you love and want to continue to use, you develop a pattern of which products you order each month and how many months between products before you need to order. You don't need to order cleaning products every month as they are so concentrated and will last you a good three months on average. But there are other products you can use your points on. And yes, people can earn a commission, but you can also. The point of Melaleuca isn't to trap people into buying the products, because as a representative, I'm referring their products because I believe in them and want other people to realize how amazing their products are. On the side, I can earn a profit from referring people, but you don't have to. And it's not like I am making bank from referring people, it's just some extra cash to help you along in tough times. If you want to cancel, it's easy to do. You just fax them the form and call to confirm, I've helped people cancel, and I've helped people switch from preferred to direct customer when they have gone through tough times and can't pay for the products each month but still love the products and don't want to give them up. If you can't figure out how to cancel on your own, you can ask the person who signed you up, it's our job to ensure that you're getting the quality you want out of Melaleuca. The point is to switch from your grocery store to them, you are just spending what you would with the grocery store products, to them and saving money in the process. As for the back up order, you can decide how much it is and what products go into it. It's there so you don't lose your preferred membership if things get too hectic and you forgot to place your order, although Melaleuca will send you reminders. Also, on the form that comes with your order, it shows you the products and the total, on the back of that form there is a thing for you to fill out if you are going to return products. It's simple, and you can choose whether you want them to return the money to your account or give you credit. So if there's ever a product you do not enjoy, you can return that product. I've never had an issue with the customer service, but each business has its flaw. And if you ever encounter a poor customer service rep, just ask to speak to another or their manager. It's as simple as that. Getting all heated up about a company is going to make the cancellation process/return process more difficult because you are making it more difficult for the customer service to help you out. There are millions of companies, and there will always be an unsatisfied customer. But 95% of Melaleuca's customers stay with them. You can form your own opinion, but Melaleuca is not a scam. I've been with them for some time, and while not all of their products are the best, they are definitely on par with grocery store products. But most of their products I would argue are better than the grocery store products, and no matter what, they're safer. Melaleuca does have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can get your money back and if you're having difficulty, speak to another rep or ask the person who signed you up. Melaleuca is spread by word of mouth, so of course there are going to be some shortcomings, but as a whole the company is great and it's pros definitely out ways the cons.

I have been a happy customer for 12 years with Melaleuca, The Wellness Company. My entire home from personal care to nutritionals to cleaning products is all from Melaleuca. They continue to impress me time after time with their world class quality products and their impressive customer service. I feel safe in my home using all Melaleuca's safer, greener products. My favorite part when shopping with Melaleuca (on top of getting 30-40% off my shopping order and quality products) is selecting the FREE products they continue to reward their customers with. When I placed my order this month - which came within 3 days...I took the time to look at the invoice because I was curious to know how much in Free products I have received in 12 years as a loyal customer...it was over $1500!!! That is $125 a year in free products just for switching stores and shopping for consumables that we need and use anyways...not to mention all the money we have saved over the years just by switching stores. My husband and I only go to the store for food and paper products...everything else we shop for comes from Melaleuca...because they deliver Wellness!! Customers for life! Maria & Frank

~~Melaleuca: A Breath of Fresh Air in a Dirty World~~ My family and I have been customers for over 10 years with Melaleuca. Our experience with them is like a breath of fresh air compared to the way the rest of the world works. The company has always gone the extra mile. When I divorced a few years ago, my former spouse made sure that I helped him get his own Melaleuca shopping account so that he could continue to get the products. We may not have agreed on much (hence the divorce;-) But about Melaleuca being a plus in our lives - we agreed. They are that great and they are a better value than what we find anywhere else. I appreciate a company that is just person to person honest and forthright like in the "good ol days." Melaleuca has managed to combine that with the ability to provide the savings and benefits that a large corporation can do. I know someone personally who did his monthly shopping and when he went to pick up the box from the post office found that his liquid laundry detergent had burst open and spilled all over the rest of his shopping order. (The post office had dropped a heavy box on top of his causing the seal to break on the detergent). It's my understanding that when he called Melaleuca to see if he could get some more detergent - the company not only replaced his detergent but the entire order because they knew it was covered in gooey detergent! Other companies would likely just (if at all) replace the detergent and not even consider the trouble of cleaning the rest of the order. This is just one example but I've heard so much good about this company. And it's also my understanding that this is a U.S. Chamber of Commerce company with a list of credentials online too. If anyone wants to research them further, I believe you can Google "Melaleuca Awards" and get some great facts. I would simply look at the facts. A company with this type of credentials, sitting on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is hardly a scam. They provide jobs to local employees, they also offer a business opportunity where I'm told that literally thousands upon thousands of people are receiving some form of part time income and hundreds are receiving a full time income. This is backed up because their income statistics are audited and each CUSTOMER (not just business builders) gets a copy of their annual statistics. Customers get great savings and discounts. If it were me, I'd be looking up actual facts one can verify. Because face it folks, everything on this website is only "he said she said." And while I speak from the heart, YOU don't know me or know my morals and values. I COULD be lying. So could everyone else. It's best to use credentials and information that is easily verified and easy to check out. Visit something like the awards site mentioned earlier and research those credentials and awards. Those can be easily proven and are not heresay.

My wife joined this company and they would not let her out of her contract. I explained we were late on our mortgage and every penny meant something. Melaleuca reps would not bend or break in saying we did not cancel in the appropriate time. The automatic order would go out as scheduled. So, I called the bank and told them our debit card was lost. Changed our address to the corporate/home office and several days later she received a text message saying we needed to fulfill our order. Long story short, we were able to cancel on "our terms" of desperation, with no help from customer service. If you want to have "your own business," start one, don't just sell products that Melaleuca has, you are selling "their," business products, not your own.

I had a recent experience with Melaleuca customer service that I just wanted to share. In a recent order, one of the soy candles was broken (the glasss was broken). So I called Melaleuca, spoke to a real live person - LOL! And within minutes had the problem resolved. They offered to send me out a new candle right away at no charge! The person I spoke to was pleasnt and eager to help. How refreshing! I hate it when I call a company and have to wade through multiple prompts to "press 1" or "press 3" and then still never speak to an actual human being. I love Melaleuca! :-)

I've been a Melaleuca customer for 12 years. In a world where customer service continues to be less and less, I have found Melaleuca to be the company I wish others were. I have had to call the company a few times over these years, mostly for products damaged in the mail, and have NEVER had a problem having it replaced. I didn't have to send back the damaged item, either. There are a few things I wish the company would change, but I haven't seen that happen... YET. The supplements are of superior quality at comparable prices to what I would pay in the store. My children (five) have been healthier since using the vitamins; Activate continues to knock out cold and flu's when they start to come on. I like the laundry & dishwashing products. I use the lotions, soaps and make up. If Melaleuca makes what I need, I will order from them. It also saves me time in the store, since I skip at least two aisles. Do I get the 'big' check? I get a monthly $400 check, which pays for my order and gives me some spending money each month. Since I've been a customer, the company has NEVER changed to a company that has you sell products. I have enrolled a few friends & family, which is why I get a check. They have been happy too. I hope whoever is reading this understands that the complaints in the initial text appear to be bogus. What she writes doesn't make sense and is actually against Melaleuca's policy. You can buy cheap products at the dollar store or you can get quality products at other stores. The store I choose to shop at is Melaleuca. It's a choice, not a scam. ~CMS

I love melaleuca, before taking their vitamins, my father felt so bad he couldn't get out of his chair, after taking them just for one month he is walking 3 miles a day and the stress of seeing my father go downhill has eased....thank you melaleuca!

A friend of mine very recently introduced me to Mellaleuca. It is definitely a type of MLM, but so what!? They don't spend money on advertising and instead give the money to people who want to spread the word about them. I placed a small order this month to try some of the products. I really like the products and that is the only reason I will remain a member and will tell whoever will listen about their products. Natural products are great for everyone. With all the toxins in everything we use, eat or wear, it's great to have a product that is natural and toxic-free. Their stuff tastes great, smells great, works great. When I read anything negative, I have to think it is from a competitor or someone who really has no idea what the company has to offer. They have a money back guarantee... its a no-brainer to take a chance on a company that is obviously doing something right with a 95% retension rate!

Please take into account that most of the people who post negative things and lies about Melaleuca are actually working for and with MLM (Most Lose Money) scam companies and are trying to discredit Melaleuca. Melaleuca frowns upon and rejects their bad business practices such as; forcing people to buy thousands of dollars of inventory, turning people into distributors and delivery agents, and ruining lives by loading people up with debt. We buy no products to resell or deliver, we create no debt and we offer a real business opportunity to create residual income. Those MLM scams come and go every five minutes and we are 25 years strong with a documented 95% reorder rate!

Please disregard any previous slanderous comments from consumers. There's nothing to indicate Melalecua is a scam except bias opinion. Firstly, one has to voluntary sign up for this service. Secondly, you don't have to participate in the recruit business aspect of it, and I don't because I don't have time, even though it does in fact work and is incredibly easy. Thirdly, you're charged for what you order and use, nothing more. The back-up order comes in place of your normal order if you forget to place it; so double orders cannot happen. There's a minimum order amount of $29.95 monthly, but you can spend more depending on what you need to buy. Just like Costco, the items cost more because they come in bulk. People understand that, and it's pretty obvious that more costs more. Similarly, Melaleuca products are concentrated, so in that one bottle of laundry detergent are as many as four bottles of ordinary laundry detergent, meaning you use less Melaleuca detergent and get the same effect as more of a competitor product. It's as straightforward as it gets, but because people aren't used to mail-order services they like to blame their mistakes and lack of understanding on a company dedicated to environmentalism and consumer health. I've been using Melaleuca products for 90 days, love them, and recommend them to all my friends and family.

I LOVE MELALEUCA! I enrolled a year ago and couldn't be happier! I didn't just take my enrollment box of info home and hide it, I read it and learned how to save using their products. Their vitamins have grown my hair and nails longer than when I took prenatals and no one in my family has been sick all year! The back-up order comes if you forget to order in order to preserve your 30-40% discount for shopping monthly ...a loyalty kick-back. If you want to cancel, the kit tells you how, download, sign, fax. If anyone is still mystified and got into "financial trouble," I'd have to say...Are You Stupid!! I wouldn't be without their products! Educate yourself, THEN re-read the negtive posts! Emberassing.

I have been using Melaleuca for 3 months and I love the products! I am sorry that some people have had negative experiences, but there are over 800,000 of us who have had - and are continuing to have - very positive experiences with the Melaleuca company and their products, which is a testament to the quality and value of the products. The Customer Service representatives I have dealt with have been great! I have found them to be very up-front and helpful. I think there are just some people who can never be pleased and have to find fault with everything. I'm feel bad for you because you are missing out on one of the finest group of products you will ever find. I invite you to visit www.MelaleucaAwards.com to see the numerous accolades Melaleuca has earned - and these aren't given out to just any company. To all the negative post people, I would say: Do your homework, talk to people who use and love these products and I think you will come away with a different outlook. If not, then it's your loss. Claris MacDonald

I love the products they offer, you can not believe how well the laundry stuff works,You can get red paint ball paint out of something even after it has been washed and dryed by some one else !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never switch back to the other stuff. The renew lotion is the best too.

We've been using Melaleuca products for over 17 years and even spent a few years actively sharing it with others and still get a check for about $200 each month, which pays for our products. My husband was very skeptical at first but soon realized that it was a great company and it had safer and better products for our family to use. If we did not love it we would not keep ordering for 17 years! Bad experiences happen in every company, and I'm so sorry that you had a bad one. Melaleuca really does try to make its customers happy and find a fair way to deal with situations that arise. Melaleuca wouldn't still be a growing, successful business if it were one of those MLM scams. It's not, we checked it out thoroughly 17 years ago!

I was just introduced to Melaleuca yesterday by a friend on Facebook. I am excited to recieve my 1st order and I was only charged $1 for signing up by 11/15! The mentor I had my webinar /conf call with was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. THAT, I believe is key. ASK questions, do your research and then decide. I will say this- if I can make a little extra money on the side by simply telling my friends & family about a product I believe in, what could be easier? Also, the FIRST thing I did after completeing my membership, was customize my "back-up order". I wanted to choose what I would receive should I forget to place my order. I also signed up to recive a reminder email on the 21st of each month, so that shouldn't be an issue. Simply said- you will never make everyone happy all of the time. I do believe there are alot of people out there that simply like to complain about anything & everything and this forum gives them that opportunity. The way I see it, I paid $1 for the opportunity to try products that I would normally buy at Wal Mart each month. Bonus- saving money & healthier for my family......what is there to complain about?

I went on the Internet today to try to find a different "sponsor" or whatever they are called. I was introduced to this Business Builder opportunity just 10 days ago. The person said that she would provide step-by-step training. She rushed me through an online sign up, not giving me time to read the fine print. After i signed up, her enthusiasm waned. There were many pep rallies to attend, by webinar and phone. There's wasn't a lot of actual training. Now, I simply want training BEFORE I go and find others so that I will know how to help them BEFORE I meet them. I think the products are good, but I haven't tried these exact products. I am already well-versed in nutrition and feel that nutrition is important in fighting off disease, not pharmaceuticals, but that's another subject worthy of a long discussion... Anyway, my quest now is to find out how to unsign from the person who signed me up and find someone in Melaleuca who is willing and capable of providing me with the training, without rushing through it or being falsely positive/saccharin sweet, and without a lot of webinar and phone conference calls that are nothing more than pep rallies. Any of you interested? I'm at shenhelp@gmail.com...TIA.

Aloha, I have been a customer with Melaleuca for over 16 years now and love the products as well as the company. I originally started using the products after having severe allergies and asthma. Having been hospitalized for asthma attacks on several occasions. My brother knew how bad my health problems were, told me to try Melaleuca, convert my home, get rid of the store brands temporarily, put them out in the garage while I swap them out with Melaleucas products...My tide for Mela Power laundry detergenet, My Mr. Clean for Tub and Tile, My all purpose cleaner for Tough and Tender, My crest for their Tooth polish etc. trying only the Melaleuca products and see if I don't notice a difference. He said they have a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee. So when my pack came in I thought, Ya, I will try it, for 60 days, put my old stuff in the box it came in, out in my car, (so the smells and outgassing would be elsewhere, not in my home) and put my new Melaleuca products out to replace them. I thought, then after the 60 days, I would send back the empty bottles and get my money back and put my old store brands back into business.... BUT...something happened to change my mind, well a few things.... the minute my value pack arrived as I got my package from the mailman, I turned funny and twisted my ankle and sprained it so bad I thought it was broken! The mailman had to help me into the house I was in so much pain! I was like there goes my planned, paid for vacation the next day! Since I couldn't walk anywhere, I sat on the floor, opened the value pack looked through the products and found a product for sprains and strains, put it, the "pain-a-trate" on my ankle and leg immediatly to try it out. I sat there for an hour going through all the other products and reading labels. My leg was still a little sore but the swelling went down, and I was able to get around very little. That day and evening I put more pain-a-trate on, and by the next morning the pain was gone and I was able to walk pain free and travel as I originally had planned! I was like wow, here I thought id be in a cast and I am okay! that was cool. I used about 20 of the products as soon as possible and within days was sold! The vitamins helped me have energy I hadn't had in 18 months since my daughter was born, and the shampoo and conditioner felt great in my hair, like silk, and the tub and tile cleaner just about cleaned the bathroom itself! (you spray it on, let it sit and then wipe with a DRY cloth!) The gold bar left me feeling so squeeky clean, and luxurious, and the toothpolish has whitened my teeth and made my dentist a believer. I Had a friend try the dental pack, she was elderly and had boils and severe gingivitis in her mouth, and she was scheduled to have surgery but was able to cancel the surgery after only 2 weeks of using the Melaleuca dental pack and getting amazing results. She was so grateful! I have attempted to use other products since that day such as shampoos, soaps and laundry products but nothing compares to the feeling I get using Melaleuca. The health benefits and the value. My ASTHMA and EXCEMA are a thing of the past and that was after converting my whole home and getting rid of all my other "brand" named products. I credit Melaleuca with giving me my health back! Recently I got married and when my husband moved in with me he brought his bathroom products (shampoo, shaving gear, soap etc) into our bathroom and within a week I was back getting asthma and hives. It took me about a month to realize why, and I asked him if it is okay if he just uses Melaleuca from now on, and we can see if that would help me, he was like sure, (not really convinced) and we got rid of the store brands and my hives and asthma went away! I also asked him to use the vitamins for his health and he did for about a month and then we noticed he had stopped snoring!!! (I woke up thinking he stopped breathing, because, He was a major snorer for years, and we have his nephew as a witness who he used to share accomodations with and who used to beg his uncle to let him go to sleep before his unlce cause he couldn't sleep with the loud snores from his room!) We feel somehow that using the Melaleuca products and vitamins helped him stop snoring, and He now says, "I am a believer!" Melaleuca is a big part of our household and I will never go back to store brands. My health is worth it and I don't spend any more than I would elsewhere. I spend at least $70-80 a month and would spend more if I had to, they are that good! The prices are reasonable when you do your price comparasins, and who wouldn't pay a little more anyway to protect their health and the environment! Not only that but I noticed shopping online or on the phone I actually save more, because I am not going into the stores and picking up uneccesary items that would be tempting me to spend more money. I feel sorry for those who had bad enrollers who don't really know this is a different company. A company who really cares about the customer and the environment. These people who are complaining are really missing out. They aren't giving Melaleuca a chance, Or maybe they are the type who would complain anyway about something or another. Who knows. The company doesnt have paid advertizments, its all word of mouth, and for those who choose to share Melaleuca with others, they get paid in relatation to how many people they share with. . So those who share more with people about the products, will get paid more, its as simple as that. So if there are some who make more money, those are the workers, and they deserve to be paid. You don't ever have to tell a soul if you don't want to and unlike some companies preferred customers pay exactly the same price no matter what. I don't sell products to anyone and have never been encouraged to do so at any time. I do get what I call a thank you check from Melaleuca each month for enrolling a few of my friends along the way, (who are still customers) and I am so grateful for that extra, that pays for my products each month and gives me a bit extra to do with what I want. I know for sure if I refered Wal Mart or Safeway to someone and they started shopping there that I wouldn't recieve a monthly Thank You check from them! So this is different, yes, and without that check I would have been paying for my own products for years, but with Melaleuca all my dish soap and Laundry soap and toothpolish have been free, no money out of my pocket, so thank you friends, for trusting me, and converting your home and shopping with such a wonderful company. A BIG thank you to my brother Monte who talked me into this, despite my bad attitude! MAHALO, I LOVE YOU!

This is deffinatly not a scam. I am a consumer and I have even started to make this a business. What is the first thing about business that most people dont think of doing? The answer is getting people interested in doing the business. I believe if every home switches we will have alot of our endangered species repopulated and I also believe that we all will live better lives. I got into this because I am a Military spouse and I want the peace of mind that my daughter and I will be stable financially while my husband is gone on deployment. I do reccomend this to other military families. If interested in learning more check out www.stayinhomeandlovinit.com/dnjphillips click more info and ill give you a call just as soon as possible. The people at Stayin Home and Lovin It have a webcast that gives just about all the info you need plus at the end there is a open question and answer time. Plus you recieve a personal call to go over the information and see if it is something you are willing to do. So to recap All Businesses have the hardest part is generating interest in customers and interest in getting others aboard.

The nature of the Internet is such that when someone doesnt get their way or they are caught in a lie of some sort, they usually resort to redirecting attention from their own poor actions and try to slander the company in question. We all see this with banks where people overdraw their accounts, get charged overdraft fees and then people post about how evil the bank is for not refunding the fee ignoring the fact it was their behaviour with their account that generated the fee in the first place. We see this with hospitals and medical collection places where people say they are scams when they go in, get treated and simply are too cheap to pay. They want for free what everyone else pays for so they try to blame the hospital when it is their entitlement mentality that is the real problem. When you boil down all of the online opinions here (and all over the net really) about Melaleuca you find that people who have a healthy sense of personal responsibility love Melaleuca and do very well with it. On the other hand, people who are always trying to be a victim are the ones screaming about it being a scam. You should sign up for Melaleuca for one primary reason, because you really want to. Re-read that again and again until it sinks in. Melaleuca doesnt want you to sign up "to help a friend" or to humor someone else. No one wins at all when you lie to a friend and tell them you want to try it when you really don't and as soon as you sign up you go looking for a way to cancel. That is you being dishonest with your friend and that sort of dishonesty is exactly what Melaleuca wants to avoid. I like that Justin posted on here with a phone number and an extention to reach him directly. I find it telling that so many ignored his offer tohelp and instead kept right on posting more false accusations. This again points to people who would rather be a victim online instead of actually getting help and resolving an issue. If someone truly did not tell you about the membership requirements, that only goes so far as you still have to agree online, verify with your voice that you agree or sign paperwork that obligates you to it so even if someone never breathed a word about it to you, shame on you for entering into an agreement blindly. You are NOT a victim so stop pretending to be one on here. As I said, people who value integrty and honesty in the business dealings love Melaleuca. People who look for loopholes and try to victimize when they don't get their way don't do well with it because by the nature of the business model, it keeps you honest. It doesnt let you say you want to do it and then not honestly follow thru and keep your word. People that say they can't afford it, they had bills to pay, etc are self proclimed victims. No one on here is responsible for your money but you. You voluntairly asked Melaleuca to send you products either by you ordering them directly or indirectly thru the back up order. Don't twist that into you being a victim when all Melaleuca did was believe you and honer their end of the agreement. Also, you are not a victim when Melaleuca tries to collect from your account on the very products that you told them you wanted in your back up order. Melaleuca is not a scam because they wont give you stuff for free. If you didnt want to be a member, you should have said no and not signed up. IF you do sign up, do so because you truly want to. The honest person who truly sees a complete presentation and understands the dozens of perques and benefits that go along with a Melaleuca membership usually stays with us for years and years. They "get it". if you don't "get it", thats understandable... so take some time and learn about it, and stop playing the victim and scam card.

My daughter recently joined a few months ago and has been ordering these all natural, organic products for our household. I have to say I'm extremely pleased with the quality, as far as price being higher well you get what you pay for. She now wants me to join as a representative and I am seriously considering it. This is NOT an MLM scam, to clarify an MLM is a pyramid with no viable products and Melaleuca does offfer quality products. My daughter will be receiving a bonus check of $500 or more before Christmas! Yes, you need to recruit people but this is an excellent way to help friends, family and associates earn extra money from home. I have extensive online entrepreneurial skills and have found the people who scream the loudest about scams are those who just don't have the skills to make it or who don't want to put in the effort.

I decided to be a preferred customer in late Sept. I LOVE the products and recently decided to build a business. I have found it to be fairly simple as long as I put a little time and effort in it. I have a full time job and earned $738 last month with Melaleuca. That was my first check from them and that was working part time. I was worried about my customer’s ability to cancel so I went on melaleuca.com and downloaded the form myself. It was fairly simple to do as well. As a Marketing Executive it is my responsibility to educate my customers on the back up order and the product point minimum. I'm sorry that some have been misinformed or not given enough information BUT it is not the company itself, it is the person that gave you the information.

Since when does someone sending me a FORCED shipment if I don't buy ' x' amount of products, NOT scream scam. Luckily if you know someone at the bank ...they can stop payment on all cards going to any said company. If you are friends with / or family, girlfriend whatever with someone like a bank manager they. Can reverse charges. Contact better business bureau. And the federal trades commission and report them. I got ALL charges reversed AND kept the three items I Had ordered. ATTN: all ( yes all ) pyramid or MLM plans are sucker bets and 95% are scams.

Guess I'm a "sucker" that can't see a "scam" with my eyes wide open! This company gave me hope financally when the world was crashing in and I didn't know where to turn to because we were broke and going deeper every day in debt. I thank God just about everyday for allowing my friend to introduce me to this wonderful company.

Attention Consumer November 21 2011: I have absolutely no connection with this company, but from reading the previous comments, it would appear that you were either not told by whoever enrolled you that this automatic shipment would be made if you didn't place an order in a particular month, OR you didn't check out all the nitty gritty which I gather is evident on the website and/or the paperwork you signed. You can't blame the company for that, you have only yourself and the person signing you up. Perhaps you can provide proof to back up your statement.....ATTN: all ( yes all ) pyramid or MLM plans are sucker bets and 95% are scams.

My wife and I have been using Melaleuca's products for a few years now and have never gotten involved in the business side of it. I was very skeptical before signing up. I've found the products to work just as good as any other store's products for the same price. Melaleuca's products, however, contain natural ingredients instead of toxic chemicals. Melaleuca IS set up like an MLM company...that's because instead of advertising, they pay their customers who refer other to people to shop with them...big deal. What I'm concerned about is the quality of the product and the price I pay for it. The biggest reason why Melaleuca gets negative reviews is because of bad presenters. Many people get into the company only to make money. They aren't sold on the product themselves yet they are trying to convince others that it is so great. The only negative that I have found is the back up order. I understand that you're part of a club and you need to order a certain amount each month...I'm just really forgetful so it's kind of annoying to me when I get the same order every month and realize that I forgot to place my order again. I now have a cabinet full of vitamins and I'm out of laundry soap, bar soap, tooth paste and whatever else I would have ordered instead. That's all my fault, though. The only other thing is the cancellation process, which is easy as long as you follow the instructions instead of trying to call or email or cancel in every other way that isn't they way they require you to cancel. All-in-all, great product, good price, I've found Melaleuca to be good alternative to Wal-mart and Kroger.

I have been a Melaleuca customer for 11 years now. I have never received an order that I have not placed myself. I shop every month for the consumables in my kitchen, bathroom and laundry room that I would have purchased anyways, I just buy them here instead. Anyone that thinks this is a rip off is guilty off signing something they knew nothing about and they are the responsible ones. It is not Melaleuca's fault that they paid no attention to what they signed and gave their payment information for. People should do their own due diligence and research the company before they go ripping on it. This is a wonderful company, if it wasn't, it would not be in the Better Business Bureau's Hall of Fame for exemplary business practices.

Melaleuca Inc is the only company that provides solid residual income to customers! We are able to fight the big corporate giants by just switching stores. I read that some people complain about the products being too expensive. You have not gone to any product training. As an example to the comment that the toothpaste is too expensive: you only use a bead of toothpaste and the toothpaste is equal to 4 family size tubes of Colgate saving you $3. That is true of every product. This company has paid me $1,600,000 over a 20 year period. Will shopping at the dollar store every get you that? All we did was switch stores and tell others about our store. Made sense to them. With over 1000 customers almost 50% get a check because we decided to switch stores. How can anyone complain about a company like this!!! Thank you Melaleuca. You are a God send to every customer!!!

All of these scam complaints about Melaleuca are uneducated, products are excellent and very non-toxic.

I have been a customer of Melaleuca for over a year now. I absolutely love the products. I have never had to receive a back up order because I can't wait to place my order each month and usually do so on the 1st of each month. Because of Renew Loction, my daughter's excema has disappeared-no more running each year to the doctor's office and pharmacy to buy prescription ointments that don't work (not to mention the money I have saved). The vitamins and supplements are wonderful. In 6 months time, my good cholesterol went up 23 points.... which puts my good/bad ratios in a much better position. I have also been building a business and have been receiving "thank-you" checks from the company for introducing others to Melaleuca. Yes, I believe there are other marketing executives out there who really don't "get it" and don't do a thorough presentation so that the consumer understands all that is involved. Yes, if you get a back up order, it is your own fault. As a business builder, I always monitor my customers each month and remind them about placing their orders so they don't get the back up order. Yes, life gets in the way and we forget, but if you have a good enroller, they will guide you every step of the way. AND we are going to hit $1 billion in sales this year.... just a few more days. :)

Its so bad to have people how IGNORE how Melaleuca works can talk bad about the great system they have it is not a MLM and if they are that bad I dont understad why they are still in business after 25 years, is a company how helps families to grow with a very easy way, you dont have to sale products to others you just refear them to other people to change stores with a better products safer for your family.

I have been using Melaleuca products since August 2011, and currently am a Marketing Executive/Director with the company. I am delighted to say that this company has been completely above-board and open with everything presented to me. I have read through the comments presented here - both pro's and con's. It is understandable when the person who introduces Melaleuca to them DOES NOT explain the monthly commitment, the reason why the company is set up this way (they are better able to judge how much product to make to keep it fresh, extend Loyalty Shopping Dollars to the Committed Customers, etc) - why a person who is newly introduced to the company would feel like they had been lied to. My comment is to those individuals reading this who are "actively working their business" or hope to. Please, please be honest and open with people when you are introducing them to the concept of Melaleuca. Don't be after the "enrollment" for the sake of a number; build your business HONESTLY. As Frank (the CEO) states "it's best to build your business honestly, and tell people the TRUTH." If you think you are doing your new customer a "favor" by not telling them about the Monthly Commitment, or skimming by it quickly - you are wrong. It needs to be presented correctly, and thoroughly. Also, regarding cancellations - as a Marketing Executive working my business actively, I downloaded and carry copies of the Cancellation form with me. When I make a Wellness Presentation to a new customer, when they enroll, I also give them this form if they are in any way hesitant about things. I explain how to fax the form into the company before the 25th of the month so that they can make sure they do not receive the back up order that would come to them should they choose to cancel between the 26 and the end of month. Regarding the Products - Melaleuca has NOTHING to apolgize for - and EVERYTHING to be excited about! With over 350 products (and new ones coming out each year) there may be some products that leave you less than excited about, but that's okay - there are many more that will cause you to become a life-long customer. Personally, I love the shakes, the Attain bars, the Access bars, the Cleaning products, the tooth polish and rinse, and I could go on and on. And what store will compensate you for shopping with them? I used to work at a Grocery store, and as an employee, we didn't even get a discount there!! My team is actively looking for individuals who want to build their business the "right" way - the way that is taught by Melaleuca in their training, webinars, cd's and conventions. If this is something you are looking for, you can email me at kandij40@yahoo.com.

I'm 18 years old and my sister is 15 years old. We are working together on our Melaleuca business and I have to say: We've been doing pretty well! We singned up on November 18th, 2011 and today it's December 31th, 2011. In our 1st month we made $71.32 (we got the cheque in the mail 2 days ago!) and this month we're expected to make over $213! Melaleuca is NOT A SCAM, believe me. Most of the negative comments result because people are not educated about this company because they don't make an effort to learn. My sister and I are very young to be running our own business, so this goes to show that pretty much ANYBODY can run their own Melaleuca business :) PS: The Renew cream is a must try. I had really dry hands and it would always be embarrassing cause I play guitar and sing. I would be up onstage and people would be super close to me (not to mention they were watching me cause I was performing) and I would have to hide my hands in the sleve of my jacket. Not anymore! My hands were healed after just 5 days (no joke!). Anyway, it's a great company and I'm glad we heard about it. You should try it too (if you don't try, you'll never know). Just remember that you can cancel by fax anytime before the 25th of the month. Give it a try! It really made me grow as a person in a very short amount of time to be honest. It made me more confident and now I'm not nervous when I talk to people. I'm from Canada by the way...

The problem I have with Mela is that I am on a ridiculously low income, and I just want to be able to buy a gold bar once in a while. If I like a product, I want to be able to purchase it without signing a contract to do so. It's really unfair that the rest of you who have been using these products for years have chosen to negate the feelings of others when they say they are unhappy with the "program". If it was only all about the products, they would be easier to obtain. I'm not saying they aren't good, just get the stars out of your eyes. I'm really happy for everyone's restored health, etc., I just wish it was within reach for the food pantry crowd.

Well as far as an MLM goes, all marketing is multi level marketing. Wal-Mart, and bigchain stores as well as the little ones. If you are using grocery store vitamins, read the label under other ingredients, Silica, cellulose dye number 5. Which is ground up newspaper, and sand. Are you taking a synthetic vitamin? that does not even dissolve. Take a look at the products you buy in the store, it's all poisons; but you got coupon for a free one. If the complainers know how to read, why don't you take a good close look at what your really paying for.

Today, I was considering joining Melaleuca. Before joining anything that requires me to pay money, I always do some research first. This has lead me to this page. From what I am reading, there are two recurring concerns that the company's supporters (or company itself) is unable to address so far, namely: 1) How does one cancel? Why are there so many cancellation complaints? Is cancellation as easy as they claim it to be? How many days does it take to cancel? It probably takes one day to join, so it should take one day to cancel, right? 2) What is the need for a "backup order"? The claim that their products use no (or less chemicals) is not supported by the labels that I read on the shampoo and hand lotion products that I saw on display. Someone kindly answer my 2 questions above.

It's just Amway with a name change. It isn't necessarily a scam, It's more like a weird cult of Christians that enjoy big rally's and getting vulnerable people to believe they can become financially secure if they buy their soap.

I just became a Melaluca customer this week. I have been using the products for years though because my father has been a Preferred Member since the company started. I love everything I have tried. The Tub & Tile is the best!! It gets hard water off of showers and toilets like no other and I have tried lots. My daughter and husband both have excema, but it went away with the Renew lotion!! My daughter also has sensitive skin and breaks out with any other laudry detergent except Melaluca. I can't live without the lipbalm either! The 35 point requirement is easy. If you use their awesome vitamins you are pretty much covering the 35 points. I am reading that people don't understand the back up order...when you sign up, you agree to buy 35 points worth of products every month. If you forget to place your monthly order, Melaluca will send you your back up order (you chose which products you want on your back up order when you sign up). This is to ensure you are keeping your agreement to buy 35 points every month and also as a courtesy if you did actually forget to place your order. Again, this back up order are all things you agreed to and wanted as a back up order. I recommend creating an online account and setting up alerts to remind you to place your order. Also, they have monthly coupons for products on their website!! These products are already great prices, gotta love coupons to make them an even better deal!

I tried to buy solumel from a Melaleuca distributor in Canada. Nobody would sell me the product, even at full retail or higher (which I offered). I used the product at a friend's and wanted to buy someone (she moved away). I cannot understand a company whose distributors don't want to sell product. Was told I had to sign up as a prferred customer. At the time I think there was a special on for $1 to sign. So it was all done over the phone by the lady I met. I made it clear I was really only interested in the Solumel. She told me I had to order a minimum initial order. Which I did. I gave them my credit card for the payment. HUGE mistake. There was NO discussion about me having to order a minimum monthly amount or I would never have signed up. Quite frankly I'm a bright person, self employed with a good business and I feel silly I got so duped! A month after my initial order which I agreed to place, I received a box at my front door and a debit to my credit card for about $80. The box was full of stuff I didn't want or ask for. The day after I received it, I got an email telling me it was on its way to me ... guess they forgot to send me that email before they sent the product? In good faith I kept the product and called the company. When I was told I had to order a certain value per month, I told them I no longer was interested then in being a member, and I sent an email as a follow up. Next month I received an email again telling me the new backup order that I did NOT order and did NOT request, in fact I had told them I didn't want any more product. I replied to their email and told them not to send me the order because I didn't ask for it and didn't want it. But several days later UPS shows up at my door. I refused the order. They charged my credit card. I waited a few weeks for the order to reach them as a return and expected a credit to my card. No credit ever appeared. Next month same thing. Again no credit to my card. I emailed and called several times to complain. Every time I got an absolute runaround. I cancelled my credit card and charged back the two charges for the unwanted shipments. This has now been going on for over 8 months. They have replied to several of my emails advising of my cancellation - yet they later email me or phone me that they've never received my request to cancel - yet they replied to the emails. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. I also contacted the DSA (Direct Selling Association) but they are apparently not a member in Canada (go figure). I have therefore filed a complaint with the Bureau of Competition Policy (Federal Government agency in Canada who deals with these matters.) I am not saying they don't have good products. In my initial order the laundry soap and booster were just fine I suppose. The Solumel I love (but will never buy again), as for the rest of the product it may be fine too - but I didn't ask for it, didn't order it, didn't request and told them to stop sending it .. yet they've just turned rude and nasty. And why should I have to go to the effort of cancelling my credit card because they refuse to cancel. As a business owner, if someone doesn't want to shop in my store and prefers the store across the road, I surely don't run across and yell at them and insist they must buy from me. That's plain ridiculous. But that's what Melaleuca is doing. I think more people who have issues with them need to complain to the right sources, not just on these complaint pages. The Canadian gov't has shut down other companies like this for poor business practices. I did file a complaint with BBB but that's somewhat a joke in itself ... So if you're going to order from Melaleuca, prepare to cancel your credit card ...

I have been with Melaleuca since 2002 and I am just a consumer, not building the business. How dare you uneducated and not very bright person (don't want to use stronger words here) to say anything bad about the company that has been around for decades and has millions happy satisfied customers. I think the overwhelming amount of positive responces clearly shows who is a scam here! Scams don't last decades and don't offer real products! I LOVE MY MELALEUCA!!!

Been using their products for months now, no issues here

I have a feeling that consumer is not really a consumer.

I just joined Melaleuca. I read this site before joining and found that the overwhelmingly positive comments were enough for me to enroll. I made a point of asking about cancellations and the back up order. It was explained to me that I can cancel or suspend my agreement in writing by accessing that document on the website. The cancellation is accepted the same month, if I get my request in by the 25th. If not, it will be the 25th of the next month. I was shown by my enroller where that document is on the website. It was further explained that my back up order was to maintain my preferred customer account in good standing. I referred a friend who bought the Value Pack for $199.00. This is completely optional for a customer who wants to convert their home quickly or who is interested in building a business. That next month, I received a check for $64 and change. It covered my order. I decided then that I was in! The most impressive product for me thus far--they've all been great--is the Renew lotion. Incredible. I am almost 50. My skin has not felt this smooth and moist since I was in my 20's. I ate an Access bar before I did some yard work. No soreness at all over the next couple of days from all of the upper arm work I had to do. That's a first! I now have 8 customers in my team. Meaning between me and my customers who have enrolled other customers, we have 8 accounts that will pay me a residual income of 7% of their shopping. I will receive this check in February. I will be getting paid at least 3 times this month. When I get to 20+ customers, I will be paid 20% of all my customer's shopping. I haven't mentioned the bonuses. Melaleuca has strategically designed ceilings in place so that you can not advance unless you continue to enroll new customers. Nothing like MLM's that pay off of enrollments only or require you to stock items. So you can't get rich off of hard workers who you enroll and put your feet up. You truly have to work for every gain. Therefore, I have no problem with people who have enrolled 100's or even thousands of customers in this business, becoming millionaires. If they make $200,000+ a month (which some do), it is because they have done all the leg work to enroll new customers. If they get bonuses for that! God bless them. They worked really, really hard. But they had fun doing it! I've decided I can do that too. I'm going to do it! If you don't want to do that much work, you can refer a couple of new customers each month to cover the cost of most your shopping. At that rate-a couple customers a month-you will more than cover your shopping, you'll be pocketing a check. I like the idea of being able to tell people that they can save money shopping for non-toxic, healthy, environmentally safe products that save them, their households and the earth. What a great way to pay for my products! Wish I could earn a commission off of this entry! ;-) Who ever has spoken to you about Melaleuca. Go ahead and enroll. I signed up for $1.00. It is $1.00 now until Wednesday, January 18th.

Must admit I had high hopes for the company - thought products would be free of toxic chemicals. This company gets away with not stating their ingredients on many of their products and most of them are no better than what can be found in stores. Many of the products contain the same questionable chemicals as you find in stores (often for less) or could be even more toxic. The mouthwash's active ingredient is the chemical used to wash the carcasses of slaughtered cows - not sure how safe it is. Let me know if you develop esophageal cancer around age 70 after using it nightly and you never drank alcohol or smoked. I think science is great until it gets ahead of itself and cannot be adequately regulated. Many of the products cannot be sold in Canada - should be a red flag. Canada and Europe have more stringent guidelines on chemicals to protect their population. Additionally almost anything (toxic stuff too) can be hidden behind the word "fragrance". See these websites for more info: http://www.breastcancerfund.org/reduce-your-risk/tips/choose-safe-cosmetics/ and http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/users-guide-to-skin-deep/ I see so many people above touting the wonders of Melaleuca and none seem to have any scientific background to substantiate their belief that it is truly safer. If you want safe, go to Trader Joe's/ Sprouts/ Whole Foods or Seventh generation for household products or, for cosmetics, try Ava Anderson or look on the above website for safe cosmetic products (just for fun check out your sunblock or your own shampoo - they may not be as safe as you think - they're ranked from 0-10, '10' being likely to be harmful). These companies do not hide behind the word "fragrance" and unlike Melaleuca they list ALL their ingredients. Sure, Melaleuca may not have bleach or phosphates - that does not make it the safest product - you have options that ARE cheaper AND safer than Melaleuca. Look into it. Get informed from reputable sources before committing. Investigate their listed ingredients and question why they do not disclose all ingredients or permit reps to sell several of their products to European countries or Canada. I'm sure they'll offer some nice packaged answer for all you reps out there.

I bought into the idea of "going green." It should be called "Going red" because I was falsely informed that all of the products are non-toxic - WRONG, are all naturally-derived (I guess PETROLATUM can be derived in nature?!) and are not TESTED ON ANIMALS. You can get the same results from Vinegar, Water and Baking Soda. It will cost you pennies... NOT in excess of $50 per month. I am trying to send back as many items as I can. Ingredient lists? Hah! Good luck trying to find anything... what exactly are "and other natural ingredients"? If this is such an upstanding company with nothing to hide, then why aren't the products more-widely available? Is it because testing and standards would have to be adhered to? I felt good about being a "member" of this company until I started digging into their claims. Keep your money in your pocket and search the internet for home-made cleaning products; it is SO much easier than you think. Quit paying to be a part of a pyramid.... oh, that's right, it's not *cough* a scheme... judge for yourself and then GO GREEN without this company!

First of All, the backup order plan from Melaleuca works, if and only if you fail to order your 35 product point commitment does it come into play, this is explained during the presentation and should have been explained by the person who invited you as I do. It is better than Auto Ship Programs with other company out there, wherein the same products each and every month is shipped because all they have to offer is a limited number of products. With Melaleuca, There are more than 350 consumable products to choose from. So, Auto Ship Program don’t work. As far as the 35 points commitment to get products at wholesale is nothing, just switch stores do your shopping at Melaleuca. I have NOT ordered lesser than 64 points each and every month that I have been with them. Second, like Amazon, Ebay or any other sites that do business except for companies that issues RMA (electronics), shipping and handling are services rendered or when you return products, you pay. The question is, when you have used up your vitamins for 90 days and decide that they don’t work or didn’t FEEL any improvement or energy, can you return them? With Melaleuca, YES, up to 90 days warranty, no questions asked. Third, I paid $29.- to join Melaleuca for the promise of non-chemical base products and it did make my family healthier with Natural based products, in fact my grandson who had asthma for 6yrs. was healed just by using their detergent, as per me, for the past 4 yrs, my oncologist or cancer doctor has blood test after blood test done on me because I might have Leukemia or cancer of the blood. And after taking their Vitamins for 4 months, I cried when they told me my white cell count went down to normal to everybody's amazement. Tell me, What price do you put on your HEALTH? Added to that, the revenue sharing program has helped me, I made over 20K last year, just for telling people about products that are GREAT and this all happened for a $29 investment, call me crazy, if you calculate even if you spend $70 or 35 points for a year that's only $840 for a year for products that my family uses yearly, CHEAP, and this is not even part of “cost of doing business”, we came out way ahead. And even if, I didn’t make money, just with the deduction I had on my schedule C, because I did signed up also to become an Independent Marketing Executive with them and it was worth it. Listen really hard for those don't have any deductions. Value of products was my main concern; addition income was a pleasant surprise". I'm sorry, I have not made my first Million Dollar yet on Melaleuca but I'm already a big big Winner when it comes to good health for my family and myself, that is KING to me! I welcome any questions about Melaleuca, their products or even the research I have done, which are now a part of me and my family now as a Blessing'. Call me at 408-771-0296.. God Bless! .

I just want to add that if your not happy with something that you did not understand you shouldn't knock down the company, that you barely even know. When you become a member to any company, yes it is the responsibility of the person introducing the company and signing you up to answer your questions or if they don't know the answer to find out for you. But just as it is their responsibility it is also yours. From what I know, every member is an legal adult. I'm not trying to be harsh, I'm simply saying that whatever we get involved in something that is life changing, and also investing our hard earned money, you should always ask questions and search out the answer. That means don't just rely on the one person that signed you. If you do, you might be discouraged and not even give the products a try, and sadly you would be missing out on savings, a healthy clean environment, earning extra money and more. So don't knock it down, if your not interested, just cancel your membership, and that means if you have to get online and download a form to send it back, then do it! Don't complain about it just do whatever it takes to cancel. And to add that if your not satisfied with the product you will get your refund. Also understand that does not include if your not satisfied with the lack of knowledge you received when you enrolled and purchased, it just guarantees how well the products work. Well thank you and in no way do I mean any wrong, I just love my products and I will work hard to grow with this company. I have been a member since May 2011...and it has been great, what bought me was the Renew Lotion since my daughter suffers with one of the worst cases of Eczema, it has helped her self esteem greatly!!! May God bless you all, your families and friends and their families and friends.

I just want to add that if your not happy with something that you did not understand you shouldn't knock down the company, that you barely even know. When you become a member to any company, yes it is the responsibility of the person introducing the company and signing you up to answer your questions or if they don't know the answer to find out for you. But just as it is their responsibility it is also yours. From what I know, every member is an legal adult. I'm not trying to be harsh, I'm simply saying that whatever we get involved in something that is life changing, and also investing our hard earned money, you should always ask questions and search out the answer. That means don't just rely on the one person that signed you. If you do, you might be discouraged and not even give the products a try, and sadly you would be missing out on savings, a healthy clean environment, earning extra money and more. So don't knock it down, if your not interested, just cancel your membership, and that means if you have to get online and download a form to send it back, then do it! Don't complain about it just do whatever it takes to cancel. And to add that if your not satisfied with the product you will get your refund. Also understand that does not include if your not satisfied with the lack of knowledge you received when you enrolled and purchased, it just guarantees how well the products work. Well thank you and in no way do I mean any wrong, I just love my products and I will work hard to grow with this company. I have been a member since May 2011...and it has been great, what bought me was the Renew Lotion since my daughter suffers with one of the worst cases of Eczema, it has helped her self esteem greatly!!! May God bless you all, your families and friends and their families and friends.

After using Melaleuca for at least 6 months i found it really hard month after month to decide on items to purchase. After the 1st couple of months i had purchased items i needed. From that point i was buying things i did not need to fulfill my lousy 35 points or rather $80 per month. I found it wasteful and finally cancelled my membership as i found my money could be used more effectively elsewhere. I then have a credit on my account since leaving and were charged restocking fees for items returned and for not using my credit in a timely fashion. Just another way for a company to steal money from consumers. Their BS policies.......Definitely low class customer service when you are not a preferred member. Never again will i buy into something like this and will make sure that all my friends and family don't either.

My Family loves Melaleuca and we are saving money and our health, People who are talking nonsense about not being able to cancel their Melaleuca membership are either outright lying or a bit slow, all you do is fax a piece of paper with your name, phone# and signature saying "I cancel" Done and Done. I have sent this fax myself, my account was instantly cancelled, I then came back the next month when I went to the store and realized I was now spending much more at the grocery for chemicals that did not work anywhere as well as my Melaleuca products, I went beck and have now been a loyal customer for 2 years. As a single mom I appreciate the money I save and the health of my family and the environment. Some of the things I have read here from other people are out and out lies, I suspect they may in fact be written by MLM lurkers who are jealous of the fact that we do not operate as an MLM (Multi Level Marketing and our sales are a Billion dollars a year without hurting anyone or causing people to lose thousands of dollars on whatever magic juice or gadget they have schemed up this week.

Hi, I used Melaleuca products many years ago. I thought they had excellent products and worked very good. I however opted out of their preferred program due to having 3 small kids and living at work. How's that for a bad excuse. I had absolutely no problem getting out. NONE! Their customer service was nothing short of excellent. Now lets take a look at our lifestyles today. The products we eat, put on our bodies and use in and around the house are tainted and very dangerous. How do I know this. Take a look around the proof is everywhere. Projections and studies show in a few short years that the North American population will have obesity levels of 50% and 90% will be overweight. 75% of the world's population will succumb to some type of cancer, diabetes or heart disease. That doesn't count all the other health issues and illnesses that we are self inflicting ourselves from living unhealthy lifestyles. This all comes from unhealthy eating, lack of exercise, poor sleeping habits, elevated stress levels and unhealthy personal care products that we use on ourselves and around the house. Melaleuca offers some outstanding products for our health and environment which are superior to the products we continually buy at the local supermarkets, Walmart, Kmart, dollar stores and membership clubs. Melaleuca also pays you money for referring customers who are also interested in taking control of their everyday lives by living a healthier lifestyle. We are in a sense promoting companies by word of mouth everyday to our neighbors, friends and family members and are not getting paid a single cent. What do I mean by that. How many of you when you see a super sale or new product from Kohl's, JC Penny's, Best Buy, Sears and others stores get on the phone to friends and family members. I ask again how much are you making on those possible sales. Guess what nothing! Melaleuca offers products made in the USA. Walmart offers cheap products made overseas and even has trouble treating their employees with respect yet we continually support them. I think our way of thinking and reasoning is a little screwed up. Pleas visit me at http://www.crunchyourhealth.com Thank you

Melaleuca has a pretty good scam going if you ask me! Trying to cancel a regular order is not an easy task at all! Then they will run your "backup order" I had to send a fax in to the company to cancel which they never seemed to get. Hmmmmmmm..... I like MLM I don't like Scams. I had to cancel my credit card to stop them from charging me every month and sending me products that I didn't need. I'm not saying the products were bad I'm just saying that once I have an 8 month supply of Laundry detergent, vitamins, toothpaste, body wash, and bulletproof pantyhose... I don't need them forcing me to buy a bunch more. And I don't know of any company that sells products who... When you call them and say "stop sending me products" tells you that you need to fill out a form and fax it in to them. I have an idea... how about you click on the computer where my order is and press the DELETE button. What a bunch of scammers! DO NOT JOIN MELALEUCA! Unless you like to take advantage of people and make them order something every single month that they don't want!

I used Melaleuca products about 9 yrs ago. We stopped using them due to the fact that there was only about 50 products at that time and could not justify re-ordering over and over, the same products. Since that time we have rejoined 4 months ago and I am aghast at the negative comments on here. For those that get the back up order sent and you say you knew nothing about it....you signed the papers and it was checked off by you and your presenter. That backup order, once you are registered can be changed to products you use all the time by yourself....on-line. The papers that you signed also stated right on them that you had to purchase so many product points per month....remember you have a copy of those papers...look at what you signed. This company has highly effective, highly concentrated products that will outlast any other product you purchase for the same money, therefore, do the math, that makes them cheaper. In 4 months of ordering the products, the only product that I have repeated purchasing so far is the laundry and dishwasher soap. I am delighted to have such a selection of superior products now and cannot wait to keep trying all the new ones that I have not yet tried. As for the customer service people, our presentor, the people on the other end of the line when I call in with either a question or a concern, thank you for doing a wonderful job. My home is almost chemical free now my feeling much better and healthier and my husbands asthmatic health on the mend because of these products....once again, Thank you.

Hello, I am sorry to hear about those of you who have had a difficult time with Melaleuca. My husband has been selling the products for only two months and we just received our first check that has paid for the previous products and the next months products that we need to order for our family. Everything should be explained to one very thoroughly before you sign the agreement. As well, one should always read whatever contracts that they sign. The cancellation process wasn't explained to us very well either so when we were explaining it to another couple we had to better explain it to them. However, this is not the companies fault. Rather, it is the enrollers’ fault that did your presentation. We have a very large family and so the product amounts work great for us. We have spent less money with Melaleuca sense we have switched. Before, we were constantly running to the store for this or that. The concentrate amounts I have found to great and the products are awesome. Beings that I have 5 children, Eco friendly and family safe products are of upmost importance. I have found everything to work as explained, if not better. If you are business oriented or willing to try to be then yes you can benefit greatly. If you just want to be a customer that is awesome as well. You get what you pay for in the products quality. Also, any manner of success takes time. This is not a get rich quick scheme, nor does it claim to be. This is about the product and if you want to do the business end of it all and work hard at it you WILL benefit. It is all about planning your shopping with them. You just order what you need, when you need it and make sure that it ships before you run out. Again, I am sorry to hear about any of those who have had issues but PERSONALLY for my family and friends who have enrolled these products and the income that we have gotten has been a blessing. God Bless!

My wife and I have been using Melaleuca products now for 6 months and have found them to be an excellent value. I did a comparison of the equivalent cost of items at Kroger and found that I am saving about 30% off the store bought prices. Our rep covered every aspect of the company - how to buy, the back up order, how to cancel, etc.. We did the research on the ingredients (which are available for every product that they make) and most are much more "green" than store brands. We don't use every product that they make, but we have found no better products than thier vitamins, toothpaste, laundry soap, dishwashing soap, body lotion, shampoo - to name a few. The products are ultra concentrated (most 4-6X what you buy ins the store) so you have to take this into account in order to make a true comparison. Now we are sharing the products with others and have signed up several people. It is impossible to sign someone up without them knowing about the back up order - it is part of the sign up process! Melaleuca is not MLM. No one ever buys product for resale. Each person buys directly from Melaleuca. To be a preferred member it costs $29 for the membership and you must agree to purchase 35 points of product per month. Each product has a different amount of points associated with it. Typically you can reach 35 points for between $50-$70. With Melaleuca you are not paying for advertising or big store shelf space - all the money goes into the products and the network of people who share the company information by word of mouth. It is an American company, making products in America and helping people live better through the products they supply and the opportunity to possibly earn some income while doing good for others. I really feel that there are some unfair statements being made on this site by people who have some other axe to grind and are taking it out on a really fine company with excellent products.

This company SUCKS! They donated 1 MILLION dollars to the Republican National Committee and the owner of the company is homophobic and lobbies for teachers in IDAHO to lose their collective bargaining rights. My wife was talked into ordering these products that are not great, by any means. Do some research before you join anything, and if you agree with pro-life, pro-corporate, pro-republican bull crap, then go ahead and buy this stuff. I can't believe how hard it was to convince my wife that ordering $60 a month in cleaning products is a waste of f-in money! I would think that most people that are concerned with using natural products don't support greedy republican ideology, and there are plenty of great natural products on the market at the store, you don't have to worry about ordering, or shipping, or returning anything. My wife, just like everybody else had a tough time canceling and returning unwanted products, and getting her money back. I would love to see anyone from the company respond to my post about the company trying to buy the presidential election, and being anti-gay, and anti-teacher. (You know, they make so much money.) My wife was convinced she would try to start her own business, and she sold these products to her friends, and our parents, and the biggest check she got was for $2.50. What a Joke! I wish she would have listened to me before she spent a thousand dollars of our hard earned money on this crap. Don't do it. Do some research (google.) Buy your cleaning products from a store and don't get involved in one more company taking money out of your bank account every month. Thanks for your time. AND ONCE AGAIN, THEY SUCK.)

It will never end, regardless of the MLM situation. The doers make money. The dreamers become disillusioned and complain. Some believe that the moment you sign up, money starts flowing in. How dumb that is. You work and you EARN money, maybe not enough? You don't work and you get nothing. Mind you some have worked hard and did not make any mony? Is it because of a scam? NO, not at all. With every job, you learn principles, methods, you read and follow instructions. If you don't no matter how hard you work, you still won't make any money.

Hey, of course they are anti-teacher. Companies like Melaleuca depend on having a poorly educated population who will buy into their nonsense. My mother, with a heart as big as all outdoors, has been wasting her money on this cr@p for years, and just found out about the founder of this company. Whoa, is she furious! Here she has been sending me bars of soap (perfectly adequate, but hardly worth what she was paying) as presents because she had to get stuff from them constantly. The very idea that these people call themselves Christians is pathetic - true Christians don't look at their fellow humans as suckers and sources of wealth. By the way, anyone who truly thinks that these products are even remotely cost-effective either work for the company, or are one of those people of him it has been said "There's one born every minute....."

The comments made by "Consumer" dated Feb 5th are so outlandish as to be beyond laughable! I know for a fact that this company does NOT go out of its way to "target" uneducated people! Anyone who has seen a complete Wellness presentaion will tell you that this Company strives to HELP other people! Every person who joins Melaleuca in any capacity has more FREE resources available to them than with any other company on the planet. Yes, I am a Melaleuca consumer and I want you to know that the innuendos about my intelegence only cause me to wonder at the Kindergarten mentality of the writer of the above mentioned post. As a serious advocate for better health for myself, my family, my environment, and my friends, I can tell you that no other comapany out there offers the product quality and economically efficientcy of Melaleuca's products. Do the SMART thing! Before criticizing a man you do not know personally, get your facts straight.......As people who believe in God and put Faith above everything else, we with Melaleuca pride ourselves on helping those whose lives we touch. How each individual is helped is solely dependant on each individual. Perhaps you should have been more suportive of your Mom.

Hey, "consumer" from February 9th - how much does Melaleuca pay you to hang around sites like this? Not that I would believe you, of course - companies like that use all kinds of drones and trolls to keep up the façade, so I trust they pay you reasonably. It's ok - come on back with "as a user of these products" and "as a God fearing Christian" as much as you want - the rest of us know who you are.

Fraud, Scam or whatever people say really doesn’t matter. Or maybe, people because don't read the “out clause” before signing their name on the dotted line. It really does not matter. Here are the Facts about Melaleuca, they sold over a BILLION DOLLARS worth of products, so, people must like them, right? They have paid out over 2.8 Billion in commissions to regular people out there in the past 27 yrs. but what is really great about Melaleuca is they genuinely want to HELP those who needs help. This is Very Rare for a corporate identity. If you would have really experience Melaleuca, you too might have fallen in love with it like the more than 850 million families in it. Sorry, but it’s hard to find sad story’s telling lies here. What you will find are people’s experiences in how lives have changed because of Melaleuca. Success breeds successful people and it’s not too late to join us. If you want to succeed and you think you are coachable I will help because Melaleuca wants us to, give me a call, Tony 408-771-0296. If NOT, then, Good Luck on your travels and I hope you find contentment!

My Wife signed up with Melaleuca she bought the 200.00 value package. I tried it all.Some of it is very good some stuff I didn't like . I have no problems with the product I just don't want the 35 point per month minimum purchase .So I have cancelled the account on the website ,called them to cancel and faxed the cancellation form to them all well within the time limit . -If they charge me next month as the negative people here say they will, then its a SCAM in my mind . -If they accept my cancelation I would call them a legitimate business. Every company is tiring to sucker consumers in its doors its the ones that don't follow the rules that are scammers ! NEXT post March 1,2012

As a former Melaleuca customer, I've always liked their products. The minimum order was why we reluctantly left. However: I'd like to bring to your attention information on their hateful president, Frank VanderSloot. You can find more information here: http://www.salon.com/2012/02/17/billionaire_romney_donor_uses_threats_to_silence_critics/ It's because of this I would never again use a Melaleuca product.

This company and it's foreign subsidiaries donated 1 million dollars to the "Restore Our Future" Super PAC supporting Mitt Romney. I don't trust any company that invested in the political process. Source: http://www.opensecrets.org/pacs/pacgave2.php?cycle=2012&cmte=C00490045 Details: MELALEUCA, INC IDAHO FALLS, ID 83402 08/15/11 $250,000 MELALEUCA OF ASIA LTD CO IDAHO FALLS, ID 83402 08/05/11 $250,000 MELALEUCA OF JAPAN, INC IDAHO FALLS, ID 83402 08/05/11 $250,000 MELALEUCA OF SOUTHEAST ASIA, INC IDAHO FALLS, ID 83402 08/05/11 $250,000

this company is indeed a scam and for you that are loyal customers who are insulted by the comments because your intelligence is insulted - you may want to spell check your responses Do NOT join unless you want a hassle

I have been a customer for several months now and I am in love with the product. My husband and I us the vitamins and cleaning products regularly. However, I do not like the minimum point requirement each month. I do not consider this company a scam, but if they cause problems for me when I cancel in the future, I will not recommend becoming a preferred member.

I have not yet signed up. I have been researching the products and been to a meeting. Some products are not labeled with the ingredients the way I would like, like the sol-u-mel and the sol-u guard, but my friend had some products that I was able to try, like the sei bella age defying serum, the body polish, and the anti-bacterial soap. I love all those products. I do not like the smell of the fresh sent detergent, so I would of course go with the free and clear for my sons eczema. I was able to smell the detergent at the meeting. I already use green products such as Seventh Generation and BioKleen, so that is why my friend told me about Melaleuca. I am not sure I like the steps it takes to cancel, but I'm gonna sign up and hopefully have no need to cancel. And to anyone that complains about the price of the toothpaste...I worked at a dentist office, where I learned from him that companies like Colgate and Crest pay for a very small portion of dental school for dentists(I heard that from a vet about companies like Science Diet as well, but it is so they will push their products even if the products have terrible ingredients. The dentist I worked for was old school and taught his patients that baking soda and Xylitol(a sugar derived from the natural sugars of fruits like stawberries and pears) was the best thing to brush your teeth with, and that Myrrh is a great oral antiseptic. Yet you could only find this in European Colgate. So when i saw those ingredient list on the Melaleuca site for the tooth polish, i was pleasantly surprised. For those reasons alone it is worth paying that much for the tooth polish :-).

Any company that changes you $70 a month, even if you don;t spend $70 a month is a scam. It is pretty plain and simple. I don't have to give Target $29.99 and guarantee to spend $70 a month with them to buy soap. Melaleuca = scam Target = not a scam

The people that complained are misinformed. I am a Melaleuca customer and they are awesome and so are their products! They are honest, ethical and their products work! 95% of the customers order every month. I'll put that factoid up against any of the sour grape posters on this site. It's shameful to trash a good company because you weren't paying attaention or decided not to do the business. I've talked to many other customers and they feel as I. Melaleuca delievers what it promises.

Caveat Emptor... Melaleuca is merely another MLM company like AmWay. The purchase of the products will make some people happy and others not so happy. Is this not America where freedom of choice is a right of each and every citizen. So if someone chooses to be a member as a preferred customer or wants to sell this product line via there enrolled membership concept. Great. Let's keep an open mind here as this is not a business model for everyone nor is it a buying model for everyone. Over the years I have been approached by hawkish friends and acquaintances attempting to enroll me, sell me and enlist me in dozens of MLM programs. I went to a Melaleuca presentation last night and the gentleman making the presentation made this product line sound as if it was superior to anything I was buying at my super market and brand name retail stores. During his presentation on their food supplements and vitamins I noticed at the bottom of the page in fine print "These products are not approved or evaluated by the Food and Drug administration". Personally I found that very interesting.... When you see the pamphlet be sure to read the fine print. So I will not knock any of you who enjoy the use of these products whether they be from SCAMWAY, MAMA LUCA or any other MLM program. Basically, I want my freedom to buy what I want, when I want, from whom I want with limits set by me for my usage without any commitment to a program or agreement to consume a specific amount each month to remain in the program. Furthermore if I chose not to buy anything in a month, 6 months, or a year... I 'll be damned if some organization is going to send me what they select. It reminds me of the old record club scams of years gone by. Thanks but no thanks... for those of you who love this product line and the money you are either saving or making in belonging to this MLM program I offer you my best wishes but ask you to honor my opinion and not to persist in trying to convince me of the miracles these products provide or why there is so much MONEY to be made in this program. Which also strikes up a big red flag in my eyes. Furthermore, I enjoy shopping at the local markets, stores and making my preferred choice of a wide variety of brands/product lines. In fact I can go to SHOP.COM and buy anything I want from any store anyway in the world and have it delivered at a fee or pick the item up at a local retail store free of delivery charges such as Sears, WalMart, Kohls etc.... So with these matters of personal choice I once again repeat Caveat Emptor... before you sign your name on an enrollment for this MLM or any other. Consider your rights to freedom of choice and appraise the value of that freedom before you relinquish it. Have a great day.... :)

I've been a member for less than 1 year. So far it's been great. I sent one itme back that I was not satisfied with no problems and full refund to credit card I used to purchase. The Dental product are fantastic. I am a smoker and have gone from 3 x year for cleaning to once a year. Great vitamins. I've over 50 years old and have have better blood test scores than before taking the over 50 total vitamin package, which has cut down on the perscription drugs which cost more. The personal care item i.e. shampoo, conditioner, antiperspirant are great.. I have not pursued signing anyone else to purchase the product because I am too busy, but I feel that I should take some time and do so, bccause of the benefites that I've experienced. Bottom line Melaluca is not a scam and they recently passed $1 Billion in sales. That in it's self says a lot.

Melaleuca is not a scam, nor are they a MLM company. Scams are deceptive, fraudulent acts or operations. Melaleuca is recognized by the IRS as a Consumer Direct Marketing company. And the compensation plan and structure of Melaleuca is nothing like an MLM company. Melaleuca wouldn't have an A+ rating with the BBB for the last 26 years if they were anything less than reputable. Most negativity generated around Melaleuca is generated by people who have either not used Melaleuca's products, or who have not put in the work ethic or effort into building a business with Melaleuca and want to blame someone for their own lack of success, or they are pushing their own agenda/business. Business wise you will get out of Melaleuca whatever you are willing to put into Melaleuca. What you sow you will reap, you sow little you will reap little, sow a lot and you will reap a lot. I know the income is real because Melaleuca has mailed me a check every month for the past 80 months! If you are looking at Melaleuca and considering it as a business, it is by far the best opportunity in existence. The income is rock solid, and it's rock solid 95% monthly customer reorder rate is from REAL customers shopping for REAL products because they REALLY love and want them. Experience Melaleuca for yourself and don't let someone else (who has no business judging Melaleuca) steal your dream and your opportunity to change your family's life forever. Products wise, Melaleuca's products are second to none! Use them yourself and you will be amazed at how much better they work and what a better value they are. Educate yourself by using them in your own home and by learning about them through Melaleuca's resources, and the information in your welcome pack. Personally if Melaleuca I buy it from them, because it's better quality and better cost value. Our family has seen huge improvements in overall health, Asthma and allergies. Even if Melaleuca never paid me another penny I would still refer customers to them, and you couldn't PAY me to go back to those other brands. We LOVE Melaleuca!! Lastly, Melaleuca doesn't hide anything. They are upfront about their Preferred customer program and how that works and benefits anyone, suspending/canceling your account is expressly communicated in the company overview and clearly stated on the paperwork right where you sign, it clearly states it needs to be in writing by the 25th of the month either by fax or mail for it to be effective that calendar month, and the form is easily accessible. Melaleuca is an honest, upfront, ethical and solid company. And it's the last business you will ever need to build! So experience Melaleuca for yourself and you be the judge!

I am an "ex-participant" of many years ago. The deal is what it is....wasn't for me. I'm not the spare time ( all your time) business person, and only 2 or 3 products impressed me. It's been hard for me to be close to spare time business people, because that's all they can talk about and I have another life. I will say that I had to close my checking account to stop the shipments...and charges.

I am a Preferred Customer with Melaleuca and I have a background in Pharmacy..I just want to clear the air about the FDA and its regulation of dietary supplements...Because most of your daily allowance of vitamins are supposed to come from your well balanced diet, and vitamins are for those who are vitamin deficient (hello McGeneration) the FDA does NOT regulate these types of products because they are NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS not DRUGS!!! So, if you look closely at your Target, Walgreens, Walmart, etc supplements their labels should say the EXACT same thing that the Melaleuca vitamins say...

My wife and I were promised that when we signed on the package would not auto-ship, because we weren't ready to pay as we had other bills pending. What a bunch of lying losers! "Product sells itself" does that warrant lousy customer service?!?! NO! Does that mean you should lie to your customers?! NO! They lied when they said this was not MLM, they lied when they said the package would not auto-ship, what makes ANYONE think they're not a bunch of liars? The people who misrepresented Melaleuca make the company, products look bad. We were DECEIVED regardless by the representatives, Marcus and Mario. We wanted to be involved with them but they took away any desire to ever be in this company again.

I enrolled as a customer on Jan 13th. I have since referred many people to shop at Melaleuca. I was immediately amazed with the effectiveness of each product that I was blessed to try. Since that time I am definitely referring people to shop at Melaleuca. Anyone can afford their products. I am a single-parent with three daughters, two of which are preparing to attend college. Likewise, I am a college-graduate who believes in indepth comparison and contrast. I myself before trying Melaleuca products did research about the company, the products and the results of referrals. I am so glad that when I first saw this web-site I read past the first, second and third negative comments to find positive feedback about Melaleuca, and went outside this website to research the validity, stability, and accuracy of the company's reputation. Those negative comments by a few misinformed consumers could have deterred me. I would have missed out on the best membership of my life. A few unsatisfied customers have basically wrote Melaleuca off to be a scam when in fact they were injusticely enrolled without a full presentation by a single individual -who probably did not have a full understanding of the membership themselves, forgetting to explain completely the back-up order process, and the 35 point minimum commitment a month, which is equivalent to $50-60 plus shipping and handling. They may have even been presenting before they had the support or tools to successfully enroll individuals with accuracy. All the information helped me to ensure now when I do a presentation, I always explain those points thoroughly and completely, which I am not doing effectively with happy customer enrollments. I would never want to tarnish the reputation of such an ethical company by misinforming consumers because I made the choice to not give them a full and accurate presentation. Not fair at all to a company which mission is to enhance the lives of those, by helping people reach their goals. Much respect to Justin in Customer Support for explaining and sharing positive information about Frank and the products. Much respect and recognition to all the consumers who are using Melaleuca products, sharing their testimonies of improved health conditions, saving money-by switching and choosing to shop at Melaleuca instead of using toxin and hazardous products that will eventually cause other health ailments. Congratulations to my mom who has taken a stand to share the other side of Melaleuca to doubters and those who would write Melaleuca off as a scam, such a shame-do you work for the other competitors?- If so, don't combat with misleading information, hold those other competitors accountable by telling them you want wellness products too. I have tremendous energy now that Vitality, Access, Tub-N-Tile, and many more products are apart of my life, I just received my first check, for referring-not saling products, and my children are sharing better health and understading how Melaleuca is changing the game and helping with their college expenses... Watch out all you other companies, I am definately voting with my dollars, I chose Melaleuca and will tell all the non-believers about you.......Muahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how many of these sterling reviews are company plants? I'm sorry, but some of these reviews sound phony. Anyway, I would recommend everyone to stay the hell away from these vampires. As you know, if you don't buy a minimum monthly purchase of overpriced products, you are then charged a "backup order" of vitamins. It was not explained to me by the person who signed me up. I was charged $64.65 for vitamins I didn't want. So the customer service rep said I can only recieve $48.00 back minus "shipping". But their attitude of , ''tsk, tsk...you didn't read the fine print" doesn't bode well with customers. I will do anything I can to spread the word to stay away from this company by posting negative reviews. Disgusting characters!

I've been with Melaleuca for only 2 months and my life is changed forever, for the better. I am a college student and was introduced to this potential business by an old friend from back home. I irritated that guy more than anything with all of the questions I asked, and he answered them as perfectly as I could now for as much as I know about the company. Melaleuca is a company for the right person. If you are not willing to spend the time and tell others CORRECTLY about Melaleuca, why even waste your time? You have to be willing to use your time and TALK with people and EXPLAIN what everything entitles. Once again, I am a college student. I do not have 50-60 dollars a month to spend on product. What I do have is people around me that see me use these products and ask where they could get them and I get a couple samples for them and that helps me out with my 50-60 dollars. Granted, you do not want to give samples to everyone... but it sure can help you out also if you are having trouble meeting the quota. Through 2 months of spending time with each person I introduce to this company, it is paying off completely for me, and there is nothing bad I could say about this wonderful company. I would love to help anyone out there that has any questions or is interested. Remember, I am a college student and I am busy.... yet, this company is working for ME! my phone number is 507-236-6602.

I do like the product but I find it completely retarded to have to join an expensive club to get any of it. Stupid!!!! Do you sell your product or just overpriced memberships. You people need to get withe the 21st Century. Pissing away potential customers is just stupid!

If you have any problems cancelling your account here is the breakdown of management. Lindsey Skinner - Call Center Manager: She has the ultimate say on backup order processing and canceling accounts. Martin Casarriego - Daytime Manager: If you are calling before 5pm (Mountain Standard Time) He is the manager directly under Lindsey. Jericho Cline - Nighttime Manager: If you are calling after 5pm (MST) Lindsey is gone for the day and he is the ultimate authority. If you ask to speak to a supervisor, the associate will most likely transfer you to what is called a "Team Lead". Basically a secretary with no supervisor authority. Make sure you are speaking with a supervisor, because Team Leads will say they are supervisors. Daytime Supervisors: Ty Taylor (Spanish) Marcia Acosta (Spanish) Katrina Dan Toone Jackie Maupin Chris Hader Susan Davis Paige Cahoon Nighttime Supervisors: Shae Michael Watkins Quinn Hansen Coby James Thomas Jenkins Phil Warnak Derek Zaugg Bradford Hunt I'm not familiar with all of the nighttime supervisors, there are others I haven't listed. If you would like to speak with Lindsey, Martin, or Jericho directly. Here is Melaleuca's internal operator number. 208-522-0700 An associate will answer and ask how she can direct your call. Simply ask for "Lindsey Skinner" and she will transfer you. If Lindsey is busy and doesn't pick up, you can leave a message. For email, it is simply the supervisor or manager's first letter of their initial and last name @melaleuca.com For example: Lindsey Skinner's email is lskinner@melaleuca.com Martin Casarriego's email is mcasarriego@melaleuca.com (If I spelled his name right) Jericho Cline's email is jcline@melaleuca.com

Bad!!!! Same story as the others. My wife goes to a party and then we start getting these boxes. No one told her about the monthly minimums etc. We are now being charged 75/mo for crap WE DO NOT WANT! She has tried many, many times to get away from them but poof, theres another box of stuff and 75 bucks down the drain. You try and be home to refuse the package. And why should we have to hassle with sending them back? We just want out. PLEASE STOP SENDING THIS STUFF!!!!! Who in the world reads agreements any more? Every website or software makes you agree to some document that is 15 pages long. You couldn't function if you actually stopped and read every single agreement you come across these days. And why the agreement any way? If I like your product and it's price I will keep using it. An honest company would never act this way. They need to change their policies instead of hiring some guy to come on here and make a new post every day that starts with, "I have been a customer for ____ years"

I am reading the above comments where people are saying their site clearly explains pricing, etc, etc, etc. (I think the initial comment is referring to the 'back-up' orders Melaleuca sends out). I want to start by saying a girl at work invited me to join Melaleuca. She did not give me many details and informed me that membership was $1. She had me speak to a "director" who vaguely explained Melaleuca. Basically, how concentrated the products are and how it's such a big savings. I thought, well this is interesting. After that 3 way called, my coworker called me and set up my account by phone and told me when I was ready to go ahead and place an order. A couple of weeks later, I'm being charged $65 for a "back-up" order that I supposedly signed a contract for to stay a Preferred Customer. I did no such thing, seeing as I had never even logged onto the website to create an order. It gets worse! I call customer service to find out about this back-up order and how to cancel it. I can't! Why? It had already shipped and been delivered. The Rep told me to check with my neighbors. Yea okay, if someone stole a package they're really going to give it to me! Seriously, I can't say anything about the products because I've never actually seen one, but I would not recommend Melaleuca based on my experience. I never received a refund, and have to dispute with my bank. Coworker no longer works here, and good thing too. If you're going to tell something like this it would be nice for you to actually know what you're talking about. I basically paid $65 for nothing, but to help the hierarchy of melaleuca's under-trained, un-informed "directors".

Excellent!! Melaleuca is the providing the best of both worlds between nature and science. I have been a customer for 4 years. I wouldn't dream of wasting my money on many current store purchased items that are full of fillers and toxins . All of my home and office products are from Melaleuca and my grown children have developed a keen understanding of the dangers lurking in many products today and are Melaleuca fans. I have worked in the medical profession for over 30 years and truly believe that disease, infertility, illness is directly related to the toxins that surround us. We can't eliminate all of these but thank you Meleleuca for providing excellent products as well as business ethos.

This company has some of the best cleaning products and vitamins I have ever used. The soap alone leaves me feeling fresh and once you start using these products its hard to go back to anything else. Get the Tub and Tile you will see what I mean. I am a skeptic myself and I didnt want to spend the money but I am so glad I did. My hair has grown since taking their vitamins and my muscle spasms are almost gone and nothing would take them away. Go Mela!

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