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If you select a promotional price on the Intelius website, you will also receive a free 7 day trial of Identity Protect. After the 7 day trial, it will convert to a regular subscription and bill out at $19.95 monthly. However, there’s no obligation

In Janurary 2011 I had Itellus check a phone number for me for 95 cents.I paid with my debit card.Month after month I kept coming up short on my checking account.I find out today 9-28-11 that Intellus has been taking out 19.95 a month for a membership that I did not sign up for,In fact they took out two payments in September of 19.95 each.All I can say is buyer beware.

All you have to do is Google Intelius and scam together if you want the truth. They will continue to take the money from your account until you have the card cancelled. You have to love the "However, there's no obligation" response when they ignore you when you try to cancel the "service."

I was a victim of the same circumstance. I reported the incidents to Capital One Bank but they were of no help.

I also wanted to look up a birthday for accuracy to send a card. I thought I was agreeing to pay 95 cents for the info. I have been charged twice at $19.95, so it cost me $40.85. I have called and been spoken to rudely by several people. They have never offered to credit a dime. They just tell me too bad. When I mentioned that I might be recording them as they say when you call in they freaked. That has to tell you something. THIS IS A SCAM!!! A reputable company would not do this. I hope this helps someone before they use the service.

I purchased an employee report after getting the first intial report. (Went through the intial 99 cents deal and end up costing me $70) It was not that person's correct employment. NO REFUND is their response. I just wanted the employee report portion of my purchase refunded. I purchased a court case file and they reported back, no file available. NO REFUND. They seem to NOT TO BE ABLE to provide what they promise and what you end up paying for. I recieved a nice e-mail saying that they do not refund anybody. BE WARY of them.

THIS IS A SCAM I signed up to get information on a cell phone number. The Inellus ad said that for $4.95 it would send me information to my email address in 24 to 72 hours. I received an email 24 hours later stating that my report was complete. I opened the report and it had no information. I called customer support, they asked my to verify my SS#. They then told me that the report will be finished in 72 hours. After waiting the additional time I called back to inquire about the email that I was suppose to receive. At that point they asked me to confirm my name and address. It was at that point I realized that this is just a scam to get my personal information into their database. Why do they need my personal information to send the email to my email address that they already have after they sent the first one with no information.

I used this scam company to get a name/address for a prank telephone # to me. I paid ,99 cents and they gave me nothing. A week later they charged my debit Card $19.95 without my Permission. This Company is a total Fraud and should be shut down by the FBI or Attorney generals office. I had to close out my debit card and get a credit from my bank. If they are doing this to me, they are doing it to thousands of people who are being taken. Buyer Be forwarned. DO NOT USE INTELLIUS FOR ANYTHING !!!

I also got screwed by Intelius for $ 19.95 and had to cancel my credit card. I tried to reach their customer support office but their telephone number conveniently stopped working. It's amazing they have been getting away with this scam as long as they have.

I contacted Intelius in an attempt to locate a Cousin. I signed up on line for a $1.00 inquiry amount and they immediately billed my American Express Card $19.95. I contacted them via phone, on that day, and they promised to credit the $19.95 but they have not. I have called on three occasions, to no avail. Now they have billed me for several months the $19.95 and I cannot seem to reach them via the phone numbers listed on the AE bill or the numbers listed in their website. This $1.00 inquiry has now cost almost $100.00 and I never received the information that would lead to location of my Cousin!

So sad that companies can stay in business legally fooling people. And if Intelius is telling that they are not fooling people it’s of course a lie. No one can make me believe that people pay $1 for obtaining information about people also want some ID protection, that's just b.s. and they know themselves it's a big lie That is how they make money. This ID theft subscription they are “forcing” people into does not add any value whatsoever. And Intelius, please, if you guys respond to this, don’t say that people get a free 7 day subscription and can choose to opt out anytime….. YES, WE KNOW THAT ALREADY, but it’s how you do it that matters. I have an MBA from Wharton, and I know many people will do whatever to make money, but I think this will change. I’ve been involved in several business start-ups, some successful and some not, and if, during our research find that the only way to make the business sustainable is to walk into the gray zone between legal and illegal (where Intelius clearly are operating), we would stop. I would hate running a business where everyone is talking negatively about you. I have yet to find a positive unbiased review from a person who bought a $1 person-information from Intelius that is happy to be automatically signed up for ID theft for $20/month. Intelius, please show us that! The 2008 economic down turn was partly a result of companies operating in this gray zone between legal and illegal, for instance the subprime mortgage business. People are fed up with this now (just look at the massive worldwide Occupy Wall St movement), and hopefully in the future consumers will make it very uncomfortable for people running business like that. So (un)Intelius, I would give you a few years, and you’re out, hopefully some of your executives will be hunted down by angry customers too.

Same thing happened to me. I paid .99, received no information whatsoever, and then was charged $19.95 to my bank account. I called and they promised to remove it. We shall see what happens. I am livid. Also, I was wondering, can anybody tell me if when you do searches, the person being searched can find out that you did search them? Thanks!

This service is crap. I paid $5 for a reverse lookup from a phone number and no name was given to me at all. In fact, no information was given to me, but they still took my 5 bucks. Luckily, I used a shopsafe credit card with a $7 credit limit so they can't ping me for anymore cash.

I signed up for intellius on sept 27 2011 the information i recieved was incorrect on the person I looked up. To make sure this was not a fluke I decided to look myself up thankfully I have a very uncommon name, what I found was my name with two cities I had previously lived in but all my information was incorrect including my age that was off by three years. I have been paying for this service through there automatic renewal ever since without realizing it... I should have know better that a company as flaky as this one would do something that pathetic. Anyways since I still had the membership i tried to use it today and realized the information it gives you when paying 19.95 a month is literally something you can pull up on google yourself for free. I called after I realized this to cancel the service and get my money back......................... THIS IS IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT A REFUND!!!!!!!!!!!!! The girl who answered the phone tried to show me how to use the site... by the way same problem nothing I couldn't originally get off google. I told the girl this and she basically said i'm sorry you feel that way and I demanded my money back... first words out of her mouth is we can't do that you paid for the 7 day trial discount and did not cancel afterwards therefore you were charged the monthly charge of $20. BULL!!! I told her no I don't think so and that I was not paying for a service that they promised and did not deliver on. I asked for a manager and right away that non refundable money I was told about was all of a sudden being refunded along with the service being canceled. DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! They have to refund you if the service was not provided. It is a complete scam and they know this as well that's why there were no more problems when I got the manager on the phone.

What a total scam. It is virtually impossible to cancel. Anyway that you contact them they will give you the run around until you cancel the card used originally. They need to be sued!

intelius is a scam. I ordered a report for one person's name and got a report for a person with a completely different name. A refund was rejected by intelius. Beware.

Paid 4.95 a one time fee to get a person name from phone calls on my phone! Didn't get the info like they said now I got another 4.95 charge on my bank statement a less than two weeks later. Can't get in touch with them on the phone and they won't respond to my email. The bank said it would be the best to close my account and set up another one. The company is a rip off...

What was supposed a 2.50 charge for a one time lookup turned into 150.00 in charges. In one day they hit my card 4 times. I'm currently going to use every social media source available to let everyone know what a Scam this company is. I hope to get a firestorm of bad press generated for this them as they need to be shut down! I'm also filing complaints with BBB and other agencies. I encourage everyone here to do the same.

I had my c/c info typed in and almost hit enter and then I thought I better look up reviews before I did it. Saw this and x'ed out of that screen. Sorry this company is putting you all through this. Thanks for posting.

I also purchased a $4.99 report - no name present as advertised...only information that you could get for free (i.e. state, county, carrier). Don't waste your time or spend your money.

they are a bunch of liars... said they send out emails that there are charges for protection and look up ... charge was supposed to be .99 cents , got charged 4.99 then 19.95 twice in 1 month.... they stink.. scammers big time....

I too, have been caught in this little trap! Wonder how much they have made on this scam?? I have cancelled the membership and found they scammed me again on the next month.

They got me bad. Any and all forms that I filled out I was under the impression were required in order for me to obtain the address which I desired. All communications since have never made it past my spam filter. When I called them to complain I learned that they charge you at the BEGINNING of the 7 day "trial period" and that in order to get a refund it takes 7-10 days for them to process it (even on this website where they try and defend themselves they lie about this fact). In other words, you have to apply for the refund and ask for them to terminate the service to you the same day you sign up for its "trial period" and even then you might not get your money back. On top of that, did you know that the monthly "service" they provide to you if you become one of their unwitting members has a limit!?! You get $500 of "credit" each month. This is ridiculous! Such deceitful tactics are shameful and unlawful.

Intellius ripped me off as well. I was charged for a "membership" when I didn't sign up for one. They bury the fine print. They even updated my credit card info when the old one expired. Do not do business with this unethical company - they are scam artists using the web to rob people.

Yes, again this membership. You are trying to get something very simple and immediately they trying to hook you up on something else. Totally dishonest business practice. I am wandering how they can stay in business.

Complete and total rip off- if you made the mistake of giving card info-dispute the charge and cancel your card immediately. You will be stolen from by these criminals until you do. Not really sure how they are allowed to continue to operate such a blatant scam- must be kickbacks somewhere.

They did it to me also. What a rip off

Was told I would get my money back n 2 to 7 business days. I even received a confirmation #. It's been 21 days n still no money.

This company has ads throughout the Internet advertising "free" reverse phone number lookup. When you submit a number, you are then required to pay for the number information. This company used false and deceptive advertising.

Intelius has charged me $19.95 4 times this month. I called and spoke to "Steve." Evidently he is the same guy who works for my internet tech support. :) He said he has canceled my account, per my request, and will reimburse me $40....within 7-10 business days. Since reading the above comment, I wonder if I will really receive anything! I told "Steve" about the web pages critical of Intelius, and he said he knows about them. I asked him whether a potential customer should heed the print on the contract, or believe him, since he said they charge for each use, whether it's a People Search or Phone Lookup. He said he was not sure. What?!! Anyway, we will see what transpires now.

Intelius is just a company who wants to take someone's money without their approval. I paid $0.95 for something that was also not helpful. I never was told anything about a free trial for any services and then was charged $19.95 for some service that I didn't want. The customer service guy had the nerve to tell me that maybe I was not aware of what I had agreed to. In my opinion if I was not aware of something then that is considered fraudulent activity by Intelius for not making their consumers aware of every detail of what they are agreeing to when they agree to pay that $0.95.

they ripped me off to ! i paid 99cents to look up one person and it sucked now my bank account is $60.00 short because they broke it off in my ass and have taken $19.99 out off my account 3 friken times for nothin these people are criminals, worse than the ones they are suppossed to protect you from. I hope somehow someone sues the shit out of them! they suck they dont protect u they are the ones who will rip your ass off like the sorry piece of shit they are suppossed to protect you from !

Same story. Looked up a number on 3/19/12 for $.99, next day was charged $19.99, on 3/24/12 I was charged ANOTHER $19.95. Called their number and an Indian sounding guy said he would cancel the "services" and refund $39.90 in 7-10 business days. He gave me confirmation numbers and said he's send We'll see. I received confirmation emails, but they mentioned only service cancellation, not refund. I called back and was assured by a different Indian guy that yes, I would recieve refund. Has anyone gotten a refund?

Intelius is a scam. Was charged 3 times for stuff that I cancelled or did not know I had or whatever. I called to cancel and was charged again for something else. A ninety-five cent charge cost me $60 buck in the long run. I am an idiot for not reading the fine print I guess.

This company, Intellius us a scam. Paying for two listings at 99 cents each then getting charged 3 times for $19.95 per month! Never even signed up! Finally cancelled my debit card and got it replaced! Only way to stop these criminals! Thanks for all the comments here, real eve openers!

I too, have been sucked in by these crooks. More than once,I have called to be removed from their roles only to find another 19.95 charge by them. Looks like the only answer is to cancel the credit card, get another card and change the number with the honest above board vendors/businesses. Yes it would seem these people would be removed from business, but who are the supposedly public defenders really working for?

Watch out for ,if and when, they refund your money because they finally refunded mine and in less than 24 hrs they sucked it right back out again! Talk about the old double whammy,these suckers are pros when it comes to scammin!

the s.o.b.s refunded my money,then sucked it right back out again the very next day. and i havent heard shit from them since i closed out my account and moved it somewhere else,these bastards need to go to prison!


I never did any search of any kind with these scambags. I had never even heard of them until I noticed the $19.95 charge on my bank statement. I called 'customer service', got the same tune. I cancelled there, with my bank and with intelius, too. I would give anything to stop idiocy like this.

What is Intelius? I saw my personal information listed on their site and completed their contact form to opt-out, since I'd never opted-in. I was directed to forward a copy of my driver's license in order to verify my identity so that I could opt-out. Sounds like the company is attempting to gather more data. Is this a scam? How can I opt-out without providing additional personal information?

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