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All the blames are on you my friend. You most probably did not cancel your account or you won't be charged. I had no problem with my account until I canceled it.

i emailed my case in about a week ago and have not received a response have you had a chance to review my request yet?

Fully agree. This company (emusic.com) makes money from fooling consumers into re-occuring monthly monthly charges. I absolutely recommend to stay away from emusic.com, unless you want to find a bad surprise on your credit card.

I only have good things to say about Emusic.com. When they first came online they offered 75 free music downloads. At the time their catalog of music was small and it was difficult to choose 75 songs you liked. A year and a half later they started growing by leaps and bounds with better music, bigger artists and I re-subscribed. I enjoy downloading music but being on a tight budget means I can't always remain as a continuous subscriber. But Emusic has allowed me to come and go as I pleased and I have NEVER had a problem with canceling my account. Some people have different experiences or they're not following the correct steps when they cancel. Your bad experience with Emusic, com -- which may have resulted from your own mistakes -- doesn't mean they're a scam artist or a bad online company to deal with. I think Emusic.com is a trust worthy online site and I highly recommend them to all.

I'm having the same problem with cancellation. They are still charging me but this is the first month after the cancellation. I hope they are not repeating the same scaming routine with me or I'm going straight to the Better Business Bureau!! I'll update later.

I have a charge on my account from emusic and I did not authorize any transaction from them. I do not download music, I do not have a mp3 player, or an ipod. Nobody else has access to my debit card and I want to know how emusic has my card information and is able to debit my account for a transaction I did not authorize.

I recently reviewed all my bank statements in preparation for doing my taxes, and found charges from emusic.com that I had somehow missed seeing earlier -- ten charges in total, five for $9.99 and five for $31.99. I had never heard of this company before and have certainly not authorized them. I immediately called my bank, cancelled that debit card, and spent two days on the phone with emusic.com reps. It's not a good sign when "dispute a charge" was the second option on their telephone menu! They would only agree to reverse six of the charges, not all ten. They wouldn't give a reason why, and two of the customer service reps said one thing (that the account was flagged as fraudulent immediately and none of the charges should have gone through) and the last, a more senior person, said that the first two must have been mistaken "because they were new." I'm guessing that the last one was lying. Moreover, the names they had on this account weren't even my name or anyone I knew -- definite signs of fraud! The question is -- why would someone bother using a stolen card number to download music, when they can use that number for more lucrative purchases? After all, downloaded music has no resale value! And if the card is flagged as stolen, it gets cancelled and then is no good anymore. Why would a thief do that? Plus, if you're a thief, wouldn't you be downloading music illegally for free, anyway? The ONLY folks benefiting here are emusic.com, who got my money and won't give it back. I don't understand why there's a statue of limitations on this. I certainly think I'd have more than 60 days if they robbed me on the street.

It's interesting that two recent posters have reported mysterious charges appearing from eMusic.com I just received a phone call from my credit card copy that they had noticed some recent suspicious activity on my account. One of the charges was from eMusic.com. I had never even heard of this site before, so neither I nor my wife, have never used it. Needless to say the credit cards are being cancelled, and new ones issued.

This is a rip off. STAY AWAY! They are totally non-responsive and will not refund your money even though you thought that you had cancelled. If you cancel, they will tell you that there is still a credit on there for music or a book, but if you use it, it cancels out your cancellation. Hell if I can understand how they work, but they have no desire to make things right. "I got your money, sucker, and you ain't getting it back" is their message. Arrogant and unpleasant customer service. I have an idea that most of their calls are like mine.

E-music. Ah. Oldest trick in the book. Just had a very unpleasant exchange with staff. Because of 'exceptional circumstances' they said they would refund me two months charges. Thing is- I cancelled them in June 2011- going back on my credit card statements, I noticed I was charged this month... and the month previous, and previous. 7 months charges in total and I have not used their service once. I did sign up for a free trial in good faith, and cancelled after 3 weeks using their online facility. Surprise surprise... they have no record of correspondence. Strange- not. It was an online cancellation facility, they never got back to me, so neither do I have any record of correspondence. SCAM! I sent the representive the link below and he finally regurgitated some customer support numbers after half an hour of pseudo-professional nicities. Here are the support numbers just in case chat doesn't work out for you. US Residents 1-866-240-9271 UK Residents 0845 410-4104 CA Residents 855-536-8742 Outside the US & UK 1-212-300-2856 (Hours 9am-9pm EST Mon-Fri) And this is the link I sent him, just before he closed the session. http://www.wepapers.com/Papers/129101/eMusic_CEO_Adam_Klein's_Conviction_sheet_for_Fraud

Sign me up for being one of these dummies. Yep I just got a surprise on my credit card. They have been getting $11.99 and $9.99 every month since Nov 2009. I think this happened some time around buying a Google TV box. But what do we do now? Read and Weep?

Hard to cancel an account I HAVE NEVER HAD!...I can't sign in because i have never been a member and How do I talk to a real person...where is the number?This is some straight BS!

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